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Despite knowing that good content is perhaps the most powerful way to influence today’s internet-centric consumers, many business owners sit in front of the computer with no idea how to create content. This webinar will change all of that. Attend this webinar and you will: • Learn how to develop original content using what other people have written. • Feel inspired to dig into your vast knowledge base to create content your prospects can use. • Experience high confidence with a supply of good ideas. • Never be stuck – trying to figure out what to write again. THIS IS NOT PLAGIARISM!!! No professional athlete or performer has reached success without learning from the performance of others. Creating written content is no different.

Transcript of How to Etheically Steal Content

  • A Webinar from Kate Writes Right How to Ethically Steal Content Perfect the art of stealing to make your content more engaging, authentic and profitable
  • Webinar Objectives Module 1 Why content has become critical to your business & Buyer trends you can't ignore. Module 2 A totally NEW definition of stealing Module 3 Specific methods for stealing content ethically & satisfying your companys prospects and customers
  • Common Writers Block You know your prospects and customers Its easy to talk about your products and services You may be the best provider in your industry but when you sit down to write content, youre clueless!
  • World Bank President Jim Kim quotes Bill Gates The image above was part of a LinkedIn post by Jim Kim
  • Content is Required FIRST Let Us Understand WHY
  • Prospects & Customers Demand It Internet-enabled buyers want ALL the power in buying decisions Their demand for content is very high and continues to rise They have a growing intolerance of anything that slows their access to information needed for a smart decision As the provider of goods and services, buyers expect you to educate, inform and entertain them while they alone consider their options
  • It takes much more than eyeballs landing on your website with SEO, keywords and paid digital advertising Buyers insist on getting valuable information from you
  • Developing engaging content for all your online content marketing is a big task Its really easy to find an abundant supply of both good and bad examples of content Left to your own brain you can know too much to be engaging Although you want to be ethical in what you digitally publishBuyers only want the information needed to be a smart buyer
  • What Your Customers Want Engaging, Easy-to-Read, Scan-able Content Providers who stimulate and satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge Bragging rights to their friends about how smart they are in their purchasing decisions which cant happen without the information you provided
  • Content is a Long-Term Investment Content level the playing field between companies Paid advertising (PPC) benefits the company with the deepest pockets SEO is a constant battle with Google changes Genuine VALUE to your audience pays off with durable results long-term This graphic created by is about social media. But the same principal applies to all content
  • Redefining the word steal Isnt Copying Illegal or Immoral?
  • Stop Lying & Start Stealing Totally original content is a myth Stop believing you can do it
  • Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imaginationSelect only the things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Independent Film Maker, Jim Jarmusch
  • Selected Quotes about Stealing Salvador Dali ~ Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. Paul McCartney ~ I emulated Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis. We all did. Francis Ford Coppola ~ We want you to take from us. We want you, at first, to steal from us, because you cant steal. You will take what we give you and you will put it in your own voice and thats how you will find your voice. And thats how you begin. And then one day someone will steal from you. Kobe Bryant ~ There isnt a move thats a new move.
  • Want Awesome Content ? Forget You! You can bypass years of study and the agony of trial & error learning copywriting principles without setting a goal to become $300 an hour copywriter Notice what makes you curious Trust readers will be curious about the same things Build relationships built on mutual curiosity Copying from others is not because you lack genius, but because true genius is clothed in the ideas of others. Jon Morrow, renown copywriter and blogger
  • How to Steal Content Create a Stealthy Mastermind
  • Writing is Not Easy!
  • ButIt is Much Easier When You Learn How to Ethically Steal Content
  • 8 Stealing Skills You Must Master 1. Pay attention to what interests you and why recognize quality 2. Engage in conversations with current clients learn from them 3. Tap into arguments and controversial topics Take a stand! 4. Watch content posted by competitors 5. Use current events and hot topics 6. Be a HUMAN with a personality 7. Use your CRM to measure what works 8. Adapt and revise as you learn more
  • How to Store and Access the loot you have stolen Subscribe to industry newsletters and store them in a separate folder of your email program Create MS Word documents with snippets and hyperlinks Participate in discussions in Social Media to find experts you may want to interview or ask them to guest post for you From time to time, curate instead of stealing. Without fail, give credit where it is due Keep a notebook or voice recorder with you to make notes while you are doing other things Always be asking what your prospects and customers want to know. Develop ways to deliver it Always Be Curious!
  • Swipe File Examples
  • Simplified sketch of a Standard Content Piece You can use this format for: Blog Posts Guest Articles Email Marketing Social Media posts And more With a personal library of headlines, with related sub-headlines, lede concepts and conclusion ideas you can structure your content to be readable The goal is to engage the reader into what you have to say. You want them to respond with a comment, share with friends, or email you with an opinion or question Implementing What You Steal
  • Build Trust and See Increased Sales Your prospective Buyers dont know how to gather all the information available to them about your industry. Because you are an expert, you know how to separate good information from the bad Buyers purchase from companies who generously share information to make them a smarter consumer Will you be the one who earns their trust?
  • Resources and Further Reading Book: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (Kindle) Book: Words That Sell by Richard Byan Book: The Copywriters Handbook by Robert Bly Book: Get Content, Get Customers free eBook from Pulizzi and Barrett Website: learn ethics of content curation & proper annotation Website: copywriter who shares lots of tips about how to write content Website: Email me if you want a clickable copy of this list
  • THANKS Kate Frank, Founder and Copywriter Kate Writes Right (832) 464-4332 (936) 441-1314 Time For Questions What is the KWR/SCP? What is guaranteed? To learn more about the KWR/SCP, email us with the word guarantee in the subject line.