HRH Community Report 2011-2012

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HRH Community Report for 2011-2012

Transcript of HRH Community Report 2011-2012

  • 1Report to Our Community 2011/2012

  • 2 Community Report 2011 - 2012


    3. Vision, Mission, Values4. Message from Board Chair and President & CeO 6. sandra Guida7. Liz Logozzo8. Bariatric Accreditation 10. HRRH in Guyana 11. Madge Reece11. express Admission Unit11. Dr. Gavril Hercz12. Robotics at HRRH14. Rahamat Ali15. Fred Kirby16. Hello Humber17. Walk into Health17. smart Commute18. the new HRRH26. Meditech 6.028. Claire Langlois

    29. Isaac Aptowitzer30. Bernie Herman31. Mental Health Clinical Day31. Dr. narendra singh32. RM&R34. Message from Foundation Board Chair and President & CeO35. Flights of Fantasy35. Womens Health & Wellness Day35. Awesome Golf tournament35. McHappy Day36. Our Volunteers37. norma stenhouse37. Beverly Hills United Church38. Board of Directors and senior team39. Operations

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  • 3OUR VIsIOn

    OUR MIssIOn

    OUR VALUes

    Revolutionizing patient care, promoting optimal health for every individual in our diverse community.

    Providing quality patient care for a diverse urban community within a primary care centre and acute care hospital.

    We believe in an organization where the dignity, integrity and diversity of all are respected at all times. Our practices and behaviours will reflect values of:

    Respect and Dignity Compassion and Caring teamwork and Communication Professional Accountability and Continuous Improvement

  • 4 Community Report 2011 - 2012

    James OsullivanBoard Chair

    Rueben DevlinPresident & CeO

  • 5every day Humber River Regional Hospital creates new stories: of those who come to us looking for care; and of the staff, physicians, volunteers, family and friends who share their journey. It is a compelling narrative, and were pleased to share highlights of the most recent chapters with you in this Report. these stories exemplify Humbers core values: who we are and why we do what we do. Caring; compassionate; respectful: these values guide our everyday activities, and are the foundation for the future of your hospital.

    that future looks very promising. Our redevelopment project moved forward impressively last year. today you can drive by the site and see just how far it has progressed. Or follow the work live on our construction web camera at

    the new Humber River Hospital is designed to embrace the entire patient experience: on all personal levels and through all aspects of the care continuum. Planned to always be on the leading edge as new medical technologies are developed, it will leverage those technologies to enhance the delivery of high quality, safe care.

    Along with our redevelopment project, Humber River Hospital continued to focus attention last year on improving the quality of care we provide for our community. Additional strategies were implemented to further strengthen our teams capabilities in the most impactful manner possible.

    For front-line staff, professional development programs were enhanced. these programs provide opportunities for staff to learn new skills, refine existing expertise and maintain high levels of performance in todays fast-paced world of healthcare. Building on that strategy, a plan to support current leaders and nurture those of tomorrow was initiated. to measure success, our performance review processes were refined to provide the maximum benefit to staff and hospital leadership.

    Complementing our work on organizational development were our efforts to be more efficient on the operational side. Our new patient information record, Meditech 6.0, provides us with the most current version of this critical tool. the RM&R project, highlighted inside, allows us to electronically match community resources with patient referrals faster and more consistently. these, and other initiatives, were all designed with one goal in mind: further improve the care we deliver to patients and community. some of our work received special attention. there was recognition for our Bariatric surgery Program by the American College of surgeons; a Humber nurse won the Toronto Star Nightingale Award; and a Humber physician was honoured by U of t medical students for his efforts in guiding them through their paediatric rotation. Great stories, symbolic of so many others.

    Progress like this is possible only if an organization is strong financially. The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Humber River know that fiscal stability is crucial to the delivery of high quality, safe care. Humber continues to run a balanced budget, and ensures that every possible dollar is directed to patient care through a comprehensive process. this and other important performance indicators are publicly reported on the website as part of our work to be accountable to both patients and community.

    this report is another part of that accountability commitment to you: our patients and community. We offer it as a snapshot of the year past, and a lens into the future of your hospital. thank you for your support.


