How To Do LinkedIn?

How To Do LinkedIn

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How To Do LinkedIn

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How To Do





No more spending LONG HOURS at your computer


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Just THREE points..

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Tip: include projects and slidedecks you’ve worked on to bring your profile bang up to date.

ONE Work On Your Profile.

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TWOHave a contact request policy in mind.

Decide who you’re going to connect with and who not. Stick to it.

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THREE Publish on LinkedIn Pulse. If you’re already writing blogs, carry them over to LinkedIn.

Take your blogging to a

new level.

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AND THAT’S IT. You can go now –

work on that profile of yours and be GONE!

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Bonus Extras:Dabble in groups and you

might find people who are gagging to get the thing you do.You can use apps such as Meet Edgar to automatically post your blog posts for you, to make it look as if you’re all over the platform.

LinkedIn Pages – meh. Unless you’re Dell and you need to hire, they don’t rock.

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LinkedIn Summit > 3 day extravaganza > Finest LinkedIn leaders > Sharing their valuable knowledge FOR FREE!

In Dec 2015, I came across the LinkedIn Summit!

Here are my thoughts on what the ‘experts’ had to say..

Page 10: How To Do LinkedIn?

from Mr. Mark White

Key: Ask your network of

contacts for introductions.

Exhaust all possibilities from advanced search

before considering paying premium.

(Fair enough point!)

“How A Small Business

Can Benefit From LinkedIn.”

Page 11: How To Do LinkedIn?

“Go Beyond Brand Awareness and Reach with a LinkedIn strategy”

Key: Gave 5 points, but only talked about 3 of them.. the easy ones like “look at your profile”, and share content. Like Wow! Seriously?

Kristino Jaramillo

Page 12: How To Do LinkedIn?

Key : He mentioned his books several times, and his long list of Fortune 500 clients. His examples were all cliched. He mentioned his books several times. Did I mention he’s got Fortune 500 clients? He is an executive coach. Who writes books. And has Fortune 500 clients.????

“The Checklist Manifesto”

Marshall Goldsmit


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Key: She was good because she was talking about how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. Some good points.

Donna Serdula

“The Checklist Manifesto”

But it took her 5 minutes to say ‘don’t use your job title’ in your headline.

Page 14: How To Do LinkedIn?

Key: First one to mention Groups. But so unrealistic for real live people: that people might not like, comment or share your posts, but to keep doing it because people might be reading. And you never know…

by Dan Sherman

“How To Establish Yourself As An

Industry Expert”

Page 15: How To Do LinkedIn?

“How To Generate Non-Salesy Sales

Calls”Key: This took the biscuit. Advice: Send a message to your contacts asking ‘do I have any contacts that I could introduce you to?’. Then suggest a phone call. TURNS OUT A SALES CALL! Like really? How can I

help you? And then hit them with a sales

message when they say yes. Utter


Karen Yankowich

Page 16: How To Do LinkedIn?

Key: very good at saying common things making it sound like his unique idea… I post questions in a group, and then I like and comment on the responses… then I connect with them…Also advocated sending linkes to newspaper articles and sharing interesting articles via social share button.

That’s pretty basic STUFF but he pulled it off well

“How To Use Updates & Other Tools To Find


Mark Hunter

Page 17: How To Do LinkedIn?


I can’t write anymore because I feel angry and frustrated just writing this. I have shared this to show that I did the work, I genuinely listened to 3 days of LinkedIn thought leaders waxing on and on. I never want to do this again. You never have to either. Just skip back up to the top of this deck and you’ll get the three key takeaways that were presented in various guises in this week’s LinkedIn Summit.