How to Use Photography for Great Presentations

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Transcript of How to Use Photography for Great Presentations

  • How to Use Photography for Great Presentations

  • Incorporating photos and videos into your PowerPoint decks can

    greatly enhance a presentation.

    Find out how

  • Photos and videos allow you to illustrate concepts.


    Teamwork. Teamwork.

  • A strong visual becomes a memory trigger so your audience

    is more likely to remember your presentation later.

  • Text-heavy slides can be forgettable and hard to follow.

    Strong visuals help your audience retain key points.

  • Always look for a dominant area in the

    photo youre usingso your viewer knows

    exactly where to look.

  • This photo lacks a dominant area.

  • A good photo will guide the viewers eyes to your main point.

  • Using photos with a shallow to medium depth of field can draw the viewers eyes

    where you want it to go.

  • Just remember this:when selecting photos,

    simplicity is the best choice.

  • Why does this photo work?

    Eyes are drawn to the surfer

    The line of the water guides your eyes across the page

  • Why does this photo work? Were naturally drawn to

    looking at other people Then well focus on the other

    visual elements and how they relate to the content

  • Learn more about using photos in your PowerPoint presentations, including:

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    working with transparency removing the background from a photo designing slides with a grid where to find royalty-free photos

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