    Rueben DevlinPresident & CEO

    James OSullivanBoard Chair

  • 6 Community Report 2011 - 2012

    Schizo-affective disorder is hard to overcome, especially when its accompanied by mood and bipolar disorders. every day theres a new challenge and the symptoms can be harsh and unwavering.

    Dr. Jack Waserman and the Humber River Regional Hospital Day treatment Program eased my battle with mental illness in extraordinary ways. they helped me to take control of my disease and gave me the tools to feel good about myself; to be highly functional in my community and to feel confident about the choices, decisions and contributions I pursue.

    Since finishing the program, I am no longer afraid and fearful; I embrace the positive aspects of my life and take one day at a time. I enjoy cooking, gardening and baking. Ive also volunteered in the kitchen at my church and completed several cake making and decorating courses. I am really happy.

    Seeking help from Humber River also gave me the confidence to remarry. Ive found the love of my life in my husband Michael and I feel complete.

    If it wasnt for Dr. Waserman, I wouldnt be here and I wouldnt be well.

    MentAL HeALtH



  • 7Living with cancer has been my reality for the last eight years. Ive had breast cancer and lung cancer, both with reoccurrences. And I have been through numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I am married with three young daughters; it was challenging to manage many schedules, soccer games and school activities with my illness. It was also hard to answer some of the tough questions from my kids - questions that come with having cancer.

    I found hope and extraordinary care at Humber River Regional Hospital and in Dr. sam Berger; my Oncologist. through many treatments in the various departments Ive visited over the years at Humber River, Ive never once felt

    like a number. each and every visit, I am cared for with so much compassion and support from the doctors, nurses, technologists and support staff.

    At every appointment, members of my care team take their time and provide me with thorough and thoughtful information about test results and upcoming procedures. they also ask about my family and remark on how my daughters are growing and changing.

    Humber River cares for patients and their families. Coming to this Hospital has been a blessing for me. I live right across the street from another large GTA hospital. I am confident in the care I receive from Humber and Dr. Berger: I wouldnt think of going anywhere else.


    LIz LOGOzzO

    LIz LOGOzzO & DR. sAM BeRGeR

  • 8 Community Report 2011 - 2012

    Dr. John Hagen, Surgical Director, Bariatric Program (l) and Dr. Stephen Glazer, Medical Director, Bariatric Program, with the ACS certificate.

  • 9One of the most meaningful achievements in medicine is peer recognition: being acknowledged by others in your field as doing something exceptionally well. this past year the Bariatric surgery Program at Humber River Regional Hospital received such honours when the American College of surgeons (ACS) named it the first ever Centre outside the U.s.A. to be accredited as a Level One Program under its Bariatric surgery Centre network Accreditation Program.

    to be accredited as a Level One Program, a bariatric surgery centre must successfully undergo a rigourous examination conducted by experienced bariatric surgeons on behalf of the ACs. this includes an onsite visit, where the auditor reviews all of the

    centres structures, processes, and quality of data as evaluated using the ACS Bariatric Surgery Center Network Accreditation Program Manual.

    Accredited bariatric surgery centres provide not only the hospital resources necessary for optimal care of morbidly obese patients, but also the support and resources that are necessary to address the entire spectrum of care for bariatric patients, from the pre-hospital phase through the postoperative care process.


    FIRst CentRe OUtsIDe U.s.A. tO Be acs ACCReDItIeD

    The ACS Accreditation Program is the worlds highest authority in this area of medicine, and to receive their approval is high praise indeed.

    - Dr. John Hagen

  • 10 Community Report 2011 - 2012

    this past year the HRRH Dialysis Program expanded their horizons by helping establish the first public, not-for-profit dialysis centre in the country of Guyana.

    Humber Rivers nephrology team has been instrumental in helping us to establis