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KING TUT How to draw

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King Tut

King TutHow to draw

Who was King TUT

He rested in valley of the kings

We rode donkeys to get there.Inside a tomb

This is not Tuts tomb but all tombs were cut and decorated the same way with the same dimensions.This is actually under the pyramids near Cairo. Step 1 You need large paper (at least 11" x 17") pencilfold the paper in half vertically so that the face can be centered easily.Draw a U shape in the middle so that it is centered. Draw a line at the top of the U and then a parallel lineFor example

Step #2Fill in your face detailsTo give a more Egyptian art effect, add lines to the eyes.A key Egyptian hieroglyphic is the Eye in the Sky. They often emphasize the eyes by adding the line from the corner outwards.

Step #3Now add the neck lines. Then put the head dress piece on around the head. Draw stripes on head dress part. Paint them blue and gold alternately.Add color with pencil crayons, markers or crayons to your Tuts face.

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