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Transcript of Hotel room lighting control planning guide · 4 Hotel room lighting control planning guide...

  • Hotel room lighting controlplanning guide

  • 2 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    Mount Kelvin app

    3rd party integrations

    Mount Kelvincloud

    Mount Kelvinroom control unit

    Ethernet DALI

    EnOcean wireless switches

    Voice control

    Outside world Property


    System overview

    Mount Kelvin room control system works with:

    1 Wireless and batteryless EnOcean lighting switches

    2 DALI-compatible luminaires

    3 DALI-compatible motion and door sensors

    4 Mount Kelvin app control (iOS and Android)

    5 Amazon Echo voice control

    01 System overview

  • 3 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    Connecting DALI-controller to the Mount Kelvin room control unitMount Kelvin room control unit (RCU) has four usb ports to connect DALI-controllers. DALI-controllers and the room control unit are delivered together in the Mount Kelvin room control package.

    DALI-compatibilityMount Kelvin uses DALI to control luminaires. Mount Kelvin DALI commissioning is very easy and does not require specially trained DALI programmers. Switches are wireless so they don’t need the DALI cables.

    Connecting to the internet & app controlMount Kelvin room control unit in the electrical cabinet is connected to the internet with an ethernet cable. Mount Kelvin app control requires the internet connection to the Mount Kelvin cloud service. In case the internet is down, the wireless switches, schedules and motion sensors work normally.

    Mount Kelvin’s control components are mounted on the DIN rail of the electrical cabinet.

    L N E

    DA+ DA-



    DALI controller

    Mount Kelvin room control unit

    EnOcean -antenni

    DALI powersupply


    L N

    DA- SC DA+







    Module measurements, 1 module = 17,5 mm x 2 x 2 x 4 x 1

    A B

    C D

    A B C D

    157,5 mm

  • 4 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    Controlling fixed luminaires Fixed luminaires should have DALI drivers. Mount Kelvin recommends well-known LED-driver brands to be used to achieve the best possible luminaire control.

    Controlling decorative luminaires and other 230V dimmable luminairesWe recommend using Malmbergs MD01 (230V DALI dimmer) or 4-channel Helvar 454 dimmer to control decorative 230V lights. Dimmers are conne-cted between the DALI cable and the socket or interior light. The luminaire is connected to a wall-mounted luminaire socket. We recommend that the floor lamps and reading lights are ordered without their own attached light switch.

    Controlling RGBW LED stripsThe RGBW LED strips are controlled with a 4-channel DALI controller or a DALI type 8 controller. The 4-channel RGBW driver requires four DALI addresses, the type 8 driver only one.

    Controlling lighting railsThe DALI rails are connected to the DALI bus. Three-phase luminaire rails are connected with three dimmers or relays. Malmberg MD01 (230V DALI dimmer) dimmer or 4-channel dimmer unit (Helvar 454) can be used to control each phase.

    Automatic night lightNight light comes on when you get out of bed in an All Off lighting scene. The purpose of night lighting is to give enough light to direct the resident to a bathroom, for example. Night lighting is implemented under the bed with motion detectors placed on both sides (Helvar 320).

    Wireless and batteryless switches 1 Mount Kelvin uses wireless and batteryless EnOcean switches. The switches can be placed freely in the room and no cabling is needed. Switches can be ordered from Mount Kelvin with custom prints.

    Wireless and batteryless 868 MHz EnOcean switches:Mount Kelvin recommends Gira’s EnOcean switches for best quality and button feel.


    02 Lighting control

  • 5 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    Do not disturb / Clean my room 2

    Hotel room can be set to ’Do not disturb’ or ’Clean my room’ -mode with a wireless swith or the Mount Kelvin app. Outside the room, an RGBW light strip indicates the room status for the cleaner. We recommend to place ’DND/CMR’ switches on both sides of the bed and in the hallway.

    Controlling motorized curtainsCurtains can be opened and closed with the mobile application and with a dedicated switch. Mount Kelvin supports Helvar 490 2-channel DALI blinds controller. The motor must have 230V control inputs.

    Controlling the socket outletsSockets outlets can be controlled with Helvar 494 (4-channel, 10A / channel) or Helvar 498 (8-channel, 16A / channel) relay unit.

    Room without key card switch and welcome lighting controlWhen the guest arrives to the room for the first time, welcome lights are triggered on. Lights are triggered with a motion sensor (Helvar 320) and a door switch (eg FC620-FSM). The door switch is connected to Mount Kelvin with the Helvar 444 Mini Input Unit.

    The lights will turn off automatically if there are no quests in the room.

    Controlling the heating and coolingRoom temperature can controlled with the Mount Kelvin app. The room thermostat is connected to the Mount Kelvin RCU with Modbus or BACnet / IP bus.

    Do not disturb switch.

    Do not disturbLED indicator.



    03 Other room control features

  • 6 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    Voice control 3

    Mount Kelvin supports voice control with Amazon Echo.

    Socket outlets 4

    We recommend to mount 2USB socket outlets next to bed to charge mobile devices. 2USB socket fits to the same frame as the wireless switches.

    Mount Kelvin hotel showroom.

    All the controls of the hotel room and the charging station are within arm’s reach next to the bed.

    2usb socket outlet.


    Amazon Echo Dot.


  • 7 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    04 Showroomelectrical plans

  • 8 Hotel room lighting control planning guide

    Mount Kelvin room control unit size (mm): 70 x 90 x 62

    Helvar Digidim 454 4-channel dimmer unitsize (mm): 160 x 91 x 62

    Mount Kelvin room control unit power supply(Mean Well HDR-15-5)size (mm): 17,5 x 90 x 54

    Helvar Digidim 498 8-channel relay unit, 16A size (mm): 160 x 90 x 58

    Helvar Digidim 510 DALI-controller (includes a mount for DIN-rail), size (mm): 36 x 44 x 58

    Helvar Digidim 494 4-channel relay unit, 10Asize (mm): 88 x 90 x 58

    Helvar Digidim 402 DALI power supplysize (mm): 35 x 58 x 90

    EnOcean antenna for the RCUEltako FA250

    Helvar 444 Mini Input Unit

    Malmbergs MD01 / DALI 230V dimmer

    FSM FC620magnetic switch

    Helvar 490 2-channel curtain controllersize (mm): 88 x 58 x 90

    Malmbergs MD02 / DALI relay unit

    Helvar 320 motion detector Amazon Echovoice controller

    Gira EnOcean switchwireless and batteryless

    05 Components

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