Imagining a Wheelchair-Accessible Nepal with Tina Descolada

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Tina Descolada is a character developed by psychologist Marta Alencar of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Through engaging stories and evocative photography In 2011 Tina visited Nepal. What follows is her message to Nepalis carried by Dr. Scott Rains during his 2014 Buddha Jayanti tour of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan arranged by Pankaj Pradhananga of Four Season Travel & Tours.

Transcript of Imagining a Wheelchair-Accessible Nepal with Tina Descolada

  • !! Namast Sathi !Namast Sathi ! Namast my friendsNamast my friends!
  • Hello! Im Tina Descolada. I live in Brazil a country far from here. I am a promoter of inclusion and I love to travel and experience adventure
  • We have some problems like yours in Brazil too... Texto
  • But we are developing too.
  • I was here in Nepal in 2012 and II was here in Nepal in 2012 and I know the difficulties that a person withknow the difficulties that a person with reduced mobility can run into inreduced mobility can run into in various places here: in urban traffic, invarious places here: in urban traffic, in the mountains and at touristthe mountains and at tourist attractions.attractions. II congratulate youcongratulate you that despite allthat despite all these difficulties you are still interestedthese difficulties you are still interested in discussing the topic ofin discussing the topic of inclusiveinclusive tourismtourism in Nepal.
  • What I think is mostWhat I think is most important you already have.important you already have. That is theThat is the spirit ofspirit of receptivityreceptivity and hospitalityand hospitality that you provide to us asthat you provide to us as tourists.tourists. Everyone welcomed me withEveryone welcomed me with great affection.great affection.
  • Fotos nepalis
  • As people with disabilities the first thing that makes us feel at home is when attitudinal barriers break down: prejudice, discrimination and stigma. It creates an access ramp to the heart.
  • From there look for solutions that create architectural accessibility especially in urban areas together with people who have disabilities and with the community.
  • ? And what about the natural barriers in the mountains? ? ??
  • I went on a trek to see Mount Everest... I confess that I felt insecure knowing all the obstacles I would find. But since I am very brave I did not give up. I asked the tour operator if a wheelchair-user could make a trek in the Himalayas. He replied - "Tina, with imagination we can do anything." So I decided: Imagination makes us happier!
  • Lets go,Lets go, Kumar!Kumar!
  • In the world of imagination we can do anything!
  • We can even go to Pikey Peak or see Everest!
  • In the realIn the real world everyone shouldworld everyone should knowknow what iswhat is possible for them!possible for them!
  • Thank you all!