How to grow your business with facebook

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How To Grow Your Business With Facebook Twitter: @BrendaHorton -- Facebook: Fan Page: -- blog: -- email: [email protected] A webinar and Q&A with Brenda Horton
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You know that your target audience is hanging out on Facebook, but you are too confused and overwhelmed with Facebook to understand how to effectively connect with them. Software entrepreneur, social media expert, and online business trainer, Brenda Horton is going to answer your Facebook questions and help you get started on a clear Facebook strategy. She is going to show you the deadly mistakes that small business owners are making on Facebook and why it is preventing them from building a loyal online community of customers.

Transcript of How to grow your business with facebook

  • 1. How To Grow Your Business With Facebook A webinar and Q&A with Brenda Horton Twitter: @BrendaHorton -- Facebook: Page: -- blog: -- email: [email protected]
  • 2. Outline Some Facebook Statistics How social networking sites like Facebook are changing the way we do business. Q & A Time
  • 3. About Brenda Horton,your online business trainer.
  • 4. Software Entrepreneur Hware LLC. Social Media Strategist Online Business Trainer Founder of Nevada County OnlineBusiness Strategies Group.
  • 5. Poll
  • 6. Why should you bedoing business on Facebook?
  • 7. BecauseThatswhere thesh areswimming.
  • 8. Facebook Statistics Facebook now has over 700 million users. 50% of Americans are on Facebook. 50% of Facebook users log on daily.
  • 9. Facebook Statistics The average Facebook user has 130 friends. The average Fan (person who LIKES your PAGE) has 310 friends. Fans click 5x more on links than friends.
  • 10. Think of Facebookas a socialgatheringwith yourfriends andraving fans.
  • 11. Its your party.They came tosee, listen, learn,share, discuss,engage, andsocialize withYOU onFacebook!
  • 12. That meansFacebook justmade businessvery very verysocial.
  • 13. In other words, word of mouth(WOM) marketing has now become social... ONLINE!
  • 14. People put less value on Advertising Publicity Campaigns Commercials with paid actors Over-hyped promotions Slick sales pitches
  • 15. Their bullshitake detector is on.
  • 16. So, what is the nature of social network marketing?
  • 17. Unlike SEO (search engine optimization) Where people are searching on Google, looking for an answer to a question or problem...
  • 18. ...they are socializinghaving real conversationsin real time with realpeople whom theyknow, like, and trust.
  • 19. Friends, Fans, and Followers ask each other for advice referrals recommendations
  • 20. And ultimately, people buy from and do business with people they know, like, and trust.
  • 21. This is called an online community versus customers.
  • 22. In todays business environment, weoftentimes meet online before we ever meet ofine.
  • 23. The way we do business has changed. Its become more open,transparent, and social...thanks tosocial networking sites like Facebook.
  • 24. So, from a small business ownersperspective, think of Facebook as an online relationship building tool.
  • 25. So, the question is
  • 26. Are you hanging out where the sh are swimming?
  • 27. Time for Q&A.
  • 28. ? How do I use Facebook to promote my business?
  • 29. Answer: Starts with understanding the sales funnel.A
  • 30. Website is your online Real Estate StumbleUponA delicious Email Marketing RSS Subscribers FeedBlitz
  • 31. How many messages can you? send without getting agged by Facebook as spamming?
  • 32. Answer: Facebook uses an algorithm for determining unusual usage. Number of messages to friends ratio. Content Similarity - posting same message on everybodys wall.A Average message usage - If you exceed normal usage, you may get a warning. Time - FB keeps track of the amount of time you spend of FB. A sudden surge will set off alarms. Facebook Activity Factor (FAC) - FB monitors your overall behavior and keeps a FAC on each and every user.
  • 33. ? Should a business oriented post only come from your business page?
  • 34. Answer: In general, yes. However, many biz people had PROFILES beforeA PAGES came about. Perhaps they are still in transition from transferring their Friends to Fans and still post biz stuff on their Prole wall. Whats more important is to gauge your online community. They will let you know if they are not interested in your biz related posts on your Prole because they wont engage you there.
  • 35. How strong are Facebook groups?? What is the best way to use them?
  • 36. Answer: Facebook has 3 main areas.A Proles - for personal use. Pages - for business or non-prot. Groups - for shared interests.
