How to use Facebook for Business - an Introductory Guide

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HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS 1 WWW.HUBSPOT.COM Share This Ebook! HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE: Master the Essentials to Better Engage, Share, and Market on Facebook A publication of O f

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  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS1www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!HOW TO USEFACEBOOKFOR BUSINESSAN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE:Master theEssentials to BetterEngage, Share,and Market onFacebookA publication ofOf
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS2www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Introductory content is for marketers who are new to the subject.This content typically includes step-by-step instructions on howto get started with this aspect of inbound marketing and learn itsfundamentals. After reading it, you will be able to execute basicmarketing tactics related to the topic.INTRODUCTORYIS THIS BOOK RIGHT FOR ME?Not quite sure if this ebook is right for you? See the below description to determine ifyour level matches the content you are about to read.Intermediate content is for marketers who are familiar with thesubject but have only basic experience in executing strategies andtactics on the topic. This content typically covers the fundamentalsand moves on to reveal more complex functions and examples.Download our ebook, Beyond the Facebook Business Page, tomaster Facebook on an intermediate level.INTERMEDIATEAdvanced content is for marketers who are, or want to be, expertson the subject. In it, we walk you through advanced features ofthis aspect of inbound marketing and help you develop completemastery of the subject. Download our advanced ebook, Howto Attract Customers with Facebook to become a Facebookmarketing expert.ADVANCEDThis ebook!
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS3www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!... brings your whole marketing world to-gether in one, powerful, integrated system.HubSpots All-in-OneMarketing SoftwareGet Found: Help prospects find you onlineConvert: Nurture your leads and drive conversionsAnalyze: Measure and improve your marketingPlus more apps and integrationsRequest A Demo Video OverviewEMAILMARKETINGM SOCIALCONTACTSwWORKFLOWS;SMART FIELDSnContactsdatabastUanalytics
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS4www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!How to use facebook forbusinessBy Amanda SibleyAmanda Sibley is a member of theGlobal Marketing Relations at HubSpot.She helps create and manage paidadvertisements and external vendorsto help generate leads across variousplatforms. Amanda is also a regularcontributor to the HubSpot InboundMarketing Blog, where she writes aboutvarious topics across inbound marketing.Follow me on [email protected]
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS5www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!An Introduction to facebook /8setting up your facebook profile /16Setting up a business page /386 facebook business best practices /50Measuring your facebook business success /53conclusion and additional resources /59COntents
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS6www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Social media and inboundmarketing are increasinglyimportant assets for businessesto get found by and engage withpotential buyers on the web.Youve probably heard of social media and inbound marketing. You mayhave even experimented with Twitter and checking out old friends fromcollege on Facebook. But why does any of this matter to you or yourbusiness?Social media and inbound marketing are increasingly important assets forbusinesses to get found by and engage with potential buyers on the web.Think about the way you find information about products and services are you watching TV ads? Going through your junk mail? Or are youconsulting a search engine or a friend? People have gotten better andbetter at ignoring marketing messages with DVRs, caller ID, and spamfilters. Instead they visit Google and social networks for answers to theirquestions. The question for you is, will you be there to answer it?
