How to Choose an Affiliate Program & Make Money

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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA). Session description: Learn to choose between affiliate programs & determine which has the best chance at making money for your site. We’ll cover expected loss, program evaluation and site sales paths. More information on Affiliate Summit at

Transcript of How to Choose an Affiliate Program & Make Money

  • 1. Twitter:@Rollerblader Skype: adam-riemer

2. @Rollerblader 3. @Rollerblader 4. Finding merchants Potential losses Sales funnels Attentive Managers Program details Creatives @Rollerblader 5. Networks Search Engines Forums @Rollerblader 6. Coupon and Loyalty sites Adware Trademark bidders Leaks Affiliate links Links to other Affiliates @Rollerblader 7. @Rollerblader 8. @Rollerblader 9. @Rollerblader 10. Go through the Merchants sites How easy is it to shop Do they cross sell or up sell Do you get credit for them? Easy check out process @Rollerblader 11. If they arent there when you dont need them, what happens when you do? Missing sales Downtime Website Off the network for no payments or funds Broken links Offline @Rollerblader 12. Payouts Conversion rates AOV CTR based on niche Cookie life Multiple networks Uptime vs. downtime Tracking and other options @Rollerblader 13. What do they offer? Banners Text links Datafeeds Video Widgets Other @Rollerblader 14. Twitter:@Rollerblader Skype: adam-riemer