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Everyone is not meant to be a leader, those who are aspiring to become one or those who already are there are some very important lessons to learn. We have come up with 5 important reasons which explain why some leaders fail and why teams crumble.

Transcript of India Leadership Conclave 2014 - Why Some Leaders Fail

  • Why some leaders fail?
  • Why some leaders fail? Everyone is not meant to be a leader. Leaders are not always born, one becomes a leader through experiences and hard work. The journey makes one a leader, but still at several times some leaders fail, Lets see why it happens
  • Reason # 1 - Leaders become selfish!
  • Why it happens? Leaders often forget that they have a team to lead and they become power hungry and self-centred and seek control every time.
  • Reason # 2 When leaders cant lead themselves Image Source
  • Why it happens? This happens when leaders are not able to express their best self to their teams, when they are not able to establish expectations and beliefs.
  • Reason # 3 When they dont communicate Image Source
  • Why it happens? When there is a communication gap between the leader and the team Leaders often dont keep the entire team in loop and the team doesnt know where they are headed.
  • Reason # 4 When they refuse to adapt
  • Why it happens? When one forgets to change his/her leadership style according to the changing environment. Leaders are known for their ability to adapt, if they cant , then they push themselves to a disaster
  • Reason # 5 When they indulge in too much office politics Image Source
  • Why it happens? When leaders indulge in diplomacy more and they focus on deliverables less, then teams crumble and dissatisfaction sneaks in, ultimately breaking the flow.
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