Impact on the research dance floor Line dance, tango or ceilidh?

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Impact on the research dance floor Line dance, tango or ceilidh?. Drs. Astrid Wissenburg Economic and Social Research Council / Research Councils UK. Research Councils UK. Partnership of the UK’s seven Research Councils. Annually invest around £3 billion in research. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Impact on the research dance floor Line dance, tango or ceilidh?

  • Impact on the research dance floorLine dance, tango or ceilidh?

    Drs. Astrid Wissenburg Economic and Social Research Council / Research Councils UK

  • Research Councils UKPartnership of the UKs seven Research Councils.Annually invest around 3 billion in research.Support research that contributes to a productive economy, healthy society and a sustainable world.Work with a range of partners to support exchange of knowledge from the research base into the private, public and third sectorsEstablishing an ongoing dialogue between the research community and the public, to ensure society can benefit more fully from the outputs of research

  • Research Councils UK & ImpactCommitted to excellence with impact: this means continuing to invest in the best research, people and infrastructure, whilst aiming to enhance the impact of that funding on society.Recognise that the research we fund has both academic and economic and societal impacts, i.e. The demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy by:Fostering global economic performance, and specifically the economic competitiveness of the UKIncreasing the effectiveness of public services and policyEnhancing quality of life, health and creative output

  • Conceptual Shifts our understanding of policy/practiceReframing debates

    Capacity-buildingTechnical / professional skills development

    Instrumental Influencing the development of policy / practice Shaping behaviourAltering legislation

    Cultural changeIncreased willingness to engage in knowledge exchange activitiesChanged mindsetsEnduring connectivityEstablishment of enduring relationships indicator future impactsPathways to impact vary

    Impacts range from instrumental to more subtlePathways to Impact

  • What steps lead to impact?Example Birth Cohort StudyScoping and specifying the research agenda

    Commissioning the research

    Managing the research

    Research use and impact

    Social scientistsMedical researchersGovernment depts.Business sectorThird sectorTeachers etcData and privacy activistsParentsGeneral public

    Social scientistsMedical researchersGovernment depts.

    Participants Social scientistsMedical researchersGovernment depts.Business& third sectorTeachers etcData and privacy activistsParentsGeneral publicMedia

  • Who is who?

  • Configurations of engagement: Line danceShow and followOne size fits allImitationNot connecting

  • TangoClose 1-1 relationshipTrustParty for 2Precision

  • CeilidhComplexExtendable FlexibleVarying configurations

  • Engagement in practice what works?

    Established networks & relationships with research usersAwareness of the policy & practice contextUsers involved at the outset and throughout (Co-Production)Early and well-planned user engagement and knowledge exchange strategyAccessible findings (language, format)Credibility - portfolios of research activity that build reputations with research usersGood infrastructure and management supportRole for intermediaries & brokers as translators, amplifiers, network providers

  • Research councils expectationsRCUK Expectations for Societal and Economic Impactdemonstrate an awareness of the social and ethical implications of their research, beyond usual research conduct considerations, and take account of public attitudes towards those issues publish results widely considering the academics, user and public audiences for research outcomes Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research ensuring that you have thought through how and why public engagement is relevant to your area of research, and the benefits it can bring. Access to research outputsRCUK Common Principles on Data Policy ..

  • Research Councils supportFundingESRC Knowledge exchange opportunities schemeFestival of Social ScienceTrainingMedia trainingGuidanceESRC Impact Research CatalogueRCUK Gateway to Research

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    **The diagram provides an indication of the potential range of impacts that can be generated from research. Impacts from research can be generated through a range of diverse pathways, can take many forms, can become manifest at different stages in the research process and beyond and can be promoted through many different mechanisms.