IMGS 2014 IMGS Location Publisher Update - Simon McCabe

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Updates on: IMGS Location Publisher Mobile 4.3, IMGS Location Publisher Pre-Planning 4.3 and IMGS Location Publisher 4.3 & 4.4

Transcript of IMGS 2014 IMGS Location Publisher Update - Simon McCabe

  • 2. Overview Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Location Publisher Pre Planning 4.3 Location Publisher 4.3 & 4.4 Road MapTimelines Location Publisher Update Agenda
  • 3. administration site crm clientmobiletabletpre-planningdashboard gis databases other applications MappingCaptureReporting Services Location Publisher Update Location Publisher Architecture Overview Layers Searches Data Capture Nearest Service Reporting Location Publisher adding interactive maps and spatial intelligence to your enterprise websites and workflows Updated applications
  • 4. Location Publisher Update Configure once and share to many Mobile/Tablet Client & Dashboard administration site GIS Administrators
  • 5. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3
  • 6. Publish to any web-enabled device Operates over low bandwidth connection Display and update location information attribute information Capture picture and video against features Location Publisher Mobile Overview
  • 7. Streamline your workflows Record on mobile and data is instantly available back in the office Generate spatial reports Location Publisher Mobile Integration
  • 8. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Cosmetic New Icons Service Pack Updates Large legend scrolling issue - resolved Information tool issue - resolved Service Pack
  • 9. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Integration with Location Publisher Forms Builder Build and publish forms in minutes Build forms for any job function Incident Reporting, Asset Management, Work Orders Drop down list configuration Including context driven drop downs New Functionality
  • 10. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Form Builder Configuration
  • 11. Demonstration
  • 12. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Benefits Improve data quality Ability to deploy forms rapidly without having to return to office No coding of forms needed New Functionality
  • 13. Location Publisher Pre-Planning 4.3
  • 14. Some background Location Publisher Pre-Planning 4.3 Its purpose: To assist in the consultation process between a planning authority and members of the public (in terms of a proposed development) In practice: Planning authority configures a spatial report Members of the public visits the Location Publisher Pre planning Web Site and enters in information The report is generated and can be used as a basic reference to how the planning authority may advise on their proposed development
  • 15. New functionality Location Publisher Pre-Planning 4.3 Home page configurable to show or hide user details. Home page configurable to different combinations of pre- planning location (townland, town, street, building etc.). Improved mapping - including OSi MapGenie support. Embedded map in spatial report (facilitates printing)
  • 16. Demonstration Location Publisher Pre-Planning 4.3 Demonstration
  • 17. Location Publisher Client 4.3 & 4.4
  • 18. Service Pack Location Publisher Client 4.3 Printing A4/A3 issues (portrait and landscape) - resolved Printed legend issues - resolved Banner size issue (resizing issue) - resolved County Polygons not displaying at start-up - resolved Legend check box issues resolved
  • 19. Enhancements Location Publisher Client 4.3 Home button added to the map Clear nearest service marker button added to the map Improvements in styling configuration True Type Fonts Line Styles Labelling Add direction of digitization arrows Integrates with latest form builder changes
  • 20. Underway Location Publisher 4.4 Requirements have been identified DONE Requirements to be fully documented and signed off (within the week) WORK IN PROGRESS Develop & Test TO START UnveilDeploy TO START
  • 21. 4.4 Redlining Tool (didnt make it into 4.3) Measurement Tool (didnt make it into 4.3) Improvements to styling Polygon styling Hatching Improved thematic configuration Multiple Coordinate System Support IG, ITM, Spherical Mercator etc. Timeline 4.4 - Q4 4.5 Location Publisher disconnected 2015 Location Publisher 4.4/4.5 New functionality overview