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  2. 2. Index About Us Business Opportunities Our Products and Services Visa Processing University Short listing University forms Scholarships Education Loan Next steps Contact us IELTS Band 7
  3. 3. About Us We believe in quality education. We help a candidate develop in a variety of areas. Just name it and we have the best service to offer you. Our services include training for English proficiency examinations, General and Advanced English, personality development, technical writing, Facebook etiquette, PMP (project management professional) training and many more. At IELTS Band 7, our vision is to help people steer off from the false promises and give them opportunity to train with the faculties meeting all the international standards. IELTS Band 7
  4. 4. Our Products and Services Your search for foreign education ends with us. We have a solution for every need of your students, be it IELTS training or even finding a local SIM card at the final destination. Quality and satisfaction are inseparable , it is obvious that without quality ,satisfaction is not achieved. STUDY ABROAD IELTS VISA PROCESSING UNIVERSITY SHORT LISTING ESSAY WRITING RESUME BUILDING UNIVERSITY APPLICATION IELTS Band 7
  5. 5. Visa Processing Nri.Consulting is a company which is run by NRIs and ex-NRIs. The processes will be handled by Mr.Anuj Kumar who is an ex- NRI himself. He has worked in Denmark, Norway and UK and has visited many countries. He has extensive experience in handling visa applications. He has helped a lot of individuals to attain visas of many countries and has been granted several visas as well. IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  6. 6. University Short listing There are more than 3000 universities in the world offering different sciences and courses to their enrollees But choosing the right university which tailors to your own requirements is a risky job Allow us to guide you to the doors of the universities that shall suit you the best . We would shortlist 5 universities and their respective courses , provide the local guidelines and laws governing the respective areas and much more Its in our best interests that all of our students should get the chance to explore and cherish their dreams IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  7. 7. University forms Renowned universities like Cambridge receive more than a million applications year . But still a few make it , a recent study shows that due to inappropriate filing of their candidature In the university forms is one of the major reasons. Our experiences of filling the university applications will come in handy while your students fill up their forms for their dream universities IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  8. 8. Scholarships Universities offer International Scholars Program Amount- $2000 to $10,000 50% accommodation fees for 1 year. IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  9. 9. Education Loan Huge tax benefit under Sec 80 E of Income Tax Act of India Up to 100% finance Approximate 13.75% floating interest rate Opportunity for students to take up responsibility and pay for education on their own Preserve family savings (dont break FDs, MFs etc. and preserve funds for family contingency/emergencies) EMI starts post course completion whereas through personal finance fee needs to be paid at the beginning of the course An education loan can also cover tuition fee, living expense, books, travel, laptop etc. IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  10. 10. IELTS Band 7 Apply For IELTS IELTS Training Shortlist Universities Apply to the Universities Submit Visa Application Transfer funds to University Visa Interview Get Travel Insurance Get a local SIM card Find Residence or book a hostel FLY Study and Flourish Start Gathering Funds IELTS Band 7Your Steps to fly Abroad
  11. 11. Earning while studying Minimum salary is AUD 15 / hours 20 Hours work allow for students Opportunity for students toing take up responsibility and pay for education on their own Earn money to pay tuition fee, living expense, books, travel, laptop etc. IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  12. 12. Corporate Trainings IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7 PMP Motivational Trainings Leadership Management PMP in Hindi Advanced English Negotiation Skills Technical Writing Risk Management Time management Social Media Etiquette
  13. 13. PMP(Project Management Professionals) IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  14. 14. Our Faculty Our director Dr. Pooja is a CELTA certified professional from Cambridge, UK. CELTA certified professionals are extensively trained to teach English to non-native speakers. Our Gold faculty has proved their mettle at IELTS by achieving more than 7.0 Our Silver faculty has been in the profession of teaching English at renowned universities for more than 7 year IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  15. 15. IELTS More than 8000 organizations worldwide use IELTS to assess their applicants proficiency in English. IELTS has been conducting its examinations since 1913 and the number of institutions which use its score has multiplied drastically over the past two decades. IELTS tests your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in English. Well good news to all, we at will help you realize your dream of getting a very good IELTS score. A very good IELTS trainer should possess expertise and the right certification to train the students. IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  16. 16. Resume Building & Essay Writing It is mandatory for every applicant that they have to produce some essays of their own while applying to the respective universities. It is worth noting that these essays play a important role in securing your admission abroad. We will proof read the essays written by the students from ex-IAS personnel to ensure they get nothing but the best . Resume building training by corporate professionals who has witnessed at least a thousand resumes getting rejected. IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  17. 17. Key Benefits of Product or Service Will never have to refer students to any other services Deliver the support required by your students without any aggravation Research generated data and validation of universities through healthy mediums Growth of students ensure better name in the industry 100% satisfaction Guaranteed IELTS Band 7
  18. 18. Next Steps To start our services at your place we suggest a strength of 15 students per class but not exceeding more than 20. Choose the package suited to your convenience A 3 Hour class will be conducted everyday. Evaluation of Each student will be conducted once in a week IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7
  19. 19. Contact Information Contact us at 1st floor 323 GMS Rd., Above Axis Bank ,Near Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001 Phone: 07055710004 07055710005 07055710006 Email : Website : IELTS Band 7 IELTS Band 7