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A short 10 question quiz to test your comprehension on the short story "iLife"

Transcript of iLife Quiz

iLife How much do you know on the 22nd century?1) According the story 22nd century is: a) Overwhelmed by global warming b) Demolished by robots c) Is the same as it is now d) Has had many advances in technology

2) ____________________ (name one technology) has advanced the most in the last century. 3) Which company(s) are the leading producers in robots: a) iRobot c) Digibots b) Mega Robot Corporation d) Both a and c 4) Which of the following was the name of the evil robot in the story? a) Matt b) Kevin Johnson c) Jackbot d) Zackbot 5) What genre does this story fit into? __________________________ 6) What does NOVR stand for? a) National Orange of Vampire Rats c) National Organization of Virtual Reality b) Numbers, Ovals, Velocity, and Radius d) Nanny Opal of Virtual Reality 7) Who is Matt? a) Kevins Friend b) Kevins Dad

c) Kevins Brother d) Kevins Virtu-Assistant

8) Which one of the following is the climax? a) When the money is stolen from the bank b) When Kevin finds out about Zackbot c) When Kevin finds out his brother is missing d) When the robot short circuits 9) What kind of food is mostly eaten in the 22nd century? ___________________________ 10) Where are the cars? a) In the air c) On the ground

b) In space d) Underground

How did you like the story? 1. Rating: _______ (1-10) Would you recommend it to someone else? ____________ 2. What did you not like about the story? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 3. What was your favorite part? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________