Houdini Hotkeys Fulllist

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Houdini Hotkeys Fulllist

Transcript of Houdini Hotkeys Fulllist

  • Default bound hotkeys in Houdini.

    Format is:

    Context > Subcontext > Subcontext

    Hotkey name! ! ! ! Key Combo ! Description (printed if different than the Hotkey name)

    A Subcontext will also contain all hotkeys in the contexts to the left of it.Subcontexts in different branches (siblings) may use the same key combination. A subcontext may not use a key combination in its parent or ancestor contexts.

    NOTE: Alt+a or Ctrl+a refers to the modifier key + the letter. Alt+A or Ctrl+A refers to the modifier key + Shift + the letter.Mac replaces Ctrl with Cmd and Alt with Option


    Add Keyframe ! k! Add a keyframe Aliases/Variables ! Alt+A! Open aliases/variables Audio Panel ! Alt+i! Open audio panel Auto-Key ! Alt+k! Add keyframes automatically Cache Manager ! Alt+M! Open cache manager Channel Editor ! Alt+F! Open channel editor Clear All COP Caches ! Alt+R Clear Scope ! Alt+0! Clear the scope Composite Project ! Alt+I! Composite Project Manager Context Help ! F1! Brings up context help Copy ! Alt+c or Ctrl+c! Copy selection Cut ! Alt+x or Ctrl+x! Cut selection

  • Desktop Manager ! Alt+D! Open desktop manager Find Operator ! Alt+f or Ctrl+f Floating Panel ! Alt+W! New floating panel Jump To Next Keyframe ! Ctrl+RightArrow Jump To Previous Keyframe ! Ctrl+LeftArrow Jump To Start Of Range ! Ctrl+UpArrow Merge ! Alt+m! Merge with a file New ! Alt+n! Delete all contents New Desktop ! Alt+d! Add new desktop Open ! Alt+o or Ctrl+o! Open a new file Paste ! Alt+v or Ctrl+v! Paste Selection Performance Monitor ! Alt+y! Open performace monitor Play Backward ! DownArrow! Playback backward Play Forward ! UpArrow! Playback forward Python Shell ! Alt+P! Open python shell Quit ! Alt+q or Ctrl+q! Quit the appication Redo ! Alt+r or Ctrl+y! Redo latest change Rename Selected Nodes ! Alt+w Save ! Alt+s or Ctrl+s! Save current file Save As ! Alt+S or Ctrl+S! Specify name for saved file Shader Palette ! Alt+g! Open shader palette Skip Gadget Update ! Pause! Do not update gadgets during playback Step Backward One Frame ! LeftArrow Step Forward One Frame ! RightArrow Textport ! Alt+T

  • ! Open texport

    Undo ! Alt+u or Ctrl+z! Undo latest change Version ! Alt+V! Display software version

    Houdini > Panes

    Add Bookmark ! Alt+K! Add pane bookmark Channel Editor ! Alt+6! Switch to channel editor Clone ! Alt+C! Clone pane Close ! Alt+/! Close pane Close Tab ! Ctrl+w Context View ! Alt+9! Switch to context view! Copy Tab ! Ctrl+t Decrement Link ! Alt+-! Decrement pane link number Details View ! Alt+8! Switch to details view Edit Bookmarks ! Alt+b! Edit pane bookmarks Edit Path As Text ! Ctrl+l! Edit the current path in text mode Increment Link ! Alt++! Increment pane link number Jump Back ! Alt+LeftArrow! Jump back one step Jump Forward ! Alt+RightArrow! Jump forward one step Material Palette ! Alt+7! Switch to material palette Maximize ! Alt+' or Ctrl+b! Toggle pane maximization Move Playbar Here ! Alt+p! Move playbar to this pane Network Editor ! Alt+2! Switch to network editor

  • Next Tab ! Ctrl+PageDown or Ctrl+Tab! Next pane tab Parameters ! Alt+3! Switch to parameter dialog Previous Tab ! Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+Backtab! Previous pane tab Scene View ! Alt+1! Switch to scene view Split Left/Right ! Alt+[! Split pane left/right Split Top/Bottom ! Alt+]! Split pane top/bottom Stow ! Alt+\! Stow pane Textport ! Alt+5! Switch to textport Tree View ! Alt+4! Switch to tree viewer

    Houdini > Panes > Bundle List

    Add Bundle ! Shift+B Delete Bundle ! Del! Delete selected bundle Duplicate Bundle ! Shift+D! Duplicate selected bundle Show full paths for bundle nodes ! f! Shows the full network paths for bundle nodes

    Houdini > Panes > CHOP Viewer

    Dots ! d Escape ! Esc Extend Regions ! x Grid Detail ! g! Grid detail: low, medium, high Handles ! Tab or y Home ! h Horizontal Adapt ! Shift+H Labels ! l Raw Edit Tools ! e

  • Scope Tools ! w

    Timebar ! t Units ! Shift+U! Units: frames, samples, seconds Vertical Adapt ! Shift+V

    Houdini > Panes > Channel Editor

    Delete Keys ! Del! Delete keyframes Frame Selected ! f! Frame the selected keys Home Channels (All) ! h! Home all graph channels Home Channels (Current) ! g! Home current graph channels Home Global Range (All) ! Shift+J! Home all graphs to global range Home Playback Range (All) ! j! Home all graphs to playback range Load Active Chan/BChan ! ! Save active channels as .chan Scale Handle ! y! Toggle scale handle display Switch To Dopesheet ! 3! Switch to dopesheet view Switch To Graph ! 1! Switch to graph view Switch To Table ! 2! Switch to table view Toggle Channel List ! Tab or Backspace

  • Houdini > Panes > Channel Editor > Channel Dopesheet

    Add Keyframes at Selected Cells ! Ctrl+k Clear Selection ! q Cycle with Offset/Paste ! c! Paste as cycle with offset Cycle/Paste ! b! Paste as cycle Disable Keys ! d Enable Keys ! e Escape ! Esc Full Channel Names ! n One Line Per Channel ! l One Line Per Group ! Shift+L Paste ! v Replace ! r Select Columns ! a! Grow selection vertically Select Rows ! w! Grow selection horizontally Snap Selection to Keys ! s! Snap selection to nearest keyframes Stretch/Paste ! z Visual Cycle with Offset/Paste ! Shift+C! Visually paste as cycle with offset Visual Cycle/Paste ! Shift+B! Visually paste as cycle Visual Paste ! Shift+V Visual Replace ! Shift+R Visual Stretch/Paste ! Shift+Z

    Houdini > Panes > Channel Editor > C