How to market yourself on linked in

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A quick overview of how to market yourself on Linked In.

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  • The Basics 1). Upload a picture of yourself for your profile 2). In the Title Section put in Seeking new opportunities in SAP Security (or whatever field you are looking into). 3). For location add the location that you are looking for. (e.g.. Houston or Colorado) 4). Be sure to use different variations of key words in profile as well (e.g.. FICO or FI/CO or Finance and Controlling ) 5). Be sure to include contact information so that recruiters can contact you easier and faster (phone number / email ) 6). Be sure that you are open to receiving Inmails. Click on Complete your profile and follow each step. Be sure to fill out each question asked. This will help in creating a full profile.
  • LINKED IN: IT IS YOUR ONLINE RESUME!! Most recruiters will utilize Linked In as a source for potential candidates. Your Linked In page should read like a resume. Here is an example of a vague profile! This does not explain what you do. Provide details and a lot of opportunities for you to show up in a search
  • A GOOD PROFILE IN LINKED IN Include a background of your skills. Be sure to saturate your profile with technical skills and details. Be very vocal about your passions.
  • MAKE SURE YOU CAN RECEIVE INMAILS 1). Click on Privacy and Setting
  • RECEIVING INMAIL CONTD 2). Click on Communications 3). Click on Select the types of messages youre willing to receive
  • JOIN GROUPS WITH YOUR INTERESTS On your home screen click on the icon above and select groups. Enter the search term you are looking for. (eg. SAP Security / SAP HR / Oracle BI ) Search the groups and join the ones that would be most suited to you.
  • LOOK FOR DISCUSSIONS Once you have joined a group, there are several places to look for roles to suit you. Discussions Jobs Job Discussions Starting a discussion
  • JOB SEARCH Linked in charges companies a lot of money each year to post jobs on Linked in. You should take advantage of this as a free service to you. There are a couple of ways to do this. Look for specific jobs and have Linked in notify you when something comes up.
  • HAVE LINKED IN NOTIFY YOU OF JOBS You can also click on jobs from your home screen and complete a 30 second preference on jobs and your screen will populate with jobs that fit your needs according to your profile.
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL: Adria Gullickson: 281-752- 6003 / [email protected]