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  • Philippe Taza CEO

    Higher Education Marketing

    [email protected]

    How to Generate More International Direct Inquiries from your Online Presence

    mailto:[email protected]

  • • Define your international student recruitment strategy

    • Establish your website’s current international inquiry generation activity

    • Expand your SEO

    • Develop website content

    • The international student is mobile

    • PPC advertising

    • Social media

    • Priorities and recommendations

    Today’s Presentation


    WES 2014 Report

  • • What international markets do you want to target

    • What languages do you need to support

    • Which personas are you targeting

    • What marketing channels are best to reach that persona

    • What are your goals

    Define Your International Strategy

  • International Student Recruitment Channels

  • Define your Goals with this Checklist


    Where do International Students Come From?

  • Where do International Students Come From?

  • Filter Only International Traffic

  • International Traffic By Country

  • Track International Inquiries and Applications with Goals

  • Measure International Conversions by Country

  • Understand you International Traffic by Channel

  • • Identify new international keywords • Use the correct information architecture • Use international targeting

    in Webmaster tools • Translate and optimize

    Start with SEO

  • • Enter keywords that describe your school and programs

    • Select the location (s) you are interested in targeting

    • Select the language (s) you are planning to target

    • Use search volume as an indicator of popularity

    Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research


    English in Canada Italian in Italy Spanish in Mexico

    International Targeting - Language


    Set in Webmaster Tools 1 profile and Country Target per Subdomain: Target Canada Target Italy Target Mexico

    International Targeting - Country

  • International Search Queries


    Monitor your Keyword Rankings by Country

  • For country specific data:

    Plan for search globally, target locally

  • Monitor your SEO Results Year over Year


    Why Invest in Content Marketing?

  • Plan your Content with this Checklist

  • Develop Multi-language Content


    Develop Content for Target Countries

  • Make Multi-language Advisors Available

  • Use Online Chat to Talk with Prospects

  • Offer Skype Sessions


    Use Video Testimonials to engage prospects


    Use Video Testimonials to engage prospects

  • Use a Video Contest to Generate Inquiries


    Use Virtual Tours

  • • Adapts to students communication lifestyle

    • Enables faster communications across geographic boundaries

    • Cost effectiveness communications

    • Often in local language

    • Enables virtual communities

    Why Social Media in International Recruitment?


    Social Media Platform Use by Int. Students Media and International Student Recruitment.pdf

  • Social Media Baseline

  • Organize Social Media Campaigns Off your Site

  • Promote your Content

  • Measure Social Media Inquiries

  • Use International Student Ambassadors




    Why Mobile Marketing? Google Education Search Analysis

  • • 31% mobile traffic

    • 25% of website goals

    Why Mobile?

  • What’s your Mobile Traffic like by Country?

  • • Fast and measurable results

    • Control of the budget and schedule

    • Targeting is tightly focused by


    • You pay only for the clicks

    • Get to Google Page 1 immediately

    Use Paid Search to Generate Inquiries

  • What is Pay per Click (PPC)?

  • The 4 Elements of PPC Lead Generation

    The PPC Ad

    The Landing Page The Inquiry

    The Keyword

  • Anatomy of a PPC ad

  • Words of wisdom

  • Set your Country Targeting in Google AdWords

  • Set you Languages in Google AdWords

  • • Be smart about setting your account’s time zone.

    • Target your ads when they are the most effective.

    Use Day Parts in Google Analytics

  • Use Responsive Landing Pages

  • Aligning Your Keywords, Ads and Landing Pages

  • Variation Original

    Run A/B Tests

  • Optimizing Conversions with A/B Testing

  • • Identify Benchmarks, set new Goals

    • Invest in SEO

    • Develop content aimed at international students

    • Get mobile NOW!

    • Integrate social media and online communications

    • Use international PPC lead gen campaigns

    • Follow up with your leads!

    Priorities and Recommendations

  • • I’m easy to reach at:

    Philippe Taza

    Tel: 514-312-3968 ext:104

    [email protected]

    Have Questions About how to generate more inquiries?

    mailto:[email protected]