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description - learn more from my Excel course on Excel Tutorial: How To Attach A PDF File Into Excel File I have received a request on YouTube to show how it is done. So I made a video! In this presentation I will show you how you can attach a PDF file to your Excel file. Sometimes you need to do that, like for instance in the case of sending an invoice in Excel -- you definitely want to attach your original contract with signatures as a backup for your payment request. So, let's say I have a student who wanted to have Excel training sessions with me, and before we started training he has signed a contract agreeing to pay $1010.46. Now that Excel Training sessions are done, I want to receive my payment and send my student an invoice. It is a good business practice to provide back up for requests for payments. I am going to attach a PDF file into my Excel file - my invoice. Here's how I am going to do that: 1. Open my Excel file with invoice 2. Create a second tab to place our contract in PDF format in 3. Click on 'Insert' menu on the ribbon 4. Look all the way to the right where 'Text' section is 5. Find 'Object' icon at the bottom on the right of 'Text' section 6. Click on 'Object' icon 7. Choose 'Create From File' tab in the 'Object' dialog box 8. Check 'Display as Icon' checkbox 9. Browse to PDF file on my computer 10. Click OK button on 'Object' dialog box 11. Move PDF Icon to desired position on the spreadsheet 12. Double click PDF icon to open the file and make sure it is the right one This is a very simple process, you can now insert -- attach - PDF files into your Excel files when you need it. Enjoy! Larissa

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  • How To Attach PDF File Into Excel File To support this invoice I will insert a PFD file of the contract on the tab Claim Support
  • Once Object dialog window opens: 1. Click on Create from File tab 2.Check Display as icon 3.Browse to your PDF file
  • Locate your PDF file on your computer and click Insert
  • Icon for your PDF file will appear in the selected location (1), once you click on it, it will show up on your task bar (2) click on it again and your PDF file will open. You are all done! Enjoy!