How To Be Relevant to Your Audience in 140 Characters

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Relevant Content For Social Media. Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength (@SM63) explores and teaches how brands should be and can be relevant to their audience in social media - in 140 characters.

Transcript of How To Be Relevant to Your Audience in 140 Characters


2. SO HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?? CHECK OUT OURLATEST RANGE, NOWIN THE STORES!! 3. SO HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?? BUY ONE, GET ONEFREE!! YOU CANT GET ABETTER DEAL, CANYOU?? 4. SO HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?? 20% OFF THEENTIRE RANGEONLY TILL JAN26TH!! 5. SO HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?? THE VX MODELGIVES 24 KMPL!THE BEST IN CLASSIN ITS RANGE! 6. AND WHERE ARE THESE SEEN? YES YES YES YES BUT.. YES 7. THESE ALSO APPEAR ELSEWHERE..! 8. CHECK OUT OUR BUY ONE, GET ONELATEST RANGE, NOW FREE!! YOU CANT GET AIN THE STORES!! BETTER DEAL, CAN YOU??So when these come on and 20% OFF THE THE VX MODELENTIRE RANGE GIVES 24 KMPL!ONLY TILL JAN THE BEST IN CLASS26TH!!IN ITS RANGE! 9. Why does Social Media content seem like its markeIng copy?? Because most social media acIvity is markeIng driven And there is a strong markeIng legacy This is the one way copy has been wriOen by marketers forever! Old habits die hard.. Except it doesnt work now.. At least not on Social Media 10. I am not here for I get enough of this your markeIng wherever I turn spiel TV, hoardings etc..! I have come to Here I can unlike, social media to get block, ban, report away from these! spam..! 11. 38 million acIve Indian Facebook users .. Are NOT tuned into your Facebook page They come there by choice Or they got lured there by your ads BUT they are NOT obliged to see your posts, or like them, or even like your page itself They can ignore.. Thats bad They can unlike.. Thats worse They can bad-mouth.. Thats worst And the reality is.. They can do ALL of those! 12. Which means.. You need a beOer content strategy on social media You need to give a lot more respect to your fans, and others who access your content You need to fundamentally oer value to them Value could be of any type informaIon, entertainment, services, love, respect, help In short, you need to be RELEVANT to your fans 13. Another reason for being relevant? The Facebook algorithm this phenomenon called Edgerank If you are not interesIng, you will become even less interesIng.. yes, ironical as it may be, Facebook is unforgiving and ruthless.. Fix, or become totally irrelevant 14. So what is the meaning of relevance? So, you are an FMCG company Just to be relevant to your fans.. And because they like these topics.. Will you start talking about: Anna Hazare, Sunny Leone, Rahul Gandhi, MayawaI, Saif-Kareena, Sachin Tendulkar, etc.? Relevance for fans, NOT at cost of relevance for brand.. 15. RELEVANT RELEVANCE!!! 16. What about EmoIonal Connect? Is it possible on Social Media? Will you miss it, if its gone? Lets look at another litmus test 2-3 months into the existence of a brand Facebook page.. Will your fans recognize your content to be yours, even without your DP / brand name?? 17. So what should your content plan cover? Evolving a theme a kind of raison detre for the brand, on social media Theme: content rich, long lasIng, interesIng, good angles to branch out to, storytelling Easier when a tagline lends itself: Just do it For rest, say Titan: Always on Ime Coke: Lifes a zz, or VW: A Smooth Ride 18. Once a theme is in place Figure out broad manifestaIons on content What kind of a person would talk this? Dene the personality of the talker Stay consistent to the personality Stay focused on the content style Find a way to weave back brand agenda Review regularly, tweak, improve - ongoing 19. And is it working? Facebook insights: Data, data, data Benchmark key numbers Tweak Long term consistency 20. In Conclusion, remember.. You are taking a live lecture You are performing to an audience You are entertaining in real Ime It is indeed your reality show And the audience can either stay or go away! 21. QUESTIONS?? Sanjay Mehta Joint CEO, Social Wavelength @sm63