HUMS 1581 Community Mapping Project on Agassiz, BC.

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Community Mapping Presentation of Agassiz, BC. By - Ali Fermaniuk

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Transcript of HUMS 1581 Community Mapping Project on Agassiz, BC.

  • 1. Community Mapping Presentationof Agassiz, BC.By - Ali Fermaniuk

2. Welcome to Agassiz, BC.Part of the District of Kent, Agassiz isa small rural town nestled in the upper Fraser Valley, northeast of Chilliwackand right next to Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Harrison Hot Springs is a connected, sister community to Agassiz. 3. Some Attractions... 4. Harrison is a large touristattraction in BC (with manylakes and outdoor activitiesas well as site seeing), whichenables Agassiz to get moreexposure, especially during thesummer months.Many of Agassizs and Harrisonsservices are combined. 5. A taste of Agassizs community history...Agassiz began as a small settler community after the mid 1800s Gold Rush brought many new settlers into BC.The rst families to discover and settle in the Agassiz area were the famous Agassiz family and T.B. Hicks. The rst commerce took place between the Hudsons Bay Company and the local Salish natives (Sto:Lo) alongthe Fraser River. Soon many more people moved in and the Fraser River remained the communitys lifeline for trade and commerce.Interestingly, one of the rst ve agricultural research centre farms in Canada was established in Agassiz in 1889, and is now the Pacic Agri-Food Research Centre. The facility was created to assist new settlers in familiarizing with the unfamiliar habitat. With the arrival of the Canadian Pacic Railway train and the establishment of the District of Kent In the late nineteenth century, Agassiz became a new prospering community.Agassiz became known as the Corn Capital of British Columbia after the great Fraser River Flood of 1948 wiped out theregions hop crops and corn became the new major crop in Agassiz. 6. Spirit of the community 7. Services within the communityBetter BeginningsParenting Programs RCMP- The Royal Canadian-The Family Place Mounted PoliceFamily Support/Youth OutreachAmbulance ServiceYouth Inclusion Programs Agassiz FireDepartmentEmergency Food Bank Search & RescueEmployment ServicesHealth ServicesSubstance Misuse ServicesVeterinary ServicesThrift Store Kent-Harrison Community-Senior Peer CounsellorsDisaster Assistance ProgramFriendly Phone Program Post OfceCALL Program (Community Adult Literacy & Learning) Community LibraryEnglish Conversation CircleMunicipal HallEnglish as a Second Language Settlement Assistance Program Community Newspaper(ESL-SAP) 8. Community Involvement 9. Major Employers within the Community 10. Voices Within the Community-What ! " p#mary function of " community? -Well-establ!hed, .rong community Ag#cultural, logging, small business-I volunteer at " seniors residence and help at " schools -+ere ! an emphas! on " a-s in Har#son, which benets " community!-What are yr likes/(slikes of " community? -Community members .rongly involved /connectedness F#endly, rural, community o#ented-I am 33 years old, born and ra!ed in Agassiz, my fa)er was a cu.o(an, my mo)er a hair salon o/er -Likes: f#endly, know everyone, safeD!likes: know everyone, not a lot of activities -Our entire family has done a lot of voluntee#ng-More services needed for y)wi) Agassiz Har#son Aquanauts Swim Club,-Need more activities for families Annual Music Festival, tree planting, nursing #vers, etc.-+ere are a lot of community events via " local tness and recreational dept., +e Lions Club, +e Elks Club, etc. 11. Community Strengths and Assets Map Provincial & Federal FundingHealthcare Community Programs & Involvement Community Health Clinic UBC Dairy Research & Crime Prevention Awareness ArtsCorrectional ServiceLocal Businesses Education & DevelopmentVolunteering Research CentreIndividual Skillsof CanadaFarming Community AgriculturalCommunity PolicingRCMP Personal Support / Community Support IndustryNetworksFood Bank Thrift Store Community BankRecreationParenting & Better BeginningsFinancial Institution Elementary/ Youth Inclusion ProgramsRetirement LivingHigh SchoolFamily & Youth Support Social Services 12. Community Needs Map Lack of Job OpportunityOutcry for More Recreational/EntertainmentResourcesLack of IndifferenceAge Substance AbuseInvolvementbetween DivideBoredom Crime age divideswithFirst Nations Indifference towards youthCommunitiesin the communityLack of Resources for Youth 13. Community Growth and RenewalFor information on Agassiz community projects, go to: 14. Writing References:References:,_British_Columbiahttp://www.agassizfarmersmarket.comPictures:http://www.agassizchristian.comhttp://www.hummingbird604.comhttp://www.agassiz-harrison.orghttp://www.doitwithair.cahttp://www.fvrl.bc.cahttp://www.agassizspeedway.comhttp://www.thebearrocks.comhttp://www.travelthecanyon.comhttp://www.miss604.comhttp://www.fraservalleyguide.comhttp://www.inspiredeconomist.comhttp://www.bcyukonaag.orghttp://ww2.macleans.ca 15. A special thanks to Agassiz-Harrison Community Servicesstaff and other small businesses and residents of the community!I couldnt have done this project without your insight,thank you for your help! I have really enjoyed researching and exploring the community of Agassiz!