Info trac basic search tutorial 2011

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How to access InfoTrac databases and use the basic search format. Created at Forsyth Library, Fort Hays State University.

Transcript of Info trac basic search tutorial 2011

  • 1. InfoTrac Databases: Basic SearchingClick or use your arrow keys tomove from slide to slide

2. To find the librarys website from theFHSU home page at over Quicklinks Click on Forsyth 3. On the librarys home page: Click Find Articles & 4. Click Databases Important: If you are off-campus, you mustfirst set up off-campus access in order to searchthe databases. 5. Alphabetical List of DatabasesClick InfoTrac Databases 6. InfoTrac databases coverdifferent subjects and can be searched singly or in combination.Click on a title to search that database, select acombination, or click Continue to search all ofthem at once. 7. If you arent sure which to choose, try selecting General OneFileand Academic OneFile.These cover nearly every subject and areexcellent for mostresearch topics. Check the boxes and click Continue at the top 8. Click Basic Search 9. Basic Search Type in one or two of the most important words in your topic. Connecttwo terms with and if desired. You can limit your search to only find: full-text articles(you can access the complete article) and/or to peer-reviewed (scholarly, academic journal) articles, and/or those with images (graphs, tables, photos), then search. 10. Results pageYour search terms areshown here: Magazine articles are automatically shown first.Make a selection under Content Types to viewothers 11. Click Full-Text or the title to see the article 12. Toolbox and Subject Headings Use the tools in the toolbox to print, e-mail, etc. You can also translate or hear an audio version of the article.Note the related subjects listed here. Click one to bring up a new list of articles on that topic. 13. More InfoTrac Tutorials Click these links to view short video/audio tutorials on the manyother search methods and tools available in the InfoTrac group of databases.Advanced Search (2 minutes 16 seconds): Guide Search (2:13): Search (3:15): Search (1:10): with Search Results (3:23): 14. Forsyth Library TutorialsArticles & Databases360 Search: Search multiple databases at onceUsing A to Z to find a specific article or journal in electronic formatHow to find a print journal or articleHow to Read a CitationWilson OmniFile databaseResearching Companies using Business & Company Resource Center DatabaseFinding Scholarly, Full-Text Nursing ArticlesChildrens Collection Searching for childrens materials How to find a childrens book on the shelfMusicHow to Find Music ScoresRequesting Materials: Interlibrary Loan 15. Questions? Just ask! Judy Salm Lynn Haggard 785-628-4537 [email protected] 785-628-5566 [email protected] WadeAngela Barger785-628-4342 [email protected] 785-628-4529 [email protected]