Importance of 10 Commandments

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Importance of 10 commandments

Transcript of Importance of 10 Commandments

  • 1. Importance of 10 commandments in our daily life: These commandments help us to attain thebalance in our everyday life. our life as Christians Living the Christian life is living a holistic andrighteous life like God.

2. Commandment 1I am the Lord yourGod, you shall nothave other Godsbeside Me. 3. Commandment 1 4. 1. I am the Lord your God, you shall not haveother Gods beside me Thou shall have no other Gods before me.{Exodus 20:3} There is only one Source, one Creation or oneGod.How to value this Commandment? Put God first in your life above all. 5. 1. I am the Lord your God, you shall not haveother Gods beside me Idolatry Do not worship graven images, which arepictures, photos or idols, which areobjects.How to value this commandment?Proper worship is to worship only the oneGod, Source or Creation 6. Commandment 2You shall not use thename of the Lord yourGod in vain. 7. 2. You shall not use the name of the Lord yourGod in vain At a practical level, swearing an oath to Godwas one of the few ways that society hadand has to assure itself that a person istelling the truth. 8. Commandment 3You shall keep Holythe Sabbath Day. 9. Commandment 3 10. 3. You shall keep Holy the Sabbath dayValuing this commandment: Always have time with God Always offer the Sabbath day to God. 11. Commandment 4Honor your father andmother. 12. 4. Honor your Father and MotherValuing thecommandment Respect your parents Love them Take care of them 13. Commandment 5 & 7You shall not killYou shall not steal 14. 5. You shall not kill 7. You shall not steal One of the causes of stealing and killing isinsecurity. Be contented 15. Commandment 6You shall not commitadultery 16. 6. You shall not commit adultery Adultery - A relationship between a marriedperson and a person who is not his or herspouse. But I say unto you, That whosoever lookethon a woman to lust after her hath committedadultery with her already in his heart{Matthew5:28} 17. Commandment 8You shall not bearfalse witness againstyour neighbor 18. 8. You shall not bear false witness againstyour neighbor This means that One should not lie at anytime, about anything, unless it is to preserveyour life or property.ValuingThis commandment means one must nota. Spread false rumorsb. Lie (can be about money, body, oneself andetc.) 19. Commandment 9 & 10You shall not covetyour neighbors wifeYou shall not covetyourneighbors goods 20. You shall not covet your neighbors (9)wife,(10) goods To covet means to want to steal fromanother. It does not just mean to envy. Thisfascinating Commandment means youshould not seek or desire to take away orsteal that which belongs to others.