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CONTENT Introduction Definition Objectives Need Difference B/W HRM &HRD HRD methods

IntroductionHRD is a new concept and is gradually driving out the traditional personnel management concept.HRD meet the organizational need of competent employees to grow, diversify, renew ,change, improve or stabilize.

Daftur defines HRD as a is a system and process concerned with organized series of learning activities within a specified time limits, designed to produce behavioral changes in the learner in such a way that it acquires desired level of competence for present or future role

HRD is the Human Resource

Development, it is the development of the Resources of the Company (Human HRD includes the areas of training and development, career development, and organization development.

Objectives of HRD To provide a comprehensive framework

and methods for development of human resource in in the organization. To generate systematic information about

human resourse for the purpose of man power planning, placement, succession planning and the like.

To increase the capabilities of the

organization to recruit, retain and motivate talented employees. To create a climate that every employee to discover, develop and use his/her capabilities to a fuller extend, in order to further both individual and organizational goal

Strengthen the superior-subordinate

relationship. Develop the of

team spirit, team work and

inter-team collaboration

Need of HRD It help to improve the capabilities of

people by providing them better skills. so it strengthens executives skills. It improve communication system in



It help the organization in procuring the

right kind of people at the right time at right place. It provides an opportunity for continuous

and round growth of empolyees through succession planning and career planning.

It improve Team work. It improve problem

solving and adoption

skills of employees.

Difference between HRD&HRMHRM


The objective of HRM is to meet the demand of the organization in a relative way.(as and when arises).

The objective of HRD is to anticipate the demand and work on them in practical way.

Main aim is to improve the efficiency of the people and administration

Main aim to develop the total organization and culture

In HRM salary ,wage incentives and job simplification are considered as the main motivation.

HRD focus on job enrichment, job challenge, informal organization, autonomous work group and creativity for motivating people. Produce result after a long time.

Expected to produce quick results.

HRM functions is responsibility of the Human resource department.

HRD is the concern of all managers in the organization

HRD methods Training Performance appraisal Role analysis Career planning Rewards Job enrichment Human relation approach

REFERANCE T.N Chabra Human resource

Management. Venu Gopal & Abdual Assis Korath.