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS7www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Facebook is not a evil time-waster, a community just for the kids orirrelevant for marketers - even B2B companies. In fact, 41% of B2Bcompanies have generated a customer with Facebook!Facebook can be a very useful tool formarketers in connecting people to othersand brands they are interested in. Brandscan use Facebook to directly connect withcustomers and prospects.It can be difficult to figure out how to useFacebook for business activities. it can alsobe difficult to convince your CEO to let youincorporate Facebook or a larger socialmedia strategy into your marketing plan.With the right knowledge and metrics, youcan prove that it is highly beneficial.xMore About Facebook
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS8www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!CHAPTER 1AnIntroductionto facebook
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS9www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!What is Facebook?Facebook is a social network for connecting people with those aroundthem friends, family, coworkers, or simply others with similar interests.Facebook started in 2004 as a closed community for college students(requiring users to sign up with a valid university email address). Today,Facebook is open to anyone over the age of 13. Any person or businesscan create a page about a particular item or a group about a specificconcept. This is where businesses are able to make pages about theircompany, product or service.Not only is Facebook a valuable place for individuals to create a profileand connect with friends, family andbrands, it is also a community where brandsand customers can interact and createrelationships. Businesses are moving awayfrom traditional marketing efforts, and thecustomer/business relationship is changing.Facebook is on the forefront of social mediamarketing. Read on to learn how you can useFacebook for both personal and professionaluses.f
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS10www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Business Goals to Set on FacebookGet found by people who are searching for your products or servicesConnect and engage with current and potential followers and customersCreate a community around your businessPromote the content you create including webinars, ebooks, blog articles, pressreleases, videos and photos.Generate leads and cutomers for your business!Uswg
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS11www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Facebook TerminologyFor people that are new to Facebook, the commonly used terms canbe confusing and overwhelming. To get a handle on them, read theculmination of these words below.ApplicationA program that allows users toshare content and interact withother users.EdgeRankAn algorithm used todetermine what content isshown in users news feeds.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS12www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!FanA fan is a Facebookuser who chooses toLike and becomea fan of anorganizations page.UFriend1) (n) A personalconnection onFacebook.2) (v) To add a user asa connection on yourprofile.lFriend ListAn organized groupingof friends.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS13www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!gGroupCollection of Facebook userswith a common interest.Like(s)1.(v) Within Facebook, to like a businessPage means youve become a fan ofthat page.2. (v) Within Facebook, to like otherscomments/posts.3.(n) The number of users who like yourpage.4. (n) Outside Facebook, to likesomething that has the Like button onthe page.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS14www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!ONetworkAn association of Facebookusers based on a school orworkplace.NNews FeedAn aggregation of friends wallposts on your own homepage.FPageOfficial presence for public figures, artists,bands, businesses, places, entertainment,causes, or products to share information andinteract with fans on Facebook. This is a waybusinesses can use Facebook to organicallydrive traffic and customers to a website.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS15www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!WallThe core of a profile orpage that aggregates newcontent, including posteditems (e.g. status updates,and recent actions, (e.g.becoming a fan of a page)P ProfilePresence for individuals to shareinformation and interact with friends andorganizationsq
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS16www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comCHAPTER 2Settingup yourfacebookprofile
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS17www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!On Facebook, profiles are meant for people, and pages are meant forbusinesses. If you would like to fully engage and leverage Facebooksfeatures, you should create a personal Facebook profile for yourself, if youdo not already have one. When creating a Facebook presence for yourbusiness begin by creating a page. Facebook has created a great deal offunctionality into the pages, specifically to benefit businesses.Profile vs. Business PagePersonalProfileBusinessPage
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS18www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Business PagesYou can designate multiple page administratorson your Facebook page, providing you with theoption to have more than one person managethe account. Pages are public by default, allowing them to rank on bothFacebook searches and in search engine results.Pages are categorized(choosen by you) which helps your business appear in relevant results.This means that the people that are on your page are actually interestedin your content. Anyone can become a fan of a business page, whereaspersonal profiles require mutual acceptance.Personal ProfileYour personal profile is connected to yourbusiness page, and is essential in makingyour first business page. Your personal profileis different than a business page because you can set privacy settings tomake certain posts, photos, etc private. Your personal profile is where youcan communicate with your friends.NOTE: Making your business page with your Facebook profiledoes not make business page fans your friends on Facebook.OU
