How to Love Life As Much As Surfers Love Surfing

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What if you could spend both your work and personal life in The Zone? Created by Bruce Kasanoff, author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk, available here:

Transcript of How to Love Life As Much As Surfers Love Surfing

  • How to Love Life As Much As Surfers Love Surfing
  • Sad fact: most people live life in a fog
  • They do not treasure every moment. They do not pay attention.
  • Imagine that you could experience every moment of your life like a surfer does in the water
  • I am talking about being in The Zone.
  • {Impossible to think about your car payments now.}
  • Surfers are always on the verge of failure, but all they care about are the triumphs.
  • Failure hurts, a lot.
  • But joy and failure dwell in exactly the same space
  • So they return to that space again and again.
  • They have no choice. It is what they love.
  • When they fail, they do not quit.
  • If their board breaks, they buy another.
  • When other people run away from the storm, they run towards it.
  • Now take this attitude and apply it to your life.
  • Try to feel deeply every moment.
  • Do not fear the place where joy and failure dwell. Go for the joy, as many times as it takes.
  • Pay attention to the miracles of life.
  • Give love as readily as you check your smartphone.
  • And when you get a chance to play with your kids, always take it.
  • Slideshare by Bruce Kasanoff, who invites you to join the Think Clearly group on LinkedIn. (Each of us has pledged to spend at least ten minutes of every day silently doing nothing at all.) Photos by Megan Moss Freeman of Moss Photos.