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  • How To Get Traffic From Influencers

    On LinkedIn

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    LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms used by professionals with an estimated 467 million userbase. Therefore, it makes a great site for driving traffic to your website when used for marketing purposes.

    One of the best ways to do this is through Influencers, these are professionals with huge following on the network and are able to post your content on their platform for the audience to see. Statistics show that LinkedIn generates more hits to corporate sites than any other social-media application in existence today.

    Typically, influencers can be anyone from high-profile executives, prominent businessmen, news media personalities, musicians and so forth. When you post smart comments that encourage useful discussions on the content found on these individuals’ platforms, your brand/company will ultimately enjoy greater visibility from a wider network of potential clients. The content distributed by these people usually reaches millions of people at a go.

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    LinkedIn marketing is a more discreet way of advertising compared to other traditional forms such as billboards, or TV and radio ads. This is because the information shared on an influencer’s dashboard is likely to reach only the target audience, and not just anybody else.

    As the platform continues to grow, professionals are learning the importance of reaching a large online audience, not just for themselves but also other marketers interested in their outreach services.

    If a popular person shares something on his/her profile page, the message shall be read by interested followers and if found captivating again shared down the line to reach other people. The good thing is that this can be done within a very short period of time, possibly making your content to go viral if it’s exciting enough.

    This networking platform has huge potential for brand marketers when used correctly. Below are some ways you can get LinkedIn influencers to boost your online presence:

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    1. Define what type of influencers you want

    The decision to choose a preferred professional depends on the kind of product or service being marketed. For instance, if you want to promote a new clothing line then it would only be appropriate to get assistance from established fashion industry gurus, not just any other popular person. However, there are some influencers that cut across different audiences, such as sportsmen or musicians, and they can be useful in reaching diverse target groups.

    Nevertheless, be wary that a LinkedIn professional is not simply defined by the number of followers they have. It’s also important to do your own research about them to know whether these followers are real or generic.

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    Nowadays, there are some users that employ shady tactics to generate fake followings on their account. This usually results in profiles with huge numbers of people, but very little engagement to go by.

    2. Find The Influencers With so many professionals signed to the networking platform, sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint one that will carry all your marketing aspirations. Even so, there are online tools such as Traacks that can make this process simple.

    You can use them to find top influencers in certain niche areas based on factors like their audience reach, relevance to your brand and general resonance.

    BuzzStream is yet another effective tool that can be used to connect with influencers.

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    BuzzStream Image

    It has an interactive and simple-to-use interface, whereby you can reach out to professionals by simply pointing and clicking on their respective profiles. Other similar tools include;

    Image of the folowing



    Followerwonk and

    Ninja Outreach.

    After identifying the appropriate personalities, these tools can help you make preliminary contact and start building working relationship with the experts on LinkedIn.

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    Nonetheless, it’s still crucial to research the person before making any contact. Some individuals may be popular but also have certain flaws like erratic behavior that may badly influence on your brand. Your content should only be handled by a credible, respectable source to help strengthen brand reputation.

    Additionally, pay attention not just to the amount of followers a person has, but also live responses and discussions that they are able to generate on their posts. These are key indicators for providing a solid perspective into how many active fans an Influencer has.

    There are various other aspects to consider, such as the tone in which they address the readers/viewers. Depending on your particular niche, it’s good to get someone who can talk in manner that’s likely to get audiences to take action, or perhaps even capture the interest of an industry insider who can be useful in building more contacts.

    Another factor to take heed of when identifying potential influencers is what kind of market reach you are look- ing for. Is the goal to drive traffic to a website/blog, or is it strengthening social media presence? This totally depends on what you think would be best for promoting the brand.

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    3. Make Contact With Them Before writing anything to the LinkedIn professional or calling them, take time to customize your pitch and conversational tone so that it can be appealing to them. Ideally, get to know the person well before sending them your marketing requests. Check their person- ality to determine whether they are friendly and approachable, or whether you’ll have to work harder to convince them.

    LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with established profession- als in your field. Simply send a request by introducing yourself to them, or even better, try finding common connections and ask for an introduction on your behalf. However, if this is not possible, reach out to them on other social media platforms as a fan, pref- erably sharing posts and replying to their postings with respectful comments. After establishing yourself as a common name, you’ll then be at a better position to request for a promotional favor on LinkedIn.

    Some examples of the type of messages that you can send to influencers are;

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    a) Hi Sharon,

    You may not know me but I’d like to interact with you, I have an awesome clothing line that’s taken off for young women.

    Can I send you a few photos?

    Best regards,


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    b) Hi John,

    You might not be familiar with me but I often read your articles about challenges that startup companies often face. I was hoping if we could connect since I started a new business and would like to get your assistance.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward for your response.



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    4. Create A Content Generation Strategy

    To capture the interest of your preferred influencers, the content should be as appealing as possible. Start by formulating a magnetic headline that can attract click-through by its own, without the reader even having to check the remaining content.

    Similarly, factors such as contests, free giveaways and video-based content can evoke emotion from the audience, plus they usually tend to yield positive engagement results. Your message should always be relevant to the content so that it can make sense.

    Remember that reaching those clients starts with your influencer. Therefore, if they are continuously reaching a large target group, then chances are that they understand their audience and what kind of content is likely to interest them. Furthermore, pay close attention to reactions elicited by followers on your content once posted, influencers will be keen in knowing how popular each kind of content they post is with their followers.

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    In addition, it would be prudent to actively participate in encouraging readers to view the content, and not just leave all the work to the influencer. You can do this by referring your own friends or colleagues to their LinkedIn page, or linking the post to your other social media accounts.

    The concept is quite simple, the more valuable content is out there concerning your brand, the more noticeable it shall become. This translates to more traffic, improved conversion rate and generally more leads.

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    5. Your content should be realistic and people- centered

    Since the ultimate goal of marketing is converting visitors into clients, it’s only reasonable to construct your marketing plan around them. Focus all efforts on getting to know who they are and how they will potentially react.

    It’s also helpful to know which particular influencers they are likely to follow on the networking site, as well as what kind of content they would gladly want to read. This pro- cess may involve checking out popular blogs, websites, articles, or forums to see which influencer they are more attracted to.

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    Generally, LinkedIn visitors are more inclined to cherish the opinions of professionals that they hold in high esteem, as opposed to those of 3rd parties who may not hold so much influence over them.

    6. Build And Maintain Strong Relations With Influencers This is very important in ensuring that your content will be visible on their