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  • Kirsty AldersonIllustrative TypeLevel 06OUGD301Design Practice

    The briefCreate and brand a film memorbilia company that specialize in illustrative type based products. Design three different examplesof illustrative typefaces based on popular films and apply them to products in order to show the range the company will have to offer.

    Target audienceMales and females interested in film.

    TypefacesThe typefaces are based on three well known popular films. I chose three completely different films in order to show the diverse audience the company will cover with their products.

    Harry Potter Monsters Inc. Star Wars

    Company logo


  • Kirsty AldersonIllustrative TypeLevel 06OUGD301Design Practice

    ProductsAs a starting point the company would sell t-shirts, prints, keyrings, mugs and postcards for each of the films but this range would ideally be extended if the company was to do well with the starting point. The products are printed on low budget stock intiially as samples for the concept.

    AestheticsT-shirt: 100% cotton Print and postcard: cartridge paperMug: bone chinaKeyring inside: cartridge paper

    Logo applicationThe logo would be applied to the back of all stock printed products and on the bottom of elements such as mugs. It will also be printed on the inside of the t-shirts in order to brand everything to the company. 2/3

  • Kirsty AldersonIllustrative TypeLevel 06OUGD301Design Practice

    ContextThe products would be avaliable online from the Off The Reel website and would ship to anywhere in the world. If this were to be successful the company could then expand and place the products in stores such as HMV,.

    Off The ReelDue to the company having a unique point of sale it would first have to become really well established with a whole catalogue of illustrative typefaces based on films. These need to stand out from anything existing in order for the company to make this concept work. It could also continue to continue to grow by taking requests from customers and bespoke designs.