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  • Indian Retail Landscape

    India is emerging as one of the fastest growing consumption markets owing to its young demographic dividend, rising income levels and increasing exposure levels of consumers towards premium and international brands. Indian consumers are shifting towards readymade products in each category be it fashion, food, furniture, etc. and are aspiring for more and better brands. This shift is fuelling India’s retail sector growth, which is currently valued at ~USD 550 billion. The organized retail which currently accounts for 7% of this retail market is expected to reach 15% by 2025.

    Global retailers and brands are actively seeking Indian market participation, either on their own, or in partnership with a local player. While few international players are writing their business plans for entering Indian retail market, many of them have already entered, tested the market and are now ready for the expansion wave. With further boost by government by opening up the sector for FDI, the sector is going to witness many more international players and will provide a boost to organized retail in India over the next few years.

    This compendium of various articles asserts some of the changing dynamics in several facets of Indian retail industry. Some of the burning issues in terms of outlook, opportunities, challenges, shifting strategies of retailers are addressed by way of sharing perspectives and examples through various articles. These include:

    • Changing face of consumerism and need for action for building consumer loyalty

    • Growth opportunities within the existing formats like Supermarkets and the unexplored ones like Deep Discounts

    • Restructuring strategies of retailers like contracting store sizes, going multi-channel and online

    • Strategic issues such as attracting and retaining talent, collaborating and building brands

    The sector does offers tremendous opportunities for all but addressing the needs of highly discerning new Indian consumer group is equally challenging. Brands and retailers are making an attempt to be more adaptable to the consumer needs and be more focused in their approach for sharply focused business strategies.

    I am certain that this journey is going to be much more exciting, dynamic and full of opportunities over the next decade.

    Harminder Sahni Founder & Managing Director Wazir Advisors


  • The Purse-and Purpose- Centric Retail Approach

    The new Contraction strategy

    Deep Discounts Still Unexplored?

    Private Equity and Indian Retail: Why does the Relationship Sour?

    Bazaar on the web!

    Cash and Carry: How Retail Chains can Benefit

    Shopping Centres: Not such a hot deal!

    Waiting in the Wings

    An opportunity lost

    FDI: What’s in Store?

    Malls Have to Respect Customers

    FDI in Retail Busting the Myths

    Changing Customer Loyalty

    Hoard the Talent Pool

    The Collaborative approach to Building Retail Brands

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

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    Indian Retail Landscape

    Wazir Advisors is a management consulting firm assisting Indian and International companies on business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, funding and investments. Wazir focuses on clients who offer products and services in consumer- focused sectors – Retail, Fashion (Textiles and Apparel), Food, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare and Education.

    Having worked with numerous national and international companies, corporates, PE firms, government & development bodies; Wazir has developed deep understanding of business dynamics in its sectors of expertise.

    With a team of experienced professionals, Wazir offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients to create, compete and develop their businesses in exciting and challenging markets. Wazir’s team comprises engineers, MBAs, financial experts and economists from reputed institutes who have worked across industries.

    Wazir also has an Africa based subsidiary – Wazir Africa, which has done a number of assignments in African continent. Apart from this, Wazir has high-placed partners in key global regions of US, Europe, Japan and Turkey for facilitating cross-border businesses. This helps in responding to business requirements and challenges immediately and cost-effectively.

    About Wazir Advisors

    To us, Strategy means understanding the fundamental dynamics of a business: elements that create value and factors that drive competitive advantage for our clients


    To us, Alliances are about helping form entities based on cooperation or collaboration with the aim of perfecting synergies and developing new competencies


    To us, Implementation means in working hand in hand with clients in bringing ideas to reality and be a partner with clients from start to end


    Scope of Our Operations

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    Strategic Advisory Services • Corporate strategy • New business strategy • Diversification strategy • Business performance enhancement strategy • Market entry strategy

    Business Organisation Alignment • Organisational design • HR planning • Recruitment & selection • Rewards & recognition • Learning and development • HR information management

    PE Funding and Investment Management • Identifying/Evaluating investment opportunities • Business valuation • Managing strategic investments

    Policy support for Govt. and development bodies • Policy formulation • Policy evaluation • Establishment of industry support centers

    M&A and Joint Ventures Support • Identification and short listing of potential partners • Cross border alliances • M&A strategy • Commercial due diligence • Operational due diligence • Post-merger integration

    Implementation Assistance • Project managing in piloting a new retail concept • Handholding in launching a brand • Execution of marketing plans • Establishing a franchisee network

    Wazir’s service offerings: Wazir offers to develop practical business strategies along with its clients to help them grow profitably and sustainably, and help implement these through organic and inorganic means, through partnerships and alliances, and also assist in funding it from value adding sources. Our services include:

    Access International Capital – US & Europe Access International Capital (AIC) is a cross-border strategic transaction advisory group formed in 1998, with presence in USA, EU, Far East and South Asia. AIC’s global team of strategic thinkers, country specialists and industry experts create Strategic Cross-Border Transactions through deep understanding of industry verticals.

    Care Consulting - Turkey Care Consulting is a Turkey based strategic and operational consulting firm founded by Yakup Gungor in 2007. Its services include strategic and structural consultancy, operational consultancy, supply supports, strategic partnerships, critical personnel search, creating market potential and investment support.

    Infinity Creations - Japan Infinity Creations was established in Japan in 1982 by Indian entrepreneur, Atul Parekh and one of Japan’s creative designers, Kazuo Ogawa. Infinity Creations has expertise in gems & jewellery and fashion segments with connects at highest level in these industries.

    PCI Xylenes & Polyesters Ltd - US, Europe, Far East Countries, South East Countries PCI Xylenes & Polyesters is the global leader in consulting for the polyester and raw materials markets and has been foremost in its field since 1988. With offices and representatives in Europe, Asia and USA, PCI’s ability to follow and analyse the markets is second to none.

    Wazir’s International Partners

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    Indian Retail Landscape

    Wazir Advisors Pvt. Ltd. 3rd Floor, Building 115, Sector 44, Gurgaon - 122 002