How to become a presenter?

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You need to consider 7 questions before you become a presenter. These question will not only bring life into your speech but also make your presentation more authentic.

Transcript of How to become a presenter?

  • Humans are biological creatures by nature. -.Pavlov
  • We follow our natural instincts first.
  • Most presentations contradict our nature
  • Perfect TAKE-OFF means great PAY-OFF
  • 7 questions will bring life into your presentations:
  • What audience needs to know about you? 1.
  • Boring Introduction Certified by D&Y LLC Ukraine after completing 24 hour Master Class Session with Elena Sidorenko on Methodology of Training Creation and Technologies (21-25 March 2012) Certified by Treyning Butik LLC of Russia after completing the course Train the Trainers and HCustomer Service on the Phone given by Mark Kukushkin Faculty of Philology, DepaLanguage and Literature QAFQAZ UNIVERSITY, Baku / AZERBAIJAN (2003-2007) Studied at Standley Lake rtment of English IGH SCHOOL, Denver, Colorado (2002-2003) S tudied at and graduated from Baku Turkish Anatolian HIGH SCHOOL (1996-2003) 2011-october 4th Azercell LLC Training Center Junior Specialist Make presentations and reports to Training Center Heads, Prepare Training Materials and Train Company Staff on various services and skills (Functional Trainings, Soft Trainings) (2010-may 13th to-2011 october 3rd) Azercell LLC Call Center Representative and Internal Trainer of Azercell Academy Train Internal Customers about Customer Services on the Phone and Customer Oriented Service Handle objections of customers. Give information about campaigns and services of the Company. Register the complaints and requests of customers. 2008-2010 Independent Representative and Distributor of Q-Net Ltd. Promotion and consultation of company products and services. Management of trainings and events. (Conferences held in Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur and Turkey, Antalya) 2007, Summer Holiday Guided German delegation (Participants of Summer School that was held by Qafqaz University) within Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan. Interpreted the official meetings and the conferences. (English to Azeri or vice-versa) 2006, October to December (3 consequetive months) Worked as an Administrative Assistant for Nobel Oil Ltd Prepared/Translated daily reports in Azeri and English, sent them to the central office. Prepared Daily Performance Sheets, Delivery Request Notes, Material Transport Sheets Worked in offshore condition (Guneshli Oil Reservoir Platform 8, Caspian Sea)
  • No one needs your biography. People need your point. Hurry and make it !!!
  • + You want to break the ice show them your heart!
  • 2. What are your intentions?
  • Almost every presentation is doomed to be forgotten and not discussed.
  • Giving speech means giving VALUE. Inspire others while informing them!
  • Perfect Presentation Scenario (PPS) Convey maximum 3 messages Give your call for action Assist during-after your speech
  • All great speeches follow the same pattern.-Nancy Duarte
  • Speeches from Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs result in such pattern.
  • You need 4G-s to grab ATTENTION
  • Give WISDOM
  • Steve Jobs is still setting the TREND and STYLE of SLIDES
  • Simplicity is always in fashion.
  • Presenters should consider Japanese Culture. -Garr Reynolds
  • Apply to your slides.
  • 5.Speech or Speaker?
  • Your speech may not be interesting but you definitely are. -Guy Kawasaki
  • What is the power of your PERSONAL STORY? 6.
  • Any company or person sharing their stories properly will get incredible return in results.
  • Our emotions affect things we see.
  • Control FEELINGS and FEELINGS will control IMPRESSIONS about you!
  • 7. What is perfect formula for presenting?
  • E.Sidorenko believed in Zero Formula which said: Be yourself and do not lie!
  • GOOD LUCK and Thank YOU! @joshkerimov Joshgun Karimov