How to wazoo (ablution) in islam

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Transcript of How to wazoo (ablution) in islam

  • HOW TO WAZOO (ABLUTION) IN ISLAM? It is mentioned in the Quran (Holy book) that, Allah loves those who purify themselves. Wazoo cleans a man, except it we cannot touch to the holy book or cannot perform prayers as well as we purify our selves. At the time of Hajj& Umrah, it is necessary to remain in ablution.
  • STEPS OF ABLUTION IS GIVEN BELOW: 1. First of all make an intension of ablution and then wash both hands up to wrists. 2. Using right hand, gargles three times. 3. Using right hand, take water and suck up in to nose until it reaches the bone and was. 4. Then joint both hand and take water in them and wash the whole face three times, started from the forehead and down to end including the chin. 5. Wash both forearms including elbows, first of all, wash right forearm then left. 6. Perform Masah (to join the fingertips of both hands together leaving out the index fingers and the thumbs on both hands) once, brush the fingers over hair, it is starting from the forehead and ending at the back of the neck. Then,guaranteeing that the palms of the hands and the index fingers and thumbs do not trace the head. Now convey fourth, using the palms and soreness them at whicheveradjacent of the head. Then clean the inside of the ears by using the index fingers. And the back of the ears using the thumbs. Now wash the back of the neck by rubbing the back of the hands on one or the other side of the neck. 7. Then wash the right foot first then left foot, from toe to ankles three times.
  • THESE ARE THE STEPS OF ABLUTION; SOME OF THEM ARE FARZ (ESSENTIAL) AND SOME SUNNAT (RECOMMENDED). Farz (essential) steps of ablution: There are four farz steps of ablution Wash the whole face, started from forehead, where the hairs is start growing up to chin. Wash both forearms together, including elbows. Apply Masah. Wash the both feet together including ankles bones.
  • SUNNAT (RECOMMENDED) STEPS IN ABLUTION: The sunnat steps are approximately 18, some are given below: Recite Bismillah and start ablution. Wash three times hand To rinse the mouth three times. Wash nostrils three times Wash face three times When washing the face, wet the section under the two eyebrows. Apply Masah. To clean the teeth Apply Masah on ears. Apply Masah on the whole head. To wash every part of body (which is sight able) three times. These are the recommended steps but not essential. Wazoo (ablution) is the most important part of worship. Wazoo (ablution) makes us clean by washing ourselves.
  • BEFORE TOUCHING ANY SACRED THING LIKE: Tasbeeh (glorify) The Holy book of Quran, the most sacred and special thing, which is the gift for the Muslims by Allah almighty. Before performing prayers (which are necessary for the Muslims, five times in a day) Reciting is allowed, except touching. At the time of hajj & Umrah This is the importance of Wazoo (ablution), before performing, touching or doing some sacred duty. Remain in ablution is most important, and once who remain in ablution is blessed by Allah, the angels keep writing his deeds, although he does nothing. This is the great opportunity given by the Allah, as we know, Islam is the religion of peace.
  • CHARACTERISTICS THAT BREAKDOWN THE ABLUTION: Defecation of stools To break the flatus Released blood or puss and for it to flow form its position. Off to bed To be drunk To be senseless These are the some points or characteristics that breakdown the ablution of a person. Cheap Umrah tickets facilitate you to understand the real meaning of Islam.
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