Huckleberry Finn : In Review

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Huckleberry Finn : In Review. Honors/Pre-ib English II Mr. moccia. Huck as Journey. If the novel is a journey, what sort of journey is it? Moral journey – away from social to more universal ones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Huckleberry Finn : In Review

Huckleberry Finn: In Review

Honors/Pre-ib English II

Mr. mocciaHuckleberry Finn: In Review

Huck as JourneyIf the novel is a journey, what sort of journey is it?Moral journey away from social to more universal onesJourney of satire journey through the major problems Twain sees in societyComing of age journey: loss of innocence; Hucks moral, social awakening recognition of worlds flaws

Vernacular, Regionalism, and the Picaresque Twain takes these three elements, categories, and devices and transforms them into literatureIn doing so, he transforms peoples ideas of literature and in the process, makes a very distinct mark on American literature

SlaveryWhat comment is Twain making about slavery? (Remember that slavery was already abolished when the novel was written and published.)Critical of those still in favor of slaveryExtremely critical of the treatment of blacks post-abolition illogical laws

RacismWhat is Twain saying about racism?Uses cognitive dissonance to show the problems with racismSweet and good Christians can be racist The inhumanity of racism

MoralityWhat is Twain saying about morality?Judgmental of simply accepting societys moral values Appeals to a deeper sense of morality a morality that we can discover, but only if were empathetic and willing to step beyond social norms

SatireWhat is being satirized?Suspicion of education, adventure novels, modern aristocracy, lazinessThe average person: ability to be manipulated; doesnt think for him or herself; non-recognition of humanity of others (Sherburn; mobs)

Deeper SatireRacism and SlaveryViolenceHuman beings can be awful cruel to one another (Chapter 33)Callousness Lack of moral-mindedness

Socratic IronyHow is Socratic Irony used?Although Huck recognizes the humanity of Jim, he never questions the legitimacy of his societys values in doing so, he reveals the illogical and inhumanity of his society

Socratic IronyWhy is Socratic Irony used?As a tool of satire, it is an effective tool the reader better recognizes the flaws of American society

Cognitive DissonanceHow is cognitive dissonance used?discomfortHucks discomfort in not handing Jim in but there would be discomfort if he handed him inThe situation reveals the contradiction

ContinuedSecondary level: The reader feels discomforted in Huck not recognizing the issues with societyThe last line (perhaps) points to Hucks decision between the two

JimWhat do we is Jims purpose in the novel?Despite the stereotypical presentation of Jim, and his apparent racism, one could argue he is the moral center of the novel Examples?

Racist Novel?Sodo we think the novel is racist?

Main Overarching Theme?FreedomFrom slaveryFrom ignoranceFrom social norms and morality (conscience)