How to Generate Revenue from Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing holds the key to small business growth in today's business landscape. In this presentation we discuss inbound marketing, content marketing and social media marketing concepts and strategies that can, if implemented with belief and dedication, drive exponential growth for small businesses, despite their Big Box competitors.

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  • 1.How-to Generate RevenuethroughInbound Marketing

2. I am Ryan Hanley Director of Marketing, CIC The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc Creator/Editor Author The Social Tools Book No BS Guide to a Successful Blog Producer of The Content Warfare Podcast 3. Ground Rules Ask lots of questions Even dumb questions I dont expect you to be an expert Be prepared for my honest opinion You can always follow up with me I may go on a tangent I promise it will always be relevant I dont care if you email or send texts You dont have to ask me to go thebathroom 4. Common Barriersto Success Online Cost My entire web presence costs less than $500 a year. Time Online activities are revenue generating Knowledge If you can send an email you have the skills to succeed Online Lack of Condence Practice builds condence Not the Habit Integrate Online activities long enough and they will soon become the way weve always done business 5. Everyday I watch so many brilliant people with invaluable life and business experience come to theblogosphere and approach it all asif theyre starting from scratch.- Srinivas Rao 6. Success Online is derivedfrom your ability to consistently deliver valueand has nothing to do with your technical knowledgeof the Internet. 7. Marketing to theConnected Generation 8. The Connected Generationcommunicates, builds relationships and makesbuying decisions using digital and social media. 9. Marketing to theUnconnected Generation Ask for Referrals Network at Chamber Events Drop-ins Harass Family Members Sponsor Charity Events Yellow Pages Billboards Radio Newspaper Cold call 10. We are no longer theGatekeepers of Insurance Expertise 11. Digital and Social MarketingStrategies Reverse the Flow ofValue from Provider toConsumer 12. Today you deliver value, Tomorrow you build a relationship. 13. Success isnt about YOU. Its a derivative of being all about everyone else... 14. Create content that isremarkable, that is enjoyable{and easy} to consume, and lets the reader know exactly what you want them to do next. - Copyblogger 15. Marketing to theConnected Generation 60% of Twitter & Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow 16. Theres a secret that real writers know that wannabewriters dont, and the secret is this: Its not the writingpart thats hard. Whats hardis sitting down to write.- Steven Presseld, The War of Art 17. The ResistanceResistance is the equal and opposite force tostarting. Resistance is what keeps us fromintegratingcontent marketinginto ourAgency. Resistance is what whispers in our ear thatno one cares about our blog. Resistance is why we dont update ourprole pictures. Resistance is why we Work only onreferrals 18. ContentMarketing 19. Get Found in Search... 20. Content Marketing:- is a marketing technique of creating and distributingrelevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, andengage a clearly dened and understood targetaudience - with the objective of driving protablecustomer action.SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- is the process of improving the visibility ofawebsiteor blogin a search engines "natural," or un-paid "organicsearch results. 21. Why Content Marketing A blog gets you 55% more traffic Via Hubspot Content is a Top 3 reason peoplefollow brands on social media Via Content+ 22. Worn Calipers andKeyword Search 23. Keyword Search Google Keyword Tool Google Trends Google Auto Fill 3rd party tools Market Samurai SEO Professor Scribe 24. My SEO Experiment Answer 100 Questions By video Two minutes of less Post on YouTube Create a corresponding blog post Embed YouTube video in the blog post Post link directly in Facebook Post link directly in Google+ Post link directly in LinkedIN and Relevant Groups Put links to post in email newsletter 25. If you could only have oneinsurance question answeredwhat would it be? 26. No Action No Traffic 27. Lots of Action Lots of Traffic 28. Search Traffic 29. Revenue from Online Activities 30. In 3 Days$4,975 31. 15 minutes a day 32. 7 Days a week 33. For 100 Days 34. In 3 Days$4,975 35. $3.32 a minute 36. $200 a Hour 37. $200 an $1,600 a $8,000 a 47 Weeks $376,000 Hour Day Week of Worka Year 38. Dont NeglectMobile Search 39. Importance ofMobile Content Over the last year Ive consistently receivedbetween 12% - 15% of my monthly trafcfrom mobile devices How many of your read email on yourphone? People are clicking through emaillinks to your website on their phone. 40. What Social Media Should I Use? Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest Foursquare Yelp 41. Google+ 42. Why use Google+ Posts are indexed by Google Social search relevance withconnections Authorship tag High-quality media sharing Google Hangouts Google Local Reviews Its Google 43. Reviews are the currency of the Internet 44. Google wants you to use Google products testing-social-media-signals-in-search 45. Authorship Tag 46. Authorship Tag 47. Facebook 48. Facebook Stats 75% of people feel more connected to Brand onFacebook 69% of people have liked a page because of a Friend Liked content averages 6.9 positions higher insearch results 23% of consumers under the age of 35 will purchasebecause of a friends recommendation on socialmedia 21% of consumers age 35 49 will purchase becauseof a friends recommendation on social media 49. How do we generaterevenue on Facebook? 50. Get More Facebook Likes Buy easy to remember domain Facebook Address on Everything Facebook Address displayed on Websitew/ Link Link to agency page from personal prole Facebook Address in email signature Invite clients and friends to Like agencypage 51. Post Better ContentBoring content yields boringresults 52. ACTION ITEM #3 53. Businessposts are anecessityBut makethemrelevant toyour clientsconcerns 54. Every post does not need to beprofessional or insurance related 55. Let yourclients knowwhere elseyou wantthem toconnect withyou 56. Show your support for the community 57. FacebookPromoted PostsWorth the money? 58. Who wouldntLike this post? 59. Howmuch is Actionworth toyou? 60. Promoted Posts Results 61. Blogging 62. Where do we getcontent? Client questions The weather CE Classes Safety tips Trade magazine Other insurance Community eventsagencies Charitable events Your own Employee successexperience Testimonials New technology Case studies Market changes Industry events 63. post/ 64. Thank You Ryan Hanley, CIC Twitter: @RyanHanley_Com Marketing | Insurance | Email: I wish you all Success in your Online Marketing! 65. Resources of-tomorrows-inbound-marketing-strategy- today anatomy/ blog/blogging-checklis/ branding/ seos-ultimate-post-penguin-checklist- infographic/48228/ google-plus-infographics-for-business/ timing/ infographics/goldilocks.php gplusinfographic/ 2011/06/startup-launch-marketing.html