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS19www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!At, sign up for a free Facebook account. Facebook willsend you an email verification afterwards.Sign up for FacebookHow to Set up a Facebook Profile1
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS20www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Once you are signed up, Facebook will walk you through three steps to addinformation to you profile.You can first find friends on Facebook. Friends are a keycomponent to Facebook. You can connect with friendsand share things with them. You can look up friends atfirst by their email, or later on in the process throughFacebook search.Fill out basic information about yourself. This includesyour high school and college, and where you curentlywork. These can be changed at any point. Its helpfulto put a bit of information on your profile so that otherpeople with similar information can find you and connect.Add a profile picture. Your profile picture will appear whenpeople search for you, so it is helpful to make this a clearpicture. Profile pictures are discussed more later.Add Personal Information2gPWFind FriendsProfile PictureBasic Information
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS21www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!At any point while onFacebook, clicking onyour name in the top rightcorner will bring you to yourprofile page.3Profile Page TipsClicking on the Facebooklogo will bring you back toyour newsfeed (discussedlater).Search for friends,businesses and applicationshere.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS22www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Your cover photo is a great way to personalize your profile. Use the coverphoto as an opportunity to showcase something about yourself, or for abusiness page, something that relates to your brand. To edit the coverphoto, simply hover over the bottom right corner. You can select any im-age from your computer here.Your profile picture should bea headshot of yourself for apersonal account, or the logoof your company for a businesspage. Editing this image is simi-lar to the cover photo, just hoverover the image and click on EditProfile Picture.Cover Photo and Profile Picture3
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS23www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!The about me section of Facebook is where you can add informationabout where you work, went to school, location, birthday and more.With each piece of information you add into this, you can chose the privacylevel of the information. This information can be public, visible to friends,or a custom setting you can create yourself.About Me Section4O
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS24www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Tips for Optimizing Your Personal ProfileFacebook allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos to youraccount. Photos can be made into photo albums, shared with friends,or posted on your wall. Friends can also be tagged in photos, you cancheck-in to a particular location. When a friend is tagged in a picture, thepicture will also be associated with his/her Facebook profile.PHOTO ALBUMS
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS25www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Once you have choosen images to upload, you can include more informa-tion about the photos.Choose a title for your album and add a description about it.Add a location for the entire album, if they were all taken in one place.Tag people by clicking their face. The person you tag can see that you taggedthem, and can chose to keep or remove the tag.You can add the date the picture was taken and the location.Decide who you want to see the album, from public to custom lists.Come back later and add more photos to the same albumCreating an Awesome Photo Album1 23456123465
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS26www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Map Your TravelsWhen adding a new location to your map, simply begin typing in thelocation. You can choose anything from a city, to a restaraunt. I recentlyvisited Marseille, France. To add this to my map, I searched for the cityitself.I am given options as to the nature of my visit. I chose, I was here, andam given the option of writing a description of my visit, the ability to tagpeople who were with me, and upload photos from this visit.12
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS27www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Likes and InterestsYour Facebook profile is a great place to share your interests withothers. You can add in your favorite music, books, movies, TV shows,sports teams, activities and more. This is also where all the pages youhave liked overtime will accumulate.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS28www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Posting on FacebookPosting on Facebook is the biggets reason to join Facebook; to see whatyour friends and brands you like are doing! You can post something fromyour profile page, or from your newsfeed (discussed later). In any post, youcan tag friends, put a time stamp on it, add a location, and adjust privacysettings. What can you post on Facebook?Status UpdateA status update is the most basic form of a Facebook post. These postsare written in text and can be used to let friends and followers know whatyou are doing or thinking.PhotosYou can also post an image on your wall. These pictures will appear on yourwall and in a album titled Timeline photos that is automatically generated byFacebook.PN
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS29www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!PlacesTraveled somewhere? Add a place toyour Facebook wall! Some companiesgive you coupons if you check intotheir location while you are there, sobe on the look out.Life EventsFacebook is a place to keep others informed about your life. They nowhave a posting option where you can actually announce life events, in-stead of just making a status update on it. These events range from Gota New Job and in a relationship with... to Got a new tatoo! There aremany options you can chose from and customize to yoir [email protected]
