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In this presentation I'm diving into the conflicted reality of the Israeli- Palestinian occupation. This is where very basic human rights are violated every single day. Since the conflict is enormous and can’t be solved all at once- it’s almost like solving world hunger, I decided to address and intervene with what I’m troubled the most- the hate speech and violent language used by many Israeli teens to describe the conflict. My challenge is attempting to cultivate respect and change the dialogue between Israelis about the ongoing Israeli- Palestinian conflict. I decided to gamify the past and present of the conflict in order to effect the future. I am working on designing a location-based game around cities in Israel to simulate life under the occupation in Palestinian cities only a few kilometers away.

Transcript of Implementing Impact Final Presentation

  • People's rights are absolute & universal, either equality or nothing! - Ronnie Barkan
  • A Reality.
  • 6Palestinian civilians killed 14Wounded 127 Incursions were conducted in the West Bank 215 Palestinian civilians arrested 4Universities were raided 100Houses raided Weekly Report- 19-25 June 2014
  • B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights Palestinian Center for Human Rights Gisha- legal center for freedom of movement Others in the space. Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
  • Signs of hate & intolerance on social media.
  • Cultivate respect & change the dialogue between Israelis about the ongoing Israeli- Palestinian conflict. The Challenge.
  • New conversations about an old conict. WELCOME TO THE WEST BANK
  • Two maps.One story.
  • 1. Played on your phone. Was a Palestinian Arab village in the Jaffa Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 19471948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine on December 25, 1947. It was located 5 km northeast of Jaffa, situated 1.5 km south of the al-'Awja River. The village was previously known as Summayl. Al- Masudiyya 3. Historical facts about land and its original owners. 2. Allows you to choose a palestinian city you wish to tour.
  • Meet Palestinians under the age of 18 are detained in the occupied territories annually. Suhaib Alawar, 14 Meet Ryyy 700 4. Personal stories about the struggles of Palestinian kids. 6. Physical barrier such as checkpoints from a Palestinian city mapped virtually on to the map of an Israeli city. 5. Data visualized- statistics.
  • Young kids. 12 and up. Youth movement. The Audience.
  • Key Values. Raising awareness. Disseminating information. Evoking empathy. Humanizing the data collected by NGOs.
  • Israelis need trust; Palestinians need hope. King Hussein of Jordan, 1999
  • Thank you.