Ideas for addictive series 40 web apps

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If you’re looking for great ideas for your first (or next) Series 40 web app, this webinar is for you. Join Tapan Acharya, lead evangelist and consultant with Nokia in Bangalore, as he presents ideas and concepts that can be developed as Series 40 web apps. He’ll cover features, available with Nokia Web Tools 2.0, that you can use along with sound business acumen to develop addictive web apps. He’ll also include sample applications.

Transcript of Ideas for addictive series 40 web apps

  • 1. Ideas for Addictive Series 40web appsTapan AcharyaLead Evangelist and ConsultantNokia

2. Contents What are Series 40 web apps? Why web apps? Web app runtime architecture Pointers for developing a good WebApp Components available for developing WebApps. Demo. WebApp Ideas. 3. Java and web apps offerConsumer Foot fall.Usage Trendsoptions and flexibility Purchase Trends. Web Extensions JAVA APPS WEB APPS News, Info, Brands,SophisticatedCommunication Guides & Products & Games ReferenceShoppingSimple/Social ProductivitySocial Multimedia GamesTools Networks(e.g., quizzes) Suited to connected information Suited for highly interactive and and entertainment appsgraphics-intensive apps, offline Easier to learn for new developersprocessing Faster time to market & lower Available as native platformdevelopment costs 4. Web apps leverage cloud-assistedXpress Browser for Series 40 Excellent browsing experience, even with the lowest price point devices Proxy to process complex web pages for better experience Up to 90% more efficient and more than twice as fast Dynamic start page with locally relevant content Cloud-assisted web appsBetter browsing Web apps THE INTERNET XPRESS BROWSER BETTER AND FOR SERIES 40PERSONALISED PROXY SERVER WEB EXPERIENCE 5. Web App RuntimeInitialArchitectureweb view Xpress Browser Proxy 2. Requests web app Web AppXpress Browser 1. User selects web appClient Client ManagerApplication 3. Metadata, HTML, CSS,OptimizerSession JavaScript, Images, etc.Application Session DOM ComparisonDOM 4. Create DOM andJavaScript context.8. Web app view Run onload JavaScript DOM(HTML, CSS, Images,MWL) Device APIs JavaScript 5. AJAX requests for dataContentWidget APIContext Server 6. XML, JSON, etc. fromMWLContent Server 7. Server processing Web app JavaScript modifies DOM Server creates client optimized HTML/CSS from DOM JavaScript event handlers are wrapped in MWL callbacks MWL event handlers are passed through to client 6. Pointers for developing a WebApp Centered around a Single Purpose. Centered around a user category. Keep in mind the life cycle of the WebApp (create, Maintain). Show just enough content. Clear business model (WIN Criterion, purpose). Holistic thinking of the purpose. It should make users life better. Plan the game for the long haul.6 7. Components for DevelopingWebApps 8. WebApp popular components. Templates of use. Photo Containers. Video Containers. Social Media Containers. RSS Containers. Geo Location Capability. JSON Capability. File Upload Capability. Text holders and Search. APIExample 8 9. Demo. Nokia 2012 9 10. WebApp Ideas. 11. WebApp Ideas. Citizen Application Content based Apps Tourist Application Movie Review Application File Upload & Download. Shopping App Consolidator of Key Sites. Logistics tracking app Health Experts Around. Stock Trading Key Interest application Matrimony App(Automotive)User Utility Photo File Upload Personal Journal/ List. Deals LocationEnterprise Around Me Social Media Consolidator. Hotel Search application. Sales Forecast Application. Party/ Marriage venue app. Product Stock update. City Application Customer Support Application. Party plan Application. Financial check. Location based offers. Program Guide Nokia 201211 12. Thank you. Try it now: Nokia 2012 12