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS30www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Advanced Options on Page PostsOnce you have created a post of any kind, you can highlight it and edit itafterwards.Highlighting a post will make it larger and more prominent on your page. This isa good idea for important posts you want more people to see.Editing a post will allow you to change the settings of the post, including date,location, and privacy. These changes will only be made to the individual post.You can like or comment on any post. Liking a post simply means you like whatis written. Comments on a post will be visible to anyone who can see theoriginal post.1 23213
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS31www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!NewsfeedThe newsfeed is a place where updates from friends and pages you haveliked will show up. Any interactions you can do on Facebook can also bedone on the newsfeed.Friends suggestionsPosts by friends and businesses you followYou can post a status update hereLeft Side bar Menu,everything you have onyour Facebook (discussedlater)
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS32www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!When a friend or business posts something, you can like, comment orshare it. Liking it will put your name in the list of people who like the post.commenting on the post will make your post appear to all people who arealso friends with or following that post, and sharing the post will make aduplicate post of this on a location of your choice -- your wall, a group, or afriends wall.When you share a post that a friend or company posts, the following willappear. You can chose to share this on your own timeline, a friends time-line, in a group you are part of, or in a private message. You can add inyour own message above the post, and decide who you want to share itwith.Page Posts
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS33www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Messages - You can send private messages to peoplethrough Facebook. They must also have a Facebookaccount. You will also get messages for event invitations inMessagesEvents - Any event you have been invited to will appear inyour events tab. You can also create an event and invitefriends. This is a great place to send an invite to a largegroup of friends or colleagues for personal or corporateevents.Apps - There are numerous apps you can connect throughyour Facebook account. These apps include games, music,Pinterest and more. The app center allows you to easilybrowse and download your favorite apps.Left Side Menu
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS34www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!You can use the search bar in the top of any Facebook page to searchfor a friend or company by name.Finding FriendsThere are several ways to find friends and companies once in yourFacebook profile.Facbook will suggest people you may know on the right side of yourprofile.You can go back to the original friend finder, which can be found onthe left menu bar. Here you can search for friends using contacts fromyour email contact lists.123
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS35www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Facebook allows you to put certain people into smart lists. With smartlists, you can limit the people who see certain posts. This feature makesit easy to show content related to certain people. If I posted a new blogpost I wrote, I would want that to be visible to the people I work with. Withsmart lists, thats easy!Friend Listsg
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS36www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Find and Like a Business PageOne of the best uses of Facebook is to keep up to date with your favor-ite brands and public figures. How do you get notifications about thesebrands and people in your newsfeed?Search for the brand or person in the search bar at the top.Click the like button below the cover photo. Once you like the page, theirstatuses and images will appear in your newsfeed. Liking a page isdifferent than liking an individual post on that page.12
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS37www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Joining NetworksYou can join a school or companynetwork. You must have a valid emailassociated with it. By joining a network,you make it easier for others to find youin searches when you share a commonnetwork. To join a network, click on thedrop-down arrow in the top right ofFacebook. Click on account settings,and then edit networks.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS38www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comCHAPTER 3Setting up abusiness page
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS39www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Business pages are similar to personal pages, but are by default, public.Users can like and become a fan of your page without requiring approvalfrom page administrators. Once you are logged into Facebook, you cancreate a page here: you select the type of page you are looking to make, you can choosewhat category your brand falls into and your company name.Creating a Business Page
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS40www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Facebook will walk you through three simple steps to get your pagestarted.Select a profile picture. Just like your picture in your personal account, thisis the image people will see when searching for you. Use a clear image ofyour logo here.The about section will appear below your logo on your businesss timeline/homepage. Be clear here about what your business does.Enable Ads. Advertising your page can be very beneficial to your business.You can enable ads here, which will allow you to later go back and set upan advertising account. For a detailed description of creating Facebookads, you can read, How to Create Epic Facebook Ads.132
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS41www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!To edit your page, click on edit page at the topwithin the Manage Page, or admin panel.You are the administrator of your page. Your name will not appearanywhere on your business page unless you choose to post as yourself. Bydefault, you will be posting as your business page name.Edit PageFree Resource: How toChange Your Facebook VoiceWant to learn how youcan toggle betweenresponding as yourselfor responding as yourbusiness? Click here!
