How Hashtag Activism is Becoming a Women's Game

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Susan McPherson presents her rational behind why hashtag activism has taken off specifically for women's causes and movements during her presentation at the DLDWomen Conference in Munich, German.

Transcript of How Hashtag Activism is Becoming a Women's Game

  • HASHTAG ACTIVISM Real action or slacktivism? Susan McPherson @susanmcp1
  • Hashtivism (noun): the use of hashtags on social media (mainly, but not solely, on Twitter) to express and promote a political or social position
  • Hashtag activism must be paired with real-world action to be meaningful.
  • Origins #ArabSpring #OWS Occupy Wall Street #Kony2012 call to stop Ugandan military leader and war criminal Joseph Kony, who had been kidnapping child soldiers since the early 90s #JusticeForTrayvon
  • #NotBuyingIt #Ask4More #SolidarityisForWhiteWomen #changetheratio #yesallwomen #BringBackOurGirls #BanBossy #WeAreSilent #womenshould #iamMalala #LeanIn #GirlRising #StandWithWendy #WomenShould #ImAGirl
  • The benefits of hashtag activism are very real. Raise awareness Build and organize communities Give a voice to the voiceless Educate Increase civic engagement Garner media attention
  • But tweeting and sharing via social media alone will NEVER solve anything.
  • What do you think? Is hashtag activism real action or slacktivism? Tweet your answer #DLDhashtivism
  • THANK YOU Susan McPherson @susanmcp1