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  • Slide 1 1 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 2 2 A little girl living in prison... Lalita Lalita lived in jail for six months with her step- mother and father. Slide 3 3 An innocent child behind bars... Lalita A child should be playing games and attending school...not living in prison! Slide 4 4 Locked up! Lalita Lalita was only 6 years old at the time. Slide 5 5 Going to Namaste Children House, Pokhara... Lalita Yam (staff member) holding Lalita on the way to the orphanage. Slide 6 6 The first laughter. Lalita Yam taking Lalita by bus to her new home at Namaste Childrens House. Slide 7 7 After only 5 weeks! Lalita Lalita quickly became friends with the other children in the orphanage. Slide 8 8 After two years... Lalita Lalita enjoys celebrating many special festivals in Nepal including HOLI. Slide 9 9 Lalita is the princess of the orphanage! Lalita Lalita was the first girl to come to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 10 10 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 11 11 Aeitas mother was raped... Aieta Aeita is the son of a mentally ill woman who became pregnant when she was raped. Slide 12 12 He was neglected by his family... Aieta Villagers found the man who raped Aietas mother and forced him to care for the child. The mans wife and other children mistreated and neglected Aeita. Slide 13 13 The "lady" of the house was glad to get rid of Aieta Aieta Our staff member is on a field supervision to check on the boys living situation and to settle legal documents that would allow Aieta to live at the orphanage. Slide 14 14 After four months ! Aieta Aeita was the baby boy of Namaste Childrens House. Slide 15 15 Aeita has a great smile and loves to dance! Aieta Aeita is at Namaste Childrens House with flowers to present to a visitor. Slide 16 16 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 17 17 A neighbour was caring for an orphaned child Monica Monicas mother died of cancer when the she was just 3 months old and her father had been killed. Monica was the 18 th child of the mother. 9 out of 18 of the children had died due to disease and malnutrition. Slide 18 18 Monica arrived at the orphanage with her sister, Sushila... Monica Monica is loved and cared for by her house sisters and by the devoted staff members. Slide 19 19 When Monic arrived she had many health issues! Monica Monica is sitting with her new house sisters. Slide 20 20 After four months! Monica Monica is much healthier after coming to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 21 21 Monica is now developing magnificently Monica Monica is drinking from her milk bottle all by herself at Namaste Childrens House. Slide 22 22 After one year! Monica often plays in the kitchen of the Namaste Children House with the house mommies and didis. She is walking and is now learning to say a few words! Slide 23 23 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 24 24 Krishnas parents died in a landslide Krishna Before coming to live at Namaste Childrens House Krishna was living with some people from his village. Slide 25 25 Krishna could not speak Nepali language, he could only speak in his ethnic group language Krishna Krishna lived in an eastern part of Nepal and is from a special ethnic group. Here, he and Yam are on their way to the orphanage. Slide 26 26 Krishna was amazed to see many things at NCH. He did not know what shoes were used for! Krishna Krishna is playing at Namaste Childrens House with one of his new friends. Slide 27 27 Today he is successful in school! Krishna Krishna is quiet and thoughtful boy. He is quite happy in his new home though memories of his family often upset him. Slide 28 28 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 29 29 Ajbira lived in prison with her parents... Ajbira Ajbiras parents were arrested for selling little girls from Nepal to India for the sex trade. Slide 30 30 Often people living in poverty get involved with the sex trade to make money for their family Ajbira Yam (staff member) met Ajbira at the jail down in Tari in Kapilbastu district to bring her to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 31 31 Ajbira is on her way to her new life at th orphanage... Ajbira Ajbira slept comfortably on Yams lap during the bus ride to Pokhara. Slide 32 32 Ajbira is currently the only Muslim child at NCH... Ajbira Ajbira is very close with the other girls her age that live at the orphanage. Slide 33 33 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 34 34 Lok Mayas first day at Namaste Childrens House Lok Maya After Lok Mayas father died, her mother remarried and abandoned her in the village. Slide 35 35 Lok Maya made friends quickly at her new home Lok Maya Lok Maya was born without her right hand. Slide 36 36 Preparing for school Lok Maya Even without her right hand she can manage things on her own quite well. Slide 37 37 Lok Maya is kind and helps younger children at NCH... Lok Maya Lok Maya has said that she would one day like to establish a hospital to help handicaped people. Slide 38 38 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 39 39 Parabati never attended school until the age of 11... Parabati Parabatis