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Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Gutenberg Edition

Transcript of Huck Finn Mark Twain

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    The Project Gutenberg EBook of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Completeby Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

    This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almostno restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-useit under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with thiseBook or online at

    Title: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Complete

    Author: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

    Release Date: August 20, 2006 [EBook #76]

    Last Updated: October 20, 2012]

    Language: English


    Produced by David Widger




    (Tom Sawyer's Comrade)

    By Mark Twain



    CHAPTER I. Civilizing Huck. Miss Watson. Tom Sawyer Waits.

    CHAPTER II. The Boys Escape Jim. Torn Sawyer's Gang. Deep-laid Plans.

    CHAPTER III. A Good Going-over. Grace Triumphant. "One of Tom Sawyers'sLies".

    CHAPTER IV. Huck and the Judge. Superstition.

    CHAPTER V. Huck's Father. The Fond Parent. Reform.

    CHAPTER VI. He Went for Judge Thatcher. Huck Decided to Leave. PoliticalEconomy. Thrashing Around.

    CHAPTER VII. Laying for Him. Locked in the Cabin. Sinking theBody. Resting.

    CHAPTER VIII. Sleeping in the Woods. Raising the Dead. Exploring theIsland. Finding Jim. Jim's Escape. Signs. Balum.

    CHAPTER IX. The Cave. The Floating House.

    CHAPTER X. The Find. Old Hank Bunker. In Disguise.

    CHAPTER XI. Huck and the Woman. The Search. Prevarication. Going toGoshen.

    CHAPTER XII. Slow Navigation. Borrowing Things. Boarding the Wreck. The

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    Plotters. Hunting for the Boat.

    CHAPTER XIII. Escaping from the Wreck. The Watchman. Sinking.

    CHAPTER XIV. A General Good Time. The Harem. French.

    CHAPTER XV. Huck Loses the Raft. In the Fog. Huck Finds the Raft. Trash.

    CHAPTER XVI. Expectation. A White Lie. Floating Currency. Running byCairo. Swimming Ashore.

    CHAPTER XVII. An Evening Call. The Farm in Arkansaw. InteriorDecorations. Stephen Dowling Bots. Poetical Effusions.

    CHAPTER XVIII. Col. Grangerford. Aristocracy. Feuds. TheTestament. Recovering the Raft. The Wood pile. Pork and Cabbage.

    CHAPTER XIX. Tying Up Day times. An Astronomical Theory. Running aTemperance Revival. The Duke of Bridgewater. The Troubles of Royalty.

    CHAPTER XX. Huck Explains. Laying Out a Campaign. Working theCamp meeting. A Pirate at the Camp meeting. The Duke as a Printer.

    CHAPTER XXI. Sword Exercise. Hamlet's Soliloquy. They Loafed AroundTown. A Lazy Town. Old Boggs. Dead.

    CHAPTER XXII. Sherburn. Attending the Circus. Intoxication in theRing. The Thrilling Tragedy.

    CHAPTER XXIII. Sold. Royal Comparisons. Jim Gets Home-sick.

    CHAPTER XXIV. Jim in Royal Robes. They Take a Passenger. GettingInformation. Family Grief.

    CHAPTER XXV. Is It Them? Singing the "Doxologer." Awful Square FuneralOrgies. A Bad Investment .

    CHAPTER XXVI. A Pious King. The King's Clergy. She Asked HisPardon. Hiding in the Room. Huck Takes the Money.

    CHAPTER XXVII. The Funeral. Satisfying Curiosity. Suspicious ofHuck, Quick Sales and Small.

    CHAPTER XXVIII. The Trip to England. "The Brute!" Mary Jane Decides toLeave. Huck Parting with Mary Jane. Mumps. The Opposition Line.

    CHAPTER XXIX. Contested Relationship. The King Explains the Loss. AQuestion of Handwriting. Digging up the Corpse. Huck Escapes.

    CHAPTER XXX. The King Went for Him. A Royal Row. Powerful Mellow.

    CHAPTER XXXI. Ominous Plans. News from Jim. Old Recollections. A SheepStory. Valuable Information.

    CHAPTER XXXII. Still and Sunday like. Mistaken Identity. Up a Stump. Ina Dilemma.

    CHAPTER XXXIII. A Nigger Stealer. Southern Hospitality. A Pretty LongBlessing. Tar and Feathers.

    CHAPTER XXXIV. The Hut by the Ash Hopper. Outrageous. Climbing theLightning Rod. Troubled with Witches.

    CHAPTER XXXV. Escaping Properly. Dark Schemes. Discrimination inStealing. A Deep Hole.

    CHAPTER XXXVI. The Lightning Rod. His Level Best. A Bequest toPosterity. A High Figure.

    CHAPTER XXXVII. The Last Shirt. Mooning Around. Sailing Orders. TheWitch Pie.

    CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Coat of Arms. A Skilled Superintendent. UnpleasantGlory. A Tearful Subject.

  • 3/10/2015 3/165

    CHAPTER XXXIX. Rats. Lively Bed fellows. The Straw Dummy.

