Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must Part 1 | Webinar

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Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must Part 1 5 Content Strategy Fundamentals

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Here is the slide deck from part 1 of the "Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must" webinar series. is celebrating Talk Like Yoda day with this series. Part 1 covers 5 Content Strategy Fundamentals You will be able to view the recording here

Transcript of Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must Part 1 | Webinar

  • 1. Implement These 10SEO Tips, You MustPart 1 5 Content Strategy Fundamentals

2. Comments & Questions During Webinar GoToWebinar Chat Room Twitter Tweet @SEOcom Use #SEOwebinar hashtagTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 3. About SEO.comTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 4. Preston Van DykeSEO Manager 5. On-Site Strategy5 FundamentalsTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 6. 5 Fundamentals1. Have a Plan You Must2. Put People First You Should3. Nitty Gritty SEO Yes4. Stay Active You Must5. Overdo It You Must NotTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 7. Content Marketing Personality Ethic: Quick approach Superficial Instant gratification Character Ethic: Principle-based solutions Inside out approach Lasting impactTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 8. Content Marketing2 Segments External Internal (Personality Ethic) (Character Ethic) Inbound Links Findable Anchor Text Usable Domain/IP Diversity Valuable Quality Shareable Quantity Branded Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 9. 1. Have a Plan You Must 10. 1. Have a PlanTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 11. 1. Have a PlanValuable UsableBranded Findable Shareable Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 12. 1. Have a Plan 3 Specifics: Measurable Goals Target Audience Target KeywordsTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 13. 1. Have a PlanMeasurable Goals Ask questions like: How can I be sure my content is valuable? What KPIs indicate good usability? How will I know people are finding my content? What measurement best shows how my content isbeing shared?Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 14. 1. Have a PlanTarget Audience Ask questions like: Does our branding/voice speak to the end user? What is the end users goal? (usability) Are the social networks our audience uses integrated into the website? (shareability)Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 15. 1. Have a PlanTarget Keywords Ask questions like: What phrases are our demographic most likely tosearch? (findability) Does my use of these keywords on the page makesense? (valuable) Are the ideal words used in my taxonomy?(usability/findability)Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 16. 1. Have a PlanTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 17. 2. Put People First You Should 18. 2. Put People FirstPeople like EASY: Logical navigationShareableOptimized contentTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 19. 2. Put People FirstPeople like ENTERTAINMENT: Remarkable graphics Spectacular videos Engaging contentTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 20. 2. Put People FirstPeople like to LEARN: Industry-leadinginformation Fresh content (blog)Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 21. 3. Nitty Gritty SEO Yes 22. 3. Nitty Gritty SEOTitles: Keyword Optimized 65-70 Characters NaturalBranding: Page Title With Keyword Here InformativeKeyword Here In Title With Branding Included in Middle Branded Page Title & Keyword Inclusion Here | BrandingTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 23. 3. Nitty Gritty SEOHeadings: Keyword by class Keyword prominence Dont sacrifice true headings for keywordsTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 24. 3. Nitty Gritty SEOContent Placement: Above the fold Not just words Good designTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 25. 3. Nitty Gritty SEOKeyword Use: Maintain a topic Use keyword variants Always double checkTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 26. 3. Nitty Gritty SEOImages: Use alternate text Use keyword rich file namesTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 27. 3. Nitty Gritty SEONavigation: Keyword mapped URLs Optimized/logical taxonomy Must be crawlableTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 28. 4. Stay Active You Must 29. 4. Stay ActiveEditorial Calendar: Stay relevant to national calendar Current industry events Business news InstructionsTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 30. 4. Stay ActiveLink Attractive Content: Infographics Instructographics Guides Top Lists VideosTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 31. 4. Stay ActivePartner/ContributorContent: Encourage partnercompanies to submitcontent Allow contributorcontentTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 32. 4. Stay ActiveClient Spurred Content: Testimonials Case StudiesTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 33. 4. Stay ActiveUser Generated Content (UGC): Reviews Forum Blog CommentsTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 34. 5. Overdo It You Must Not 35. 5. Dont Overdo ItTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 36. 5. Dont Overdo ItContent above the fold:Tweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 37. 5. Dont Overdo ItLimit internal linking within content: Limit exact match Limit volumeTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 38. 5. Dont Overdo ItNatural Titles: Dont overuse keywords For the searcher as well as the search engine | Affordable SEO Services For Small & Local BusinessesTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 39. A great content strategy consists of Measureable goals Target audience Keyword optimization Editorial calendar Infographics Videos Images/graphics Niche guides Lists Logical navigation Crawlable website Branding Social network integration Up-to-date content (a blog) Beautiful design Content above the fold Natural, keyword optimized titles Unique content Unique approach Consistency in voice Latest coding standardsTweet @SEOcom questions Hashtag #SEOwebinar 40. Questions? 41. Thank YouPreston Van Dyke SEO with SEO.com