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Transcript of Improving awareness pescador san diego air & space museum

  • Welcome to the

    Katrina PescadorDirector of Library & Archives

  • Books (18,000 titles)Periodicals (600 titles)Films and videos (8,000)Manuals (8,000)Still images (over 2.5 million)Drawings (10,000)Special Collections (230 personal & corporate papers) Maps (1,000)Flight Logs (500)Oral Histories (600)

  • Three full-time staff membersOne full-time grant funded staff member35 volunteers

  • Increase and improve user accessibilityPreserve assets for future generationsStandardize and improve consistencyImprove efficiency and productivityRaise awareness of collections

  • Fragmented listings (excel, word, filemaker Pro, Mac, & card catalog refer to next slide

    Organization began with SDASMs secondary sources (books & periodicals)

    Purchased an Integrated Library System 2007

    Converted card catalog into MARC

  • Non book records were converted to Excel, and customized search fields were developed for each type of material following national cataloging standards and practice.

    Separate listings for each material type in several formatsStandardize cataloging for consistencyDevelop basic keyword lists for subject and aircraft to improve search results

  • Plan ahead and coordinateDetermine appropriate fields (MARC equivalents)Write instructions for adding data to Excel sheetsSelect appropriate keywordsEdit sheets before uploading to AeroCatAdd link after digitizingBe consistent!

  • Rapid Capture Station for photos600 DPI Tiffs/Jpegs Before 60,000 images in 10 years using a flatbed scanner. With the Rapid Capture Station this number has more than doubled: 70,000 images digitized in one year!Need large digital storage capacity and back up! Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)

  • Over 100 million viewsIncreased exposure and revenuePublic has given us incredible feed backCorrections and infoInternal use by staffTags and comments analyzed to improveaccountOne person added 50,000 tags!

    Sample tags

  • Online catalog, AeroCat: online cataloging sites (OAC)Public photo and video sites (Flickr and YouTube sites)SDASM website 2-4 can be searched by online search engines

  • Completed 2-year project to process 200 special collections of personal papers and corporate records.Finding Guides Listed on:Online Archive of California (OAC)SDASM websiteAeroCatFlickr (once photos are digitized)

  • Create document in WordConvert in Archivist Toolkit into EAD and MARCUpload to OAC, AeroCat, and SDASM website

  • Differences between databases (OAC & AeroCat) refer to next slides for formatsProblems transferring data across systems, even when in MARC formatConversion of Archivists Toolkit records into OAC and AeroCat requires additional editingProblems with Archivists ToolkitArchivists Toolkit no longer supported

  • Flickr over 185,000 images YouTube over 1,500 films FacebookLibrary blogTwitterPinterest

  • Flickr views average 100,000 per dayFlickr comments and tags continue to be of high valueIn four years, received over 100 million views on FlickrIn one year, received over a million views on YouTube and continues to grow

  • Remote requests have increased by three-foldOnsite visitors have remained the sameIncome from photo requests have doubledMuseum website visits have increased by 71%

  • Simplify the process (volunteers)Standardize and be consistentPlan in advance (coordination)

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