Improve Lead Quality 2 Generate More Revenue

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Lead Management Best Practices: Closing the Loop to Drive ROI: Improve Lead Quality to Generate More Revenue

Transcript of Improve Lead Quality 2 Generate More Revenue

  • 1. Lead Management Best Practices:Closing the Loop to Drive ROIHarland Clarke Marketing ServicesImprove Lead Quality to Generate More Revenue
    Dave Talbot
    CRM Touch Management Analyst
    January 11, 2011

2. Agenda
Heres the dealio
Stop the Drama! [Between Sales & Marketing]
So, whats working? A peek at HCMS client programs
Q & A
3. Heres the dealio
4. Heres the Dealio
longer than in 2001
Longer sales cycles
More people involved in decision making
Lead mismanagement
Information inquiries
Non-qualified suspects
Ignored opportunities (no nurture, no recycle)
of leads are ignored by
5. Stop the Drama!
[Between Sales & Marketing]
6. Stop the Drama!
Unified Lead Description (ULD)
Explicit-Demographic data
Implicit-Behavioral data
BANT attributes
Define a marketing qualified lead (MQL)
Review customer data
Interview your sales team
Use your sales pipeline data
Develop an overall lead score
7. Stop the Drama!
Service Level Agreement (SLA)between Sales & Marketing
Define Monitor Evaluate Adjust Repeat
Who does what?
When do they do it?
Where does the lead go?
How do you track it?
Dont forget to huddle
8. Stop the Drama!
Communication Channels: web, email, phone, direct mail
Process: corporate communications with marketing, sales, operations and finance
Data: marketing, sales, customer service/support, finance
Systems:Tying it all together allows for the full 360 view
9. Stop the Drama!
Timely see chart
Conduct asset review
Develop asset matrix
Use Multi-touch Multi-channel approach
Contact method preference
10. Stop the Drama!
Typical lead database contains 84% non-sales-ready leads
When should a lead be placed into a nurture queue?
How do you manage aged or stagnant leads?
11. Getting Started
Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) Calculator
12. So, whats working?
A peek at HCMS client programs
13. Leading National Healthcare Benefits Provider
Prospects request information form web forms
Inquiries distributed directly to the broker
Inquiries were NOT pre-qualified
Brokers stopped following up on the inquiries
Prospects frustrated with lack of follow up
Need to integrate this process with their demand generation efforts including direct mail and an outbound tele-channel
14. Leading National Healthcare Benefits Provider
Auto-responder program
An automated process to connect with the inbound web form inquiries within a 60-minute time period
Outbound call to engage and qualify the person
Specialist knows what webpage the contact originated from and what information they had entered into the web form
Sales-ready leads delivered to broker and non-sales-ready leads inserted into cultivation stream
Contact method preference
An email is sent to the contact within 48 hours of the initial attempt when contact was not made
Person has the option to click on their preferred type of communication, phone or email
Both options provide an opportunity for qualification
Cultivation stream
Multi-channel: email and phone
Multi-touch: responder and non-responder
Deliver dynamic and relevant content based on geography
15. Leading National Healthcare Benefits Provider
A timely response to web form inquiries yields greater results
Ensure no lead is left behind, increase sales-ready leads and avoid the BLACK HOLE of inquiries that are not contacted on the first touch
Allow your prospects to take control of when they are ready and willing to talk!
Cultivate leads that are not sales-ready and convert them at a later date rather than ignoring them and losing sales.Recoup on your initial investment!
Provide qualified sales-ready leads and sales will pay attention to them and close more deals
16. Leading National Healthcare Benefits Provider

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17. Harland Clarkes Contact Method Preference provides better results for individuals that have already expressed interest 18. These Hand Raisersare given the option of two channels to qualify.The example above shows an additional 9.6% conversion of individuals that would have fallen off the radar if the tele-channel alone was leveraged for follow-upContact Method Preference Lift
19. Leading National Healthcare Benefits Provider

  • Business Rules defined by Marketing Database

20. Phone selection feeds back into call queue 21. Email selection is qualified based on responses and transmitted using existing process 22. Non-Responders are fed back into Call Queue