Ideas for short films

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My short film ideas

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Ideas for short films

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Page 1: Ideas for short films

My short film ideas

Page 2: Ideas for short films

When thinking about my short film I decided that I needed to go into depth with what I could offer for each genre. As I looked at some different short films I have had a few ideas of which I like and what I think I could produce well.

Page 3: Ideas for short films


This idea is one of my favorites as I need something that will keep me entertained whilst editing. When I looked at Slinky I really didn’t like it as it wasn’t my humor therefore I would not do something that doesn’t have any meaning behind it. If I created a comedy short film I think it will be easy to understand and that the audience will also be more likely to be engaged.

Page 4: Ideas for short films

My idea of a comedic short film is of a young female who still plays with toys. She believes that the toys still come to life and talks to them when playing with them. The short film is about the relationship with the toys and how as she has grown up so have the toys in a more mature way. I will try to make it funny as the toys will be shot and I can have a talented actress to have a voiceover whilst the toys are being filmed. It will also allow me to use my editing skills well as I can make it more exciting.

Page 5: Ideas for short films

Rom com

A rom com short story for me would be quite hard as I will have to try and find two willing actors. I think if I did do this genre as my short film it would look very good if edited well however I don’t think I will be using this as it is not my preferred short film suggestion.

Page 6: Ideas for short films

My idea is that two people who were in a relationship are both going their separate ways and it follows their day to day life after their split. There will be split screens and various editing techniques and at the end they finally bump into each other which then makes the audience allow them to think of their own ending.

Page 7: Ideas for short films


I think that horror will probably be one of the easiest short film genres to do because you can easily make anything scary by the way that you edit it together. The only problem with this you will have to make sure that props and costumes are very professional looking which would be hard for me as I am not that good at making scary costumes as I would be scared as well.

Page 8: Ideas for short films

I will probably have a horror about different characters that come to life and walk around in different locations. As I have a graveyard near my house that would be a great location to film however I never watched a horror so I don’t think that it would be a very good choice for me to do.

Page 9: Ideas for short films

One with a meaning/message

I would really like to do a short film with a meaning at the end. When watching them I enjoyed the ones with a meaning like umbilical. However I don’t want to do something that has been done before like bulling etc as I think that that could be boring.

Page 10: Ideas for short films

My idea for this is of a teenage girl who Is insecure and follows how she hides away from friends, family and how she tackles with the insecurities she has. The only problem with this I will have to have 1 main character that I will have to film quite a lot and in different locations which could be impractical with the time schedule I have.