Hydration Station Winning with Nutrition 4-H Sports Nutrition Program

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Transcript of Hydration Station Winning with Nutrition 4-H Sports Nutrition Program

  • Hydration Station Winning with Nutrition4-H Sports Nutrition Program

  • ObjectivesDetermine if you are adequately hydrated

    Explain why water is important to the body and its functions

    Describe when it is preferable to drink water rather than a sports drink

  • HydrationVital before, during and after physical activity

    Proper hydration leads to:Nutrients transported easily Maintain a healthy body temperatureProtection of the bodys organs and tissues

  • DehydrationOccurs when you dont drink enough fluids

    Body will not work to its fullest potential

    How are fluids lost?

  • Factors Affecting Fluid LossHigh altitudes

    High temperatures

    Some sweat more than others

    Longer periods of exercise

    Endurance level

  • Schedule Your Water Breaks!

    WhenHow Much to DrinkWeigh yourself before physical activity2 hours before physical activity2 cups of water15 minutes before physical activity1 2 cups of fluidEvery 15 minutes during activity to 1 cup of fluidWeigh yourself again after physical activity3 cups of fluid for each pound of body weight lost

  • Signs of DehydrationThirst, dry mouth, flushed skinFatigueHeadacheDizziness, weaknessHigh body temperatureIncreased breathing rate, rapid pulseSkin that stays in a pinched position

  • Sports Drink vs. Water

    Which fluid is best during physical activity?

  • Sports Drink vs. WaterPhysical activity less than 60 minutesWater

    Physical activity more than 60 minutesSports drink

  • Sports DrinksProvideCarbohydrates (fuel) for musclesSodium and glucose helps absorb fluids

    Can have more calories

    Do NOT drink energy drinks!

  • The Right BalanceWhen comparing sports drinks, look for:Right amount of carbohydrates4-8%Right type of carbohydratesMore sucrose and glucoseLess fructose (can upset stomach)No carbonation or caffeineLightly sweetened, lightly flavored

  • RememberHydration is a key factor in a solid athletic performance!

    Drink fluids before, during and after physical activity.