How to Attract Your Ideal Clients More Easily

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Geoff McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch How to Attract Your Ideal Clients More Easily

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Do you have enough clients? Are they your ideal clients? And, how hard are you working to secure them as clients?In this webinar we'll explore how you can stand out from the crowd and stop being just another service provider competing on price and constantly chasing clients. We'll present a big idea and some practical tips for you to implement straight after the event.

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  • 1.How to Attract Your Ideal ClientsMore EasilyGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch

2. IntroductionsFollow the conversation on Twitter: #ideaslunch 3. LogisticsRecording + Slides PDF : 4. Part 1Hows Business?Geo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 5. Who is your Ideal Client?Geo McDonald Ideas ArchitectGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 6. 10 = AlwaysHow oftenare youworkingwith yourIdeal Client?0 = NeverGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 7. What do you do to source new work?Geo McDonald Ideas ArchitectGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 8. How hard are you working just to get work? 0 = Hard 10 = EasyGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 9. Chasing or Attracting?Do you spend more time chasing work or attracting it? 10. Part 2What Are You Known For?#ideaslunch This is the key to attracting your ideal clients 11. ALWAYSIdealClient NEVERCHASE ATTRACTGetting Clients 12. ALWAYSIdealClient Job/Hobby NEVERCHASE ATTRACTGetting Clients 13. ALWAYSIdealClientJASPer Job/Hobby NEVERCHASE ATTRACTGetting Clients 14. ALWAYS BrandIdealClientJASPerJob/Hobby NEVERCHASEATTRACT Getting Clients 15. Supermarkets are highly competitive, price sensitive markets 16. ALWAYS BrandIdeaIdealClientJASPerJob/Hobby NEVERCHASEATTRACT Getting Clients 17. BrandIdea JASPer Job/HobbyWhat are you building? 18. Part 3Whats Your BIG Idea?#ideaslunch Attract your ideal clients with your BIG idea 19. Seth GodinGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 20. DysonGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 21. Edward de BonoGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 22. Andrew + Sue OBrien 23. Process Concept AchievementThingWhats your BIG Idea? 24. Geo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 25. An idea only makes a dierence when someoneGeo McDonald Ideas Architect uses it to make a dierence.Gihan Perera Webinar Smarts 26. Find me a BIG idea#ideaslunch You dont nd compelling ideas, you create them. 27. Destiny or Declaration?Declaring your future is more powerful than analysing it 28. Manifesto A Public Declaration of Your Intent#ideaslunch Manifestos are created to cause change 29. The Ten CommandmentsGeo McDonald @Ideas Architect #ideaslunch 30. YOUR Ten CommandmentsYOUR Ten Commandments dene your expertise 31. Manifesto Write the Rules of Your Big Idea#ideaslunch Positioning Shortcut: Write the rules! 32. ContextThe Manifesto Two Step#ideaslunch What game are you playing? 33. Context!RulesThe Manifesto Two Step#ideaslunch What are the rules of YOUR game? 34. Helen Macdonald 35. The Manifesto Manifesto1. Manifestos are primal2. Manifestos terminate the past3. Manifestos create new worlds4. Manifestos trigger communities5. Manifestos dene us6. Manifestos antagonise others7. Manifestos inspire being8. Manifestos provoke action9. Manifestos command presenceGeo McDonald 36. Part 4Whats Your Next Step?#ideaslunch Without action, change happens to you 37. How? BIG Idea? Who? Known?Clients Attract 38. 1:1 Create Your BIG Idea5 x 60 minute Sessions + Email Support for 30 Days 39. Context! RulesWorkshop : Create Your BIG IdeaMelbourne 21 July 8am - 10:30am Coupon: IdeasLunch 40. Context! Rules Webinar : Create Your BIG IdeaJuly 28 12:30-1:30pm Register: 41. [email protected]