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Presented by: Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. Fred Lauzus Senior Application Engineer Greg Walker Director. Industrial Food Processing Equipment. Case Study AMF Bakery Systems. Case Study AMF B akery Systems. Challenges Profitably develop customized machinery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Industrial Food Processing Equipment

IFPE Industry Webinar/Seminar

Industrial Food Processing Equipment

Fred LauzusSenior Application Engineer

Greg WalkerDirector

Presented by:Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM SoftwareHello my name is Fred Lauzus with Spatial Integrated Systems.

Founded in 1997, SIS has focused on the development of new and innovative technologies and refined its staff abilities in Systems Integration, Research and Development, Technology Transfer, and Enterprise Support Services in order to develop vastly improved technology solutions to improve process efficiencies for our customers. SIS professionals include program managers, computer scientists, hardware, software and systems engineers, CAD modelers and designers, manufacturing engineers, and business professionals. Our team brings their collective, extensive experience in implementing and managing engineering, maintenance, logistics and information technology projects. Our team also brings their singular understanding of sensors and intelligent autonomy that enables them to develop economically viable solutions to achieve our Aerospace and Defense customers' desired outcomes.

Notice 1Case StudyAMF Bakery Systems

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software If youre facing these pressures and more, youre not alone. To help you see how companies are maximizing market opportunities lets look at one of the IFPE industry leaders, AMF Bakery Systems.

AMF Bakery Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of high speed bakery equipment. AMF designs and manufactures the complete line of automated baking equipment from mixers and make-up equipment to slicers, baggers and post-packaging solutions as well as washing machines for the bottle industry.

The picture shown here is one of AMFs combination proofing and continuous oven systems in action. This equipment is designed and manufactured to yield a high volume, consistent bake process throughout-up to 120,000 soft buns per hour!

Lets take a look at what AMF Bakery was challenged with.

Notice 2Case StudyAMF Bakery Systems

Food Processing Machinerycourtesy of AMFChallenges

Profitably develop customized machinery

Meet contracted delivery dates

Rising material/Energy costs

Food safety

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM SoftwareLike the majority of IFPE manufacturers much of the equipment AMF designs and builds is customized and under contract to deliver by a certain date - putting product design on the critical path for profitability.

Specifically, AMF faced the following challenges:

Customizations that can increase engineering time and hence added costs

Promised delivery dates that can lead to costly overtime or unhappy customers if not met

Unstable material and energy costs can lead to inaccurate cost estimates effecting margin

Equipment accessibility for ease of cleaning to meet industry hygiene standards for safe food production

To maintain their global leadership they were committed to finding a way to turn their challenges into opportunities.

AMF took a deep look at their design engineering processes AND CAPABILITIES - analysing their strengths and weaknesses.

Well return to the AMF story later, but now, lets step back a bit and look at the entire design to manufacture process for companies in the IFPE Industry.Notice 3Top 5 Advantages to Using Solid EdgeSynchronous Technology

Better transition and re-use from 2D to 3D

Complete digital design

Advanced sheet metal design

Massive assembly design

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software

Synchronous TechnologySolid Edge offers a different modeling approach called synchronous. It delivers the best of both modeling worlds. It enables designers to accelerate design, execute the engineering changes process faster and improve the re-use of imported 2D and 3D data. Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software

Better Transition from 2D to 3D and Data ReuseSolid Edge offers a sophisticated 2D import tool that lets designers map fonts, color and line styles. Part drawings can be transformed into 3D components with a Create 3D command.2D dimensions on drawings can be automatically transferred to the 3D model. Manufacturing dimensions can be immediately modified and any geometric intent can be found and maintained with Live Rules.

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software

Complete Digital DesignSolid Edge has all of the tools needed to create parts for any manufacturing process including machined, casting, plastic injected and sheet metal components.Assembly applications for designing components such as pipes, tubes, structural frames and wire harnesses name some of the most popular environmentsUnrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software

Advanced Sheet Metal DesignSheet metal users can develop parts that are manufactured with straight brake, roll, stamp or punch operations. A full complement of features is available to create base shapes, flanges and cutouts, as well as options to create watertight corners. Punched features can also be added including beads, dimples, drawn cutouts and louvers. Create stamped features by embossing a target part with a tool body.

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software

Massive Assembly DesignEffective assembly design requires a complete set of tools to manage display data and design areas, as well as a system architecture that is able to handle massive amounts of data. Solid Edge offers a wide range of display management tools. It can support massive assembly designs of 1 to 500,000+ parts.

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM SoftwareSuccess StoryAMF Bakery Systems


Faster design phase by as much as 50%

Assembly time down by 15-20%

Sheet metal rework is almost completely eliminated

Delivery time met with less overtime, boosting profitability

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM SoftwareNow lets return to the AMF story and see how they achieved Lean, Clean machine design.

The results are compelling:

The design phase has been reduced as well. For machines that take advantage of Solid Edges parametric design capability, the design process has been cut by as much as 50 % . Yes 50 %!

Solid Edge greatly reduced the amount of rework - assembly time has been reduced 15 to 20 percent

Rework on complex sheet metal assembly has been almost completely eliminated.

Less OT. More profit. The list goes on and on. AMF is more of dominant than ever.

AMF chose Solid Edge as an upgrade over 2D AutoCAD as they transitioned into 3D. Today all new machines are designed in Solid Edge using a hybrid approach that incorporates legacy 2D and bill of material information whenever applicable. After a five-day training program conducted by their local partner like us- designers were fully productive!

AMF is just one great example of how Solid Edge helps IFPE manufacturers, Design better.Notice 10Managecustomer requirementsManage quality and safety compliancePrototypeand test prior to buildManageprojects and changesInstall,maintain and refurbishDevelopweldments and fabricationsDesign for manufactureIntegrateelectrical and mechanicalReducecustomized contentDevelop sheet metal guarding & housingSpeedMechanical 2D & 3D DesignVisualizenew productsProduct Development12 key capabilities that drive success

Unrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM Software11To be competitive IPFE manufacturers like AMF must adopt effective and efficient order-to-manufacture and product development processes.

In our work with manufacturers in this space, like AMF Bakery, weve identified 12 key capability areas that drive success.

These 12 capabilities shown here are everything from marketing and selling products, engineering them to order, planning, manufacturing, and commissioning and servicing them. As you look at this framework, what areas could you company improve in? What we commonly see is many companies are pretty good in certain areas but they aspire to improve in other areas.

AMF began looking at their current CAD solution which was 2D AutoCAD. For them Speed of Mechanical design was their primary challenge. They knew in order to reduce design errors a 3D solution would be the key to speed and profitability. An attempt to adopt SolidWorks was unsuccessful. They decided to look into other solid modeling options. In particular they were looking for a program that would be easy to use and also would allow a gradual move into 3D. The flexibility to move slowly into 3D was important because the company had a great deal of legacy AutoCAD data it wanted to continue to use.

Mechanical CAD is just one of the supporting engineering software tools that can be used to improve your capabilities to Design better.

This was the case for AMF, every company is different what is your area to improve?

Solid Edge Solutions DeliverReal Customers. Real Results.

Krones AGUnrestricted Siemens AG 2013 All rights reserved.Siemens PLM SoftwareAMF Bakery Systems Canada, Luetenegger and Frei, Sweetwater Brewing Company (deals with Krones AG), Reading Bakery Systems and Wood Stone are a testament to consistently achieving significant ROI from designing their equipment with Solid Edge. Design time cut by 50%Physical prototypes replaced by virtual prototypesCapacity for new product development increased by