father drowned in the river and her mother remarried. She lived with her stepfather and his children who mistreated and neglected her. Slide 40 40 A child who was neglected... Parabati Parabati had to care for the animals and cook the meals for rest of her family members. Slide 41 41 Parabati is finally able to attend school... Parabati Parabati works hard doing her assignments for school in the Namaste Childrens House library. Slide 42 42 The first time Parabati played with dolls... Parabati Parabati was excited to explore new things at Namaste Childrens House when she arrived. Slide 43 43 Parabati enjoys playing on the swings Parabati Parabati now has a chance for a bright future since coming to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 44 44 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 45 45 Melinas grandparents were too poor to send her to school.. Melina Melinas father hung himself and her mother died. Slide 46 46 A victim of Poverty... Melina Melina was living with her poor, elderly grandparents in their old house. Slide 47 47 After 6 months! Melina Melina is now living happily at Namaste Childrens House. What a change! Slide 48 48 Melina likes to read... Melina Melina now attends school with the other children at the orphanage and is doing well in her studies. Slide 49 49 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 50 50 Visma found Sajan on the streets at midnight one night... Sajan Sajan had been living in streets for year and a half. Slide 51 51 After 8 months! Sajan Sajan often spends time with Visma when he is working in his office. Slide 52 52 Sajan is clever and likes to ride bicycles... Sajan Though he acts tough, Sajan is big hearted and kind. He knows that it is important to support other small children so they dont end up living in the streets. Slide 53 53 Sajan is always a clown... Sajan Sajan greets visitors to Namaste Childrens House with a big smile. Slide 54 54 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 55 55 Moiti and Sumitra were forced to beg in the streets... Moiti and Sumitra Moiti and Sumitra were living with their mentally ill mother in the streets. They had to beg for their living. Slide 56 56 Moiti had lice and worms in her body... Moiti Moiti is not the only little girl who has had to spend her nights in the streets. There are many children like her who live this way in Nepal. Slide 57 57 Moiti is a very smart and clever girl... Moiti After one year. Moiti is trying to play the guitar. Slide 58 58 Moiti does very well in school and works hard! Moiti Moitis life is completely changed because of the efforts and concern of many kind and generous people like you. Slide 59 59 Moiti loves to have her photo taken... Moiti Moiti poses for the camera wearing sunglasses that belong to a volunteer. She loves attention! Slide 60 60 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 61 61 Buddeshs arrival at Namaste Childrens House... Buddesh Buddesh could not move his left arm properly due a burn he had suffered when he was a small child. He was neglected in his home and so he lived mostly in the streets before coming to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 62 62 Buddesh was often beaten by the older street boys... Buddesh Buddesh was burned when he fell into the kitchen fire while his mom was preparing rice. Slide 63 63 Buddeshs operation would improve movement in his left arm... Buddesh After coming to Namaste Childrens House Buddesh was able to get an operation to help his burn. Slide 64 64 Revealing the burn after Buddeshs first operation... Buddesh Buddesh had to have skin transplanted. Slide 65 65 After the operation... Buddesh After a long stay in the hospital Buddesh was happy to come return to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 66 66 Buddesh now has a more comfortable! Buddesh Buddesh enjoys working with the computers in the library. He would like to help other street children one day when he grows up Slide 67 67 Childrens Development in Namaste Childrens House Slide 68 68 Sunil was living in the streets... Sunil A Swiss couple found Sunil living in the streets and brought him to Namaste Childrens House. Slide 69 69 Sunils operation separated some of his fingers. Sunil Sunils hand had suffered a terrible burn when he was a baby. No one took him for proper treatment so all his fingers had been covered over by skin until receiving an operation after coming to NCH. Slide 70 70 Sunil can use his left hand for many things now... Sunil Sunil is a very good singer and dancer and will often perform in front of a crowd at Namaste Childrens House. Slide 71 71 Sunil washes his sandals... Sunil Sunils life has dramatically improved since arriving at Namaste Childrens House. Slide 72 72 There are 65 children currently living at Namaste Childrens House. Another 65 are supported under the education scholarship program. All the children are from very poor and unfortunate backgrounds. With more support and funding Namaste Childrens House could help more needy children from Nepal! Slide 73 73 All of us at Namaste Childrens House appreciate your concern and support! Your contribution can change the lives of so many! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!