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  • Indian Wedding Shopping Guide Wedding Vendors Worldwide

  • Indian Wedding Shopping Guide Shopping for an Indian wedding is an exciting and fun filled part of the entire occasion. Besides, it is also a vital aspect as the wedding is all about starting a fresh life. Therefore, both the bride and the groom are provided with all the comforts for new house. So, it is necessary to ensure that everything is bought and nothing is left. Preparing a checklist that contains all the things to be bought for the wedding couple is important. Wedding shopping can be done in India as per ideas given below Page 1 of 6

  • Prepare a Budget

    Prepare an all-inclusive budget and earmark expenses for wide-ranging items, such as clothes, jewellery, household items, cosmetics, upholstery, gifts, etc. This will enable you to remain in your budget, and prevent overspending.

    Prepare a List

    The next thing to do is to make a list of all the things you need to buy. This should include all the things to be bought for allPage 2 of 6Indian Wedding Shopping Guide

  • Page 3 of 6concerned persons - the bride, groom, relatives and near and dear ones. The list for the bride should include objects like clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, etc. The list for the bridegroom should also be prepared as per requirements. A separate list for the gift items to be given to all the relatives must be prepared so that you do not leave out anybody. Another list of the items for various pre and post wedding ceremonies should be prepared. Other than all this, you must take a separate list ofIndian Wedding Shopping Guide

  • items from the soon-to-be bride and groom for the items of their needs. While purchasing new household items for the newlywed couple, you need to keep in mind the lifestyle, occupation and requirements of the would-be-couple. Also, ensure that quality of the products is not compromised as they are to be used forever. A list of sacred items required during the Havan&Pooja should be made separately. Make a comprehensive list of items from the priest for your Pooja necessities Page 4 of 6Indian Wedding Shopping Guide

  • Some Important Issues

    It is always advisable to buy most things from a single trustworthy shop so that you could avail substantial discount as well as face no problems while exchanging or during return. Always remember to take a receipt for all the items you buy, that will not only help you keep a record of your budget, but also help you in exchange or return in case needed.Page 5 of 6Indian Wedding Shopping Guide

  • Shopping for wedding purpose should be done wisely. There are lots of things to buy before a wedding. So it is always advisable to plan and shop in advance, but within your budget. Whenever you start shopping for wedding, you should prepare a budget and a list of items you have to buy. And based on that list you should purchase your items. You should not surpass your budget. Now to make the best deal you should make an assessment prior to the shopping to find out where you can get the best deal.Page 6 of 6Indian Wedding Shopping Guide

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