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS42www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Once in the page administration, there are various things you can change tocustomize your page.Manage PermissionsHere you can decide who can post what on your page,location and age restrictiions and post visibility.Basic Information &Profile PictureHere you can edit the information about your company,including about, location, phone number, website andmore. This information is helpful in case people want tocontact you or visit your business. Remember, Facebookfans often become customers!Page AdministrationFree Video: Create Your BusinessPage in 5 Simple StepsPrefer to set up yourbusiness page byfollowing a step-by-step video tutorial?Click here to startwatching & learning.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS43www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!AppsYou can connect various appsto your business page. A few ofthese apps include Pinterest,Instagram and Twitter. Theseapps allow you to connect yoursocial media accounts, andother applications that may beuseful for your business.~Tips for Optimizing Your Business Page UseFree Resource: 6-Step CheatSheet for Facebook TimelineLearn some quicktips and tricks forFacebook time-line with these sixsteps. Click hereto learn more.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS44www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!How to Promote Your PagePost a variety of content, from photosand status updates, to videos, events,and polls. Ask your audience questionsand have them post their answers inthe comments section of your post.Not only does this engage your currentfans, it will make the post visible in thenewsfeeds of your fans, thus increasingyour reach to their friends who may notyet know about you!Create Engaging ContentPost ContentWorth ReadingPage VisibilityThis can range from blog postsyou have written, to relevantcontent written by others inyour industry.Let your audience in other networks knowabout your page. Add a Like us button inall emails and blog posts you generate.PN
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS45www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Respond to user questions andcomplaints. A user that posts anegative comment needs to beresponded to quickly in order todecrease the negative affect theycould have on your business. Re-member, Facebook is public, andanyone can post something. Thebest thing to do is to handle nega-tive comments in a polite mannerand build a brand with a positiveimage.Respond to UsersUse Facebook ads for paid promotion.To increase the reach of your brandname, you can use Facebook ads topromote your content and your busi-ness page.Advertisingz>
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS46www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!gGroupsGroups on Facebook are slightly different than business pages. In some cases,it makes sense for a business to create a group as well. The main differencebetween a business page and a group is that pages represent a brand, whilea group is a place for a community of people to discuss common interests. Agroup is essentially a page that is used as a chat room for a specific group ofpeople. In a group, members can post all kinds of content just like on personaltimelines and business pages.Once you have established yourself on Facebook, Facebookwill recommend groups you should join that are related toyour interests and the people you are friends with.MembersPost TypesDiscussion posts from group members
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS47www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Key Differences Between Groups & Pages
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS48www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Create a GroupTo create your own group, click on MORE in the left menu under the Groups tab.Click Create a Group at the top right.You can then fill in details about the group and choose what privacy setting youwant. If you group is for a business purpose, creating a closed or secret groupwill decrease the groups rouch. Making an open group is thereforerecommended. You can use groups to create events, invite friends to join, startconversations, add photos and more.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS49www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!turn FACEBOOKinto a powerfulSOCIAL channel^Are you tracking everyFacebook interactionyou have with yourleads? HubSpot notonly lets you trackevery click on a link in asocial message, it alsolets you use that datato segment leads andtrigger emails. Welcometo the first social mediatracking system of itskind.3 Lookup: Automatically look up social information for your leads.Listen: Listen to chatter and track clicks on all of your social posts.Segment: Segment your leads based on the social activity.Trigger: Trigger emails, update profile information, and adjust yourlists based on social interactions.333REQUEST A DEMO read more
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS50www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comCHAPTER 46 Facebookbusiness bestpractices
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS51www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Business Best Practices For Facebook1Be interactive, fun and helpful. When people reachyour Facebook page, theyre looking for entertain-ment and a connection to the brand. Give adviceand tips related to your product or service. Postentertaining content, such as short videos, usercomments, case studies, and appealing photos.Give people on Facebook a sneak peek at newreleases. Your Facebook fans are often lookingfor some perks for being a fan and following yourbrand. Give special coupons and/or discount codesfor the people that are most involved with yourbrand and page.2Post interesting industry news. Dont use your pageonly for self-promotional use. Make it a placepeople want to visit, keep up to date on news andentertain themselves. Posting things going onwithin your industry is a great way to become athought leader and increase your fan base.3SsG
