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  • 1.HUMAN PERSON - CREATED IN GODS IMAGE Objectives: By the of the day, the students will be able to: 1. Articulate their value as a human person in Gods image; 2. Identify what promotes and hinders their dignity as persons 3. Plan to uplift those whose dignity is degraded in the school

2. Experience: HAND WRITING Analysis Ask the students to write their names on the black board Ask the students to write their names on the blackboard. Encourage as many as possible to participate. Then ask what they notice about their handwritings. 3. Also ask them to also look at their thumbs and ask why we affix our thumb marks on important documents. Finally, ask them to look at the faces of the students. If there are brothers, sisters or relatives, ask them to stand for all to see. Ask the group if there are two people who look exactly alike. 4. Deepening: 1. Each of us is unique. Our thumb mark is like no other. Even our handwriting is unique. We also look different. Even identical twins have dissimilarities. Each of us also has a unique story to tell. The different experiences and people that have touched our lives have helped create the persons we are today. 5. Our values, beliefs and traditions are shaped by our families, friends and teachers who come into our lives at an early age and those we meet as we grow older. 6. 2. The dignity of the human person is rooted in his/her creation in the image and likeness of God (CCC 1700). Being in the image of God each person has a dignity and is capable of self knowledge, of self possession and of freely giving him/herself and entering into communion with other persons. 7. 3. Because of our dignity we have rights. We have the right to life, to basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter, to choose a state of life. We have the fundamental rights to education, employment, privacy, expression, religious freedom. Even children have their own rights. 8. . We also enjoy civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. For example, we have the right to vote, to participate to public affairs, etc.. Moreover, we groups, people and nations have the right to enjoy development. 9. 4. However, there are forces within and outside us that prevent our fullness, degrade our dignity and violate our rights. There can be outside persons or groups and unjust social structures that trample on our dignity. Within us, we do not live fully because of our ignorance, fear, lack of confidence, indecisiveness and indifference. We can also insult or violate the dignity of others. 10. 5. We enhance our human dignity is her when we exercise the following: a. Develop our potentials and maximize our gifts when we develop our talents and use them for the common good we return these gifts to God. 11. B. Shape our own life and destiny when we decide, we practice our will, a capacity given by God only to humans. C. Care for creation when we transform the world and creation, we become co- creators, for example, a farmer gives food, a worker produces things we use, a parent molds the life of a child, a teacher educates the youth. 12. D. Love God when we love God, we fully recognize our dignity, giftedness and goodness. E. Love others- when we relate with others we grow and when give ourselves to love others, we become a reflection of Gods love. 13. 6. As Christians, we are called to promote human life and dignity. We need to uphold our own rights while respecting the rights of others. God also dreams for us to be a community and a just society in harmony with one another and with all of creation. Poverty injustice and oppression are not Gods will because these situations do not promote human dignity. 14. INTEGRATION: Divide the participants into small groups. Ask the participants to reflect on the following and share in their small groups. 15. 1. Why am I important? What hinders the fullness of my dignity (in terms of my personal attitudes or particular situations)? 2. Who within our schoolmates suffers from degradation of their dignity? Why? 3. What is God asking me to do to promote my own dignity and that of my schoolmates? 16. CHALLENGE: To be human person is a lifetime process. But we belong to a community so we also grow by relating to our family, our classmates, our schoolmates and the world. We can be likewise attain our full dignity when we relate to God. Our dignity gives us God-given rights as well as the responsibility to promote and defend the dignity of everyone especially those of the poor, unloved and rejected. 17. CELEBRATION; Call to Silence: Read John 15: 5-11 (about joy to the full) 18. Ask the students to silently thank God for the gift as a human being and to seek help to overcome what blocks the fullness of their lives. Group consensus on what help they can provide to a community member in the greatest need. Lords prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be 19. Closing Song: PERSONS ARE GIFT Persons are gift of God to me that come all wrapped so differently Some so loosely, others so tightly, but wrappings are not the gifts. I am a gift from God to me. Do I accept the gift I see? 20. I am a person and for this reason a wonderful gift of love. Am I a gift to others, too, that must be given to you and you. We are all persons, we are all gifts so lets have a grand exchange of gifts 21. That in all things, God may be Glorified!!! maryaudreyosb