How To Be A Social Media Butterfly

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How to be a Social Media Butterfly Danielle Brigida National Wildlife Federation
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A bit of advice when it comes to creating and maintaining a social media presence.

Transcript of How To Be A Social Media Butterfly

  • How to be a Social Media Butterfly Danielle Brigida National Wildlife Federation
  • Nonprofits Use Social Networks...
    • To Reach
    • To Engage
    • To Increase Revenue
  • Beyond the Buzzwords
    • Its a new way to do old business.
    • Theres no one way to do it.
  • Twitter Facebook Mixx MySpace Be Present
  • Strategically Choose Your Involvement
  • Personal or Organizational?
  • Branding Your Profiles If joining more than one network, attempt to have a consistent user name and basic profile .
    • NWF inspires Americans to:
    • Confront Global Warming
    • Protect and Restore Wildlife Habitat
    • Connect with Nature
  • Observe and Listen Originally Uploaded to Flickr by Mike Bailey-Gates
  • Find The Active Users
    • Super Influencers are great friends
    • Ask them for advice
    • Help them and you can learn from it
    Originally uploaded to Flickr by Yeonsang
  • Learn and Apply Study...then test! Originally uploaded to Flickr by Steven S.
  • Maintenance Originally uploaded to Flickr by THOR
    • Update your profile
    • Answer questions
    • Ask questions
    • Interact and participate
    • Search for the easy way
  • Enjoy the Building Effect
    • Over time your
    • profile will grow
    • organically NWF Facebook Fans
  • Use What You Learn Try to create content based off trends and community interest.
    • Why Did This Work?
    • Trendy and Relevant
    • A Bit Goofy
    • Informational
    • What We Measured
    • - Inbound links
    • - Repostings
    • - Eyeballs
  • Social Media Tracking Google Alerts Blog Searches -technorati -ice rocket -boardreader
    • RSS Readers
    • Bloglines
    • Google Reader
    • Feedreader
    • Detail Searches
    • Wordpress
  • Find Solace in the Filtering Sites
    • Friendfeed
    • Facebook
    • Iminta
    • Hellotxt
    • Onlywire
    • Reach a desired audience
    • Engage people
    • Offer a way to revenue
    Set Goals to Measure If Your Profiles Successfully...
  • A Few Takeaways
    • If youre doing traditional communication you should be doing this.
    • Make information easy to distribute online.
    • Try new things.
    • Remember your relationships.
    • Be authentic (its more important than being cool).