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS52www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!4Like other company pages. Facebook is a socialplace afterall, and connecting with partners,valued customers, and vendors, can strengthenyour relationship and your Facebook businesspage credibility.Focus on engagement. Youre trying to connectand get response from your community. Ask ques-tions, post helpful tips, links to articles that youraudience will like and share. When you makethe posts about your audience and what they needrather than selling, you will develop a richer anddeeper relationship with your community.5Dont oversell or undersell. No one likes a never-ending sales pitch. By the same token, make sureyou do highlight your wares from time-to-time! Usethe 80-20 rule for sales messages vs. content/con-nection posts. So if you decide to post five times aweek, one of the posts should be a sales messageand four posts will be other helpful or fun content.6F$g
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS53www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comCHAPTER 5measuringyourfacebookbusinesssuccess
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS54www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Using Facebook InsightsInsights allow you to see the analytics behind theengagment on your page. You can measure likes, reach,the number of people talking about your page, and thenumber of check-ins at your business. You can see theincrease in likes your page has, as well the number ofFriends of Fans. This number is important because youcan see the potential number of people who can see yourcontent through your current fans. Remember, when afan likes, comments, or shares some of your content, thatinteraction is visible to their friends.EEEE
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS55www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!gENGAGEMENTYou can look at the engagement levels of each idividual post on Face-book. How many people did each post reach, how many people aretalking about it, and how viral is it? These are all questions that can beanswered within Facebooks insights! Marketers can look at what typesof posts are most successful, and who doesnt love that? Use thisinformation to plan your future Facebook strategy to achieve your goals.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS56www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!FAN DEMOGRAPHICSThe demographics and location of your fans can also be found in Insights.This can teach you a lot about your audience and tailor your content to whatyour fans are actually interested in. Youre able to see the age and genderbreakdown of users, as well as the geographic location of your fans. Not onlycan you look at this data for people who have had liked your page, but forthe people who saw your page, talked about your page, or checked-in to yourestablishment!This data should be used to tailor content to the people who are actuallyviewing and interacting with your page. You may think you know who yourbest audience members are, but take a look at concrete data before makingfinal decisions.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS57www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Track Your Facebook SuccessNow that you are up and running on Facebook, how can you tell if you aresending people to your website and generating leads? Using HubSpotssoftware, you are able to see exactly where your website viewers and leadsare coming from. You can even use specific tracking tokens to hone in onwhere from your Facebookpage youre seeing the most success!
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS58www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Track Your Facebook EngagementThrough HubSpot, you can also look at each post individually and seewhich of your leads or customers interacted with the post. You can findyour most social-savvy leads and utilize this information for betterrelationships! Your Facebook leads will be automatically added to a list inHubSpot for you to refer to.
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS59www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Conclusionandaddtionalresources
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS60www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!We have covered a great deal of information on how to use Facebook forboth your personal life and your business. You should now feelcomfortable creating your own profile and creating a business page. Youcan now set up your pages preferences and settings to your liking. Youhave some great ideas about optimizing your Facebook business pagefor increased fan and customer engagment. We hope that your Facebookbusiness page will help grow your business and attract more customers.For further reading on Facebook for your business, check out ouradvanced ebook, How to Attract Customers With Facebook.Of
  • HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS61www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!power yourfacebook successwith hubspotLearn how your Facebookmarketing can be optimizedfor more leads andcustomers. Get a free demoof the HubSpot softwareto learn how to track andimprove just that.