    CHAPTER XL. Fishing. The Vigilance Committee. A Lively Run. Jim Advisesa Doctor.

    CHAPTER XLI. The Doctor. Uncle Silas. Sister Hotchkiss. Aunt Sally inTrouble.

    CHAPTER XLII. Tom Sawyer Wounded. The Doctor's Story. TomConfesses. Aunt Polly Arrives. Hand Out Them Letters .

    CHAPTER THE LAST. Out of Bondage. Paying the Captive. Yours Truly, HuckFinn.


    The Widows

    Moses and the "Bulrushers"

    Miss Watson

    Huck Stealing Away

    They Tip-toed Along


    Tom Sawyer's Band of Robbers

    Huck Creeps into his Window

    Miss Watson's Lecture

    The Robbers Dispersed

    Rubbing the Lamp

    ! ! ! !

    Judge Thatcher surprised

    Jim Listening


    Huck and his Father

    Reforming the Drunkard

    Falling from Grace

    The Widows

    Moses and the "Bulrushers"

    Miss Watson

    Huck Stealing Away

    They Tip-toed Along


    Tom Sawyer's Band of Robbers

    Huck Creeps into his Window

    Miss Watson's Lecture

    The Robbers Dispersed

  • 3/10/2015 4/165

    Rubbing the Lamp

    ! ! ! !

    Judge Thatcher surprised

    Jim Listening


    Huck and his Father

    Reforming the Drunkard

    Falling from Grace

    Getting out of the Way

    Solid Comfort

    Thinking it Over

    Raising a Howl

    "Git Up"

    The Shanty

    Shooting the Pig

    Taking a Rest

    In the Woods

    Watching the Boat

    Discovering the Camp Fire

    Jim and the Ghost

    Misto Bradish's Nigger

    Exploring the Cave

    In the Cave

    Jim sees a Dead Man

    They Found Eight Dollars

    Jim and the Snake

    Old Hank Bunker

    "A Fair Fit"

    "Come In"

    "Him and another Man"

    She puts up a Snack

    "Hump Yourself"

    On the Raft

    He sometimes Lifted a Chicken

    "Please don't, Bill"

    "It ain't Good Morals"

    "Oh! Lordy, Lordy!"

    In a Fix

  • 3/10/2015 5/165

    "Hello, What's Up?"

    The Wreck

    We turned in and Slept

    Turning over the Truck

    Solomon and his Million Wives

    The story of "Sollermun"

    "We Would Sell the Raft"

    Among the Snags

    Asleep on the Raft

    "Something being Raftsman"

    "Boy, that's a Lie"

    "Here I is, Huck"

    Climbing up the Bank

    "Who's There?"


    "It made Her look Spidery"

    "They got him out and emptied Him"

    The House

    Col. Grangerford

    Young Harney Shepherdson

    Miss Charlotte

    "And asked me if I Liked Her"

    "Behind the Wood-pile"

    Hiding Day-times

    "And Dogs a-Coming"

    "By rights I am a Duke!"

    "I am the Late Dauphin"

    Tail Piece

    On the Raft

    The King as Juliet

    "Courting on the Sly"

    "A Pirate for Thirty Years"

    Another little Job


    Hamlet's Soliloquy

    "Gimme a Chaw"

    A Little Monthly Drunk

  • 3/10/2015 6/165

    The Death of Boggs

    Sherburn steps out

    A Dead Head

    He shed Seventeen Suits


    Their Pockets Bulged

    Henry the Eighth in Boston Harbor



    He fairly emptied that Young Fellow

    "Alas, our Poor Brother"

    "You Bet it is"


    Making up the "Deffisit"

    Going for him

    The Doctor

    The Bag of Money

    The Cubby

    Supper with the Hare-Lip

    Honest Injun

    The Duke looks under the Bed

    Huck takes the Money

    A Crack in the Dining-room Door

    The Undertaker

    "He had a Rat!"

    "Was you in my Room?"


    In Trouble


    How to Find Them

    He Wrote

    Hannah with the Mumps

    The Auction

    The True Brothers

    The Doctor leads Huck

    The Duke Wrote

    "Gentlemen, Gentlemen!"

    "Jim Lit Out"

  • 3/10/2015 7/165

    The King shakes Huck

    The Duke went for Him

    Spanish Moss

    "Who Nailed Him?"


    He gave him Ten Cents

    Striking for the Back Country

    Still and Sunday-like

    She hugged him tight

    "Who do you reckon it is?"

    "It was Tom Sawyer"

    "Mr. Archibald Nichols, I presume?"

    A pretty long Blessing

    Traveling By Rail


    A Simple Job


    Getting Wood

    One of the Best Authorities

    The Breakfast-Horn

    Smouching the Knives

    Going down the Lightning-Rod

    Stealing spoons

    Tom advises a Witch Pie

    The Rubbage-Pile

    "Missus, dey's a Sheet Gone"

    In a Tearing Way

    One of his Ancestors

    Jim's Coat of Arms

    A Tough Job

    Buttons on their Tails


    Keeping off