Indian In Slow Motion by Mark Tully and Gillian Wright

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India in Slow Motion by Mark Tully & Gillian Wright A Perspective By N Dutta

Transcript of Indian In Slow Motion by Mark Tully and Gillian Wright

India in Slow MotionbyMark Tully & Gillian Wright

A Perspective ByN Dutta

Sir Mark Tully & Gillian Wright

Mark Tully and his colleague Gillian Wright have written a book, India In Slow Motion , according to which bad governance has put India on the back foot from which it is finding hard to recover.

His father was a British businessman who was a partner in one of the leading managing agencies of the British Raj. He spent the first decade of his childhood in India, although without being allowed to socialize with Indian people, before going to England for schooling.

He has also written 2 other books with his translator, Gillian Wright.


•Hindu Extremism•Bonded Child Labour•Sufi Mysticism•The Crisis in Agriculture•The Persistence of Political Corruption•IT Revolution•…and the problem with Kashmir

Perspective of Author

SadFunnyStartling…Deeply Humane

Point In Focus : Governance (or the lack of it)

•India adopted “Colonial Governing System” after independence : Doesn’t fit “Democracy”

• Loophole by Purpose• System built to run colonial system• Biased & Exploitative• Governing bodies/entities acts as “Rulers”

Perspective : Corruption


Self Defeating:Madhya Pradesh internet caféShut down because of license.

Tehelka Sting:Exposing the Defence MinisterWhich made him resign.

Vicious Kashmir:Fund being mis-utilized and it’s history.

Gujarat Village:Self sufficient and independent from theRest of the country.

(Rest of the state’s progress is vastlyover-rated as seen by my own eyes.)

Perspective : The “Chal Hei Attitude”

India, land of Humayun:Active at times and Very Lethargic by turn.

Making a Blind Eye:We see wrong done, but don’t act.

HUGE Debatable Topic:Unless we throw this away, everything is at stake : ERODINGSocial and moral fabric.

Perspective : Cultural & Regional


First hand account of:Babri Masjid : Ram TempleRise of Christianity in Goa & present stateSufism : Perspective of Muslim leaders in India

Perspective : Child Labour

Rugmaking IndustryMostly dominant by child workers

From viewpoint of an Ex-colonial:

Business suffering from Advertisement which claimed their rugs were “100% free from child labour” – Challenged. – 1

2 – May not actually help those children who may be forced to work in an even more dangerous environment.


ACCOUNTABILITYPeople should ensure transparency.Keep tabs of development funds.

REFORM IN GOVERNANCEAnna Hazare Movement : A Case StudyAgricultural ReformsSupport Technological Advances

CRITICISM- Too lengthy encounters with lot of “language keywords”- Doesn’t paint a picture of a clear solution- Doesn’t cover the main crisis in India : Poverty- Tully’s always tells a tale of a car trying to move forward with it’s brakes on.- Yes, it allows the audience to have both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE outlook of India.- Will fade away unless peoples morals are challenged.

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