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How Do I Get Referrals in Just Been Paid Using ClixSense?

Presented By: Maurice Brooks

In this report you will discover How to get referrals in Just Been Paid using


So without further delay, Lets Get Started.


First Open an Account at This is the site that will send a Massive Number of

Visitors to your JBP referral link.


Those visitors that are interested will signup and become your new referral(s).


Once you have signed up , and confirmed your email , we will come back to this site to send visitors to your referral link/ Splash page with the goal of signing up referrals.

Just Been Paid Members Area

Once You Log in to the Members Area on the Just Been Paid (aka->JBP) Website, Click on the

Marketing Tab.

Just Been Paid Members Area

Now that you are on the JBP Marketing Assistance Page, Click the Tab that says Your Affiliate Web Sites.

Just Been Paid Members Area

Once you make it to this page, choose the logo splash page url. This is the link you will send your visitors to.

Note: There are over 70 choices to choose from, I have only tested 1 so far (logo girl).

What does the Splash Page Looks Like?

The Logo Girl Splash page looks like this. Our Goal is to send traffic or visitors to this page. Visitors that are interested will click the Join Now button and be taken to your sign up page.

Your Sign up Page The visitors that

Click the Splash Page will be sent to your sign up page. The ones that land on this page and enter their information will become your sign up.

Your User name

Getting Traffic to your Splash Page with ClixSense.

Once You Log onto ClixSense, Click on the Advertise Tab , and, Select the Manage My PTC Ad


When On this page, Click on ADD (1). This is where you will be asked to write your Ad, which will bring up a box that looks like this (2). 1


Your Title will go here.

Your Splash Page link will go here

And your Ad Will go Here

You Earn 2% per Day or 60% per Month! Daily Compounding & Daily Withdrawals . One of the easiest and best ways to earn Money.

Earn Money Online in Next 24 Hours & Get a Free 10$ Position. Name&s=logogirl

Note: You can shorten this link at

When Done, Click Submit.

Your Ad is Now Complete. It will look like this and be submitted for approval from ClixSense.

The approval time varies, but once that ad is approved, you will be sent confirmation via


Now Lets Pay for the Campaign .

Click Sense accepts Pay Pal, Alert Pay, and Liberty Reserve.

You can send between 1000 visitors 500,000 visitors to your site depending on your budget($2.40 [low] to $690[high].) I normally send 10,000 visitors to my site when I do an ad campaign.

Prices shown Above.

Final Steps: Assign Ad Credits and Send Traffic.

Now you will See Your Ad. Click on the Assign Ad Credits to this Advert link.

This Box will Come Up. When I assign the credits, I send 10,000 visitors to my splash page for 3 seconds each, as Quickly as possible.

If you would like to do the same, set the options in the Box like this (feel free to switch the options to your liking.).

*Once you Click Submit, Traffic will start to be delivered to your link with in minutes.

Results Sent 10,000 Visitors to the Logo Girl Splash Page. Resulted in 9 sign-ups, 4 out of 9 are looking at JSS-Tripler. And 2 are active participants in the program.

Has this Worked With Any Other Websites? Yes, It Has.

The 2 Examples and the Results follow on thenext 2 pages.

Example # 1 and Results.

M. Brooks sent 10,000 visitors to his site. 7 joined JBP and 5 became active Referrals.

Example # 2 and Results.

I Sent 88,500 Visitors to my personal landing page. This Resulted in 152 sign-ups, 56 out of 152 are looking at JSS-Tripler. And 35 are active participants in the program.

In this report you have discovered How to get referrals in Just Been Paid by using


Thank You For Viewing This Report. Presented By: Maurice Brooks

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