  • 37. Answer: Leverage the messaging feature. Groups can be created by anyone andA about any topic, as a space for people to share their opinions and interest in that subject. Groups can be kept closed or secret. Groups are generally meant for smaller groups of people. For example, clubs, hiking groups, knitting groups, biking groups, cooking groups, etc.
  • 38. ? Why does Facebook charge tax on their ads?
  • 39. Answer: The amount of tax is dictated by the jurisdiction imposed on Facebook which is passed onA to you, the advertiser. So VAT Tax Applies to Facebook Ads Advertisers with a business address in the EU will be subject to VAT. Whether and how VAT is charged will depend on whether you are purchasing ads for business purposes and the country in which your business is located. If your business is not located in the EU you will not be required to pay VAT.
  • 40. ? How do I link my Page to my website?
  • 41. Answer to:How do I link my Page to my website? A Website on Info Tag On the Page Picture you can put web addresses, but they are not live links. On your page wall you can share links to your website.
  • 42. How do I link my? website to my Facebook Page?
  • 43. Answer to:How do I link my website to my Facebook Page? A Use a graphic with Link to Facebook Page
  • 44. How do I integrate? Facebook with my website?
  • 45. Answer to:How do I integrate Facebook with my website?A There is a technical and a strategic answer.
  • 46. Answer to: How do I integrate Facebook with my website? Like Button - most important (replaces Share Button)A On Website Liking On Facebook Wall
  • 47. Answer to: How do I integrate Facebook with my website?Activity Feed Plugin Recommendations Pluginto show users a stream of the recent likes show personalized page recommendations to yourand comments from their friends on your users based on the likes and comments across yourAsite entire site
  • 48. Answer to: How do I integrate Facebook with my website? For Technical Info:A web/#plugins reference/plugins/like/
  • 49. Whats the purpose of? the LIKE button for my business?
  • 50. Answer to: What is the purpose Like Button? Like button lets a user share yourA content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the users friends News Feed with a link back to your website.
  • 51. Answer to: What is the purpose of the Like Button? Say goodbye to the Share button because the Like button is taking over.A Now after hitting the Like button, a full story with a headline, blurb and thumbnail will be posted to your prole wall. Youll also be given an option to comment on the story link. Previously, only a link to the story would appear in the recent activity, often going unnoticed by users.
  • 52. What determines who? (FANS) receives my posts from my Page?
  • 53. Answer: Facebooks Algorithm called Edge Rank.A Edge Rank determines what gets shown to who. It uses a post quality score. I recommend using your wall to engage and interact with your online community. You can also take out ads to promote to FANS.
  • 54. 4 Levels ofFacebook Users.
  • 55. 4 Levels of Facebook Users.1. Beginner - Just getting started. Confused and overwhelmed. Needs a clear strategy. Not using a PAGE to build online inuence. Not clear on what an online community really is or how to build one.
  • 56. 4 Levels of Facebook Users.2. Intermediate - Understands how to navigate around Facebook. Has an online community of at least a few hundred Fans on PAGE, but needs a more focused strategy of engaging and interacting with Fans or call to action.
  • 57. 4 Levels of Facebook Users.3. Advanced user - Clearly understands how to leverage Facebook as an online marketing tool. Buys ads, uses apps, links to and from other social networking sites, mobile integration, video implementation, uses analytics to measure results. Uses call to actions. Sets clear goals and understands conversion rates.
  • 58. 4 Levels of Facebook Users.4. Super Power User - Online marketers, early adopters, online trainers. Does a lot of split testing and measuring. Constantly making improvements. Stays on top of the latest changes not only on Facebook, but on other popular social networking sites.
  • 59. For more great Facebook tips and strategies be sure to sign up for Mastering The Fundamentals of Facebook workshop! The workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate users of Facebook. Two trainers for the price of one. Teach a lot of strategy, not just How Tos. Will leave with an Action Plan designed specically for your business.
  • 60. Mastering the Fundamentals of Facebook. Wednesday March 23rd 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Holiday Inn Grass Valley, CA facebook/
  • 61. For more info go to Mastering the Fundamentals of Facebook facebook/
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  • 63. More Resourceswww.socialmediaexaminer - Social media training, tips, - Social media -Facebook Like Button - For great online marketing - Nevada CountyOnline Business - Business blog for entrepreneurs
  • 64. Thank you forjoining me today!