Improving Morale

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Improving Morale in Difficult Times Goodies, Games, Guns and Gifts?

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Marie Knight City of Orange Community Services

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  • 1. Desktop Education forParks and RecreationWelcome and Sign-In Sign in with: Your Agency Name andthe number of peoplewatching/attending thewebinar from youragency today What is the name of theperson who will beinputting answers into thewebinar applicationPleasecomplete yourPre-Webinarassignmentbefore webegin.2

2. Please WelcomeMarie KnightDirector, Community ServicesCity of Orange 3. Lets get started!YES or NO?Did you do yourPre-WebinarAssignment? 4. Pre-Webinar AssignmentRank Your MotivatorsMotivators Your RankingsInteresting workAppreciation and recognitionFeeling "in on things"Job securityGood wagesPromotion/growthGood working conditionsPersonal loyaltyTactful disciplineSympathetic help with problems 5. Lets Review--Pre-Webinar Assignment In your chat box,please share whichmotivators seem torank highest for yourgroup. 6. Take ONE minute to discussand share in your chat box. 7. Take ONE minute to discussand share in your chat box. 8. A state of individualpsychological well-being basedupon a sense of confidence andusefulness and purpose.How a team feels aboutitself and its abilities. 9. A work experience where employees feelrespected, valued, and appreciatedA work experience where employees feel theyare players and not just hired handsA work experience where employees feelthey get to make a difference 10. Morale problems areexperiential problems, theyre aresult of a negative ordissatisfying work experience. 11. Because morale is a problem of anunsatisfying work experience,the answer is in changing thework experience. 12. More specificallyCreate a work experiencethat itself is rewarding.(Not always fun, butrewarding.) 13. What are some ways you canchange the experience?Take ONE minute to discussand share in your chat box. 14. Focus on simple dayto day encounters.Build the Emotional Bank Account 15. Morale is NOTimproved or damagedone interaction at a time.Morale is NOT improved byone grand gesture or apremium parking space. 16. Rememberthe Goodies,Gimmicks,and GalasAre TheFrosting,Not TheCake. 17. The Material solutions will notsolve the Experiential problemsThey do have a place in the overall approach.They should be part of a larger effort.They dont take the place of the hard workthat needs to be done. 18. Good morale does not requirepeople to be happyWHAT?!!!!Many of the best examples ofhigh morale come from situationsof great unhappiness and stresslike in a war. 19. Thus, while it may beimpossible to makepeople feel happyduring these difficulttimes 20. That is not your job.Your Job is to createthe right environmentand to build yourteams focus anddedication. 21. What are the keys togood morale? 22. The teams knows its work contributes tomaking others lives better. How can you ensure your team knowsthis? 23. The team knowstheir ideas matter. How do you make sure they know this? 24. The team is provided opportunitiesfor growth and trust. How do you accomplish this? 25. Accentuate the PositiveHighlight the Good Coach to improve the badEstablish a culture of cheers for your peersDig deep and Dig often 26. Catch them doing something right! MBWA Make a Big Woopie out of the smallthings Value their contributions 27. Set clear expectations for success! Starts on the first day but never toolate Show them the cover of the puzzle box Make sure the expectations are:Achievable, Mission Based, Measurable 28. Praise Publicly, Criticize Privately Have a clearly defined formalrecognition program. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. Invest in your top 20% 29. TALK! 30. Questions? 31. Get in touch with MarieMarie Knight, DirectorCity